LIV Golf Phil Mickelson Greg Norman-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Tues May 3

Matt Adams breaks down all the latest news on LIV Golf, Greg Norman, Phil Mickelson and the Saudi Super Golf League. Collin Morikawa comments on LIV Golf and Marina Alex talks about her 2nd LPGA Tour win.


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    18 Replies to “LIV Golf Phil Mickelson Greg Norman-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Tues May 3”

    1. Marv Kwia says:

      This tour will never have the respect like the US OPEN never in a million years play for your millions but it's worth nothing it's money in pocket but does not last for years.

    2. Eddie says:

      The source of the money surely makes a big difference. Will you participate in a golf tour sponsored and funded by Hitler and his Nazi regime ? Will your answer remain yes because it's a good economic decision for you and your family ?

    3. The first time a golfer outside the top fifty wins a 5 million prize in a tournament the big boys will say . I could have shit that in by 10 strokes. Thats when the big boys start to think. 2 million in a shit PGA in the middle of nowhere or 5 million against a weak field . I Know where I am going. Only 54 holes and no cut $100000 guarantee for last.

    4. This may come as a surprise to you but qualifying for national championships has fuck all to do with the USA PGA . There are things you have to do to qualify or gain an exemption for these tournaments none of which involve the permission of the US PGA. Strange as it may seem there are people in the the world that still believe in freedom of choice.

    5. Why is the NBA playing matches in the UAE which has a similar record on human rights as Saudi Arabia.

    6. All respect to Colin , he is a great golfer and will be in the top money earners for many years. Their are are lot of guys that are making FA out of the Tour and if there is a an alternative where they can make a decent living for their families so be it.

    7. LuvinLife says:

      Disgusting greed. Cowardice of tour players headed for Saudi tour and yet not identify themselves from the get go… Scared of burning a bridge, but willing to take money from the atrocious regime. Saudi funded another project too, 911! Records sealed that Congress could not even get copies. documents not allowed from a guarded room….

    8. Every young boy dreams of one day playing in the Masters. Join LIV and risk being dis-invited before you are ever invited. Hopefully college players receive clear guidance — and take a long-term perspective.

    9. PGA backed out of TRUMP amazing courses an the one man been investgated more than anyman in HISTORY an still not find nothing before any of this.But PGA dont mind filling there air planes with saudi oil though so that is to me is just a JOKE TO TALK ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS BUT YOU FUNDING THEM WITH YOUR JETS an YAHTS

    10. amazes me for real people say these people HUMAN RIGHTS but no country ever been MORE HUMAN RIGHTS than america killing all them people saying they have weapons of mass then come find out all they had was TRUCK LOADS OF AMERICA MONEY that goes missing an no one ASK WERE DID IT GO thats them people money they stole that is HUMAN RIGHTS

    11. come on its always about the money i love way guys got jets yahts huge houses then loose all that when game goes south an SAY ITS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY you know that is lie

    12. Liv golf going to blow by the PGA views by a land slide of views thanks to all the FREE MEDIA

    13. cant wait to see if the PGA looses there NON PROFIT STATUES over this..Walt disney thought they was to big to fail also BUT THEY WENT DOWN

    14. John Temple says:

      Let hin go and ban from all majors

    15. SiSport 🧠 says:

      Phil just like tiger and Rory … will do exactly what the fuck they want … LiVgolF #lawyers and co. Have the whittle us pga your commiss covered …

    16. baboonbuttz says:

      phil should just do as he wants go play liv an inbetween play pga. i don't know how these contracts work with the pga but the pga keeps saying they are "independent contractors". if they (players) are held from playing in other events other than pga sanctioned then they are actually "employees"!

    17. Danny Rand says:

      Morikawa says "he doesn't play for the money". Easy to say when you have 10 + mill in the bank, lol

    18. Roberto Cruz says:

      Hello Matt, long time listener checking in. Heard Collin's interview and your coments about how speculative Greg Norman on behalf of this LIV league has behaving, and perhaps they are acting that way because of PGA's posture on this whole ordeal, at the same time, how do you espect the players to speak out in favor of this new league(assuming there are players out there) when they witnessed the outburst and heat put on Phil

      So sad to witnes how this new venture in the sport of golf got so radicalized and leaving us fans to be forced to make a choice

      If the powers of the sport of golf want to increase and wide followers, this are not the right steps


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