Leaderboards, Cheating, & What's Next – Episode 15

Welcome to Episode 15 of the Masters in Motion Podcast! In this episode, we continue our discussion on the 2023 CrossFit Games Season, focusing on the aftermath of the Age Group Semifinals. We delve into some unfortunate cheating scandals that have come to light and explore their impact on the sport and the community.

As the season progresses, Jason and Rick share their personal plans for the remainder of the 2023 CrossFit season. With Jason advancing to the CrossFit Games, we discuss his preparation, goals, and mindset as he heads into the final stage of competition. Meanwhile, Rick moves into the off-season, reflecting on lessons learned and setting his sights on future goals.

Join us for this candid conversation as we navigate the ups and downs of the CrossFit season, tackle tough topics, and share our journeys as masters athletes. Don’t miss this insightful episode that provides valuable perspective on the challenges and triumphs of the 2023 CrossFit Games Season. #MastersInMotion #CrossFitGames

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