Left On Read | Net Positive with John Crist

John is again from Mexico with a $3 hat, some lash booster, a pleasant tan, and he is able to go.

Subjects embrace:
– Intro: (0:00)
– Mexican Drugstores (4:06)
– John’s British Accent (27:33)
– MLS Soccer (30:57)
– Will Smith’s Apology (34:07)
– Getting Left on Read (57:10)
– DM a Celeb (1:25:40)


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    31 Replies to “Left On Read | Net Positive with John Crist”

    1. After watching this, I want to know if John is still a God believing Christan.

    2. Rachel Houts says:

      Is it fair for the too athletes to get away with doing “wrong” things? No. Do I take advantage of this when my daughter, the top XC runner for our school, misses a practice because I want us to do something fun and the coach still lets her run in the best meet? Absolutely! 🤷‍♀️

    3. John are you Catholic now? Shia is

    4. John when is the next comedy show in Nashville or Franklin? Me and my wife want to come and laugh continually.

    5. I use to pastor a church in Columbia Tennessee and there was a guy who came about once a month. His parents came every service and their sons name is Anthony Blackburn. You too have identical voices, extremely similar facial features. It's uncanny. He did go all in with Christ. He has been on numerous mission trips to Mexico…… but everytime I see or hear you AB come immediately to my mind. Now he is not 150lbs. He is 6'2" 215lbs.

    6. "You're the plug" –ugh, yeah you are! I told everyone about the drug store you just experienced. I've never done drugs, but I just want to do a walk through.

    7. Orisa Adele says:

      Instagram business consulting, your video explanation is great, looking forward to your reply, thank you!

    8. Chad Poorman says:

      Each premier league game has an allocated ticket amount that is set aside for the visiting "supporters"

    9. My end goal with this comment: you coming to Cusco, Peru (where i live as a missionary) and do a show for all the Americans that live here

    10. 1966palmtree says:

      Y’all should do Biblical Characters you need an explanation from. I can think of a bunch…I got questions. 😂

    11. Also, NO NOT FAIR. I believe as humans we should all be held to the same standard. I think it’s wrong that athletes & celebrities get less consequences. I believe humans who aren’t held accountable will continue to have bad behavior, hence the whole me too movement.

    12. I have a video of you at age fifteen calling someone a racist and sexist slur at the same time. 2 million dollars or I show it.

    13. Loved when John was talking about the drug stuff – absolutely how I was raised: fear cuz it was against man’s law & God’s law. I didn’t do my first shot til my 30th birthday, and even though I live in CO, have never seen weed in real life. My husband & I did go get birth control in Mexico though when we were 20 though. Lol.

    14. matt s says:

      Saw you on the Boyscast and came to check you out. Pretty good

      Re: will smith apology: I think it comes down to how the moral failure relates to what I like. Bill Cosby – moral comedian – horrible person, can't watch him anymore. Sports star? hitting women, steroids' – bad, most other things who cares. Will smith, action movies who cares about him hitting someone.

    15. 787k views, 33 comments, 208 likes. What is going on here? Love your channel. I don’t understand these numbers. Your audience is the silent majority.

    16. New set up with the new lights is looking nice guys. I listen to these when I work (delivering pizzas) and they always keep me entertained. Thanks

    17. I would love to see the other people in the room. Good show, though.

    18. Greg Wendel says:

      Most people from LA say doyers in place of dodgers. It is to imply a Mexican accent.

    19. So would you guys teach your hypothetical son that he’s earned the right to be an asshole if he’s the starting pitcher on his little league team? He can mistreat teammates, opponents & be disrespectful to coaches etc.. because he’s the most talented one on the team? Seems problematic 🤷🏼‍♀️ but you guys say you’re on board w/that entitlement so long as they’re producing …

    20. MLS chants are corny and cringy AF

    21. Y’all are comparing dress codes to domestic violence 😂

    22. “Is that unfair?” Yes of course. But it’s the most detrimental to the celeb, athlete etc.. who’s going down a destructive path w/no consequences & nobody will tell you the truth/hold you accountable because they’re making money off you. That’s how these ppl end up either killing themselves or others .. all because we value entertainment more than actual ppl. I know I’m getting real & this is supposed to be funny but that’s actually disturbing. Also ironic how John’s talking about how easy it is to get drugs in Mexico meanwhile touching his nose the whole podcast 😂 J/k.

    23. Ashley Shenk says:

      I don't get the title. Should it not be Left unread? I was thinking John was going to talk about turning "Left on Red" lol after saying last week he would do that late at night after waiting a little. It threw me off with the read/red. Just wondering if it's a misspelling or if I missed something.

    24. L O says:

      Now do the “Blue Check” DMs that DID get a response? 🙌🏻

      When my husband was in college, he DMed Jocko Willink a question (about the direction he was taking in life), and got an actual response from him that my husband took action on and it has positively affected his life in several ways. I can send the screenshot if y’all want to use it. 👍🏼

    25. zac verser says:

      My doctor won’t give me any more Xanax. Now I know where to get some. Thanks John.

    26. zac verser says:

      You could pass as Mexican. Especially when you’re tan.

    27. Joshua Gray says:

      Your background cracks me up lol. Black cloth and a fern. Doesn’t describe you as a person. Throw your website or your tour dates up on something and hang it there. Maybe even your logo. I dunno. Just seems so plain and blah which isn’t your personality lol 😬

    28. Alison P says:

      No it’s not fair. But it’s how it happens. Just because your famous or the MVP of the team doesn’t mean you should get a pass. I think the level of the crime/issue should determine the consequences. Getting drunk and fighting someone isn’t the same as child abuse, sex crimes, or murder.

    29. Carey Light says:

      I SO want to dm John right now!!!! But I won’t, that would be weird.

    30. The JJ Watt series of DMs about the table 😁😂☠

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