Legendary Weapons & New Asagarth – Ep 6 | Age of War – Conan Exiles

In today’s instalment, I take on The Red Mother solo, hunt for legendary weapons, and visit tough northern NPC camp New Asagarth.

Join me as I guide you through your first day in The Exiled Lands in this beginner-friendly guided let’s play. In this series, I share with you my 7000 hours of experience. This was recorded live on my Twitch channel – stop by and say hi! https://www.twitch.tv/anabriella

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I’m a very experienced Conan player with thousands of hours in the game. Watch me experience and review the changes made to the game, guide you through my tips and tricks, and enjoy this exciting adventure into the new Journey System, Golem Shaping, and exploring the brand new dungeon!

Conan Exiles is a survival game developed and published by Funcom, set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian and based upon the writings of Robert E. Howard. The events in Conan Exiles take place on Conan’s timeline between the stories Xuthal of the Dusk (The Slithering Shadow) and A Witch Shall be Born (following the Dark Storm chronology).

Many thanks to Funcom for gifting me this chapter’s Battle Pass and some items from the Bazaar!

Full list of mods:
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod,
Barbarian Barber,
Immersive Armor,
Improved QoL,
Better Thralls,
AWS (Armor and Weapon Stats in Bench),
Unlock Plus
Akuba’s Salon

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7 Replies to “Legendary Weapons & New Asagarth – Ep 6 | Age of War – Conan Exiles”

  1. Anabriella says:

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  2. scottcunni says:

    The new panther should have been named Moldy. So Moldy Cheese

  3. I'm addicted aswell but everyone hates that I care more to build than quest .

  4. D says:

    Any one know if there will be purge around noob river in chapter 2 also?

  5. Judgment-RT says:

    I have my ps4/5 server we're set with a massive base in the h8 coordinate. It's a town only wish we had more to enjoy

  6. What’s the best weapon in your opinion? I use Katanas and daggers

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