LIV Golf Players Announced- Dustin Johnson Leads The Charge

With the release of the field for LIV Golf’s first event (which is just a week away) Matt Adams discusses the implications for golf, the PGA Tour, the players, and the fans.


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    42 Replies to “LIV Golf Players Announced- Dustin Johnson Leads The Charge”

    1. They’re FREE to play when, where they WANT. FREE FREE FREE. I enjoy the game, the rest I don’t care

    2. Rufo Colayco says:

      Do the Saudis have a solid record of reliability in terms of sticking by their commitment? If down the road, the Saudis lose interest, only Greg Norman and Phil Mickelson would have benefitted from going along with the LIV.

    3. Rileyps3232 says:

      Funny isnt f1 tour Saudi PGA tour were in China few years back the gas your put in your tank is from Saudi the Uber your ride in is part own by Saudi the Aj heavy boxing fight was in Saudi and the lists goes the pga tour are hypocrites. The pga tour is a monopoly. And the people that are line their own pocket from it don’t won’t any form of rival

    4. dickievtvdk says:

      Should professional golfers shun the American PGA Tour because it funds itself through the 'crème de la crème' of big (read: c-o-r-r-u-p-t) US corporate media and banks, pharma, etc. ? Or because the US Federal government has been appallingly misbehaving in the Middle East, and now having cozy relationship with Ukrainian nazi's ? Please stop this nauseating hypocracy and allow us fans enjoy good golf. The PGA Tour should stop its paranoid political games over a competitor by trying to force players not to play in LIV events. That it already convinced the European Tour and the OWGR to play along is sad for professional golf. Hopefully the four majors will stay clear of the PGA Tour's unpleasant political game..

    5. Gregory Lee says:

      You don’t have it exactly right. Yes, money is part of it but it is not all; there are other benefits of LIV for pro golfers. LIV Golf has more of a lifestyle concept that tackles many of the issues about why golf has been declining. It takes too long and it is too boring and it makes the players struggle and exhaust themselves to stay at the top. One thing is for sure. With the PGA Tour, golf will never change.

    6. KW Tay says:

      Just typical hypocrisy of the west. Saudi money is all over in giant companies / products and services in the US. US is the biggest drinker of Saudi petrol!

    7. Ed Metz says:

      NO TO SAY GOOD BYE. ALL ABOUT GREED AMONG RICH people wo have no hearts.

    8. Ed Metz says:

      Would not watch at all . Killer tour.

    9. American Me says:

      Think the Saudis give a flying fuck about these golfers? Once they have no use for them, heads will roll, literally.

    10. American Me says:

      Never heard of them.

    11. kawee cham says:

      Golf is expanding but the number of the golf organizations is limiting. So it is time for LIV. Bravo!!

    12. John P. says:

      The only thing that is important and that matters, is the source of the funds establishing this league. No entity involved with the death of Khashoggi should be allowed to exist, period, full stop.

      If you participate in this league or consume this product, if you take part in the investment group, you’re complicit in their wrong doing. You’ve tacitly validated their human rights violations…choose wisely.

    13. Al says:

      Unfortunately There isn’t country on this planet that doesn’t have blood on their hands, figuratively and literally.

    14. B Man says:

      Would you go to work for one of the five families knowing they kill and subjugate people? 🧐🫣🤔

    15. I don't have anything against the players playing else where. But to me it really hurts the greatness of American golf. The PGA tour bounces around the country like a year long little league baseball tour. There is something magical about that. But than the PGA hurt it's own image with things like the $18 beers. You can't gouge people like that and don't expect a back lash.

    16. Ryan H says:

      I'm on the side of the players, they have the right to play wherever they like. If anyone wants to protest Saudi "blood" money, stop driving, hypocrite.

    17. How many people does the USA execute each year?

    18. Winetrucker says:

      No qualifying for tournaments guaranteed 120 to 150 thousand for last place sign me up…. Damm I don't see little Rory talking crap about the LiV Golf league now because he was suprised some real good friends jump ship…Craeme being one of them …it's coming can't wait for Rickie Bryson ,Brooks ,Colin to jump ship rumors are they will be offered 100 million to jump ship.

    19. Billions and billions in real estate also please !!!!! PGA is the greedy one and if tiger turned down 750 mil he’s dumb !!!!!!!

    20. How melodramatic lol

    21. When a club pro builds his resume and goes from a small club to a bigger club for more money is that any different these players are trying to better themselves for their families

    22. You have to ask why doesn’t the pga want a little competition

    23. Watching good golf is great doesn’t have to be the pga running it they don’t run the British open or several other tournaments

    24. The LIV Saudi league is a whitewashing of the country’s image and Phil “the Shill” and Johnson “the idiot” is now their frontmen. It’s not all about money you know. It’s also about legacy and character and being role models. Phil and Johnson is apparently all about greed!!! Good luck to them signing with the devil!!! Saudi Arabia is an incredibly repressive place. Here are ten ways they are violating its citizens’ human rights:
      1. Torture is used as a punishment.
      2. Executions are on the increase. Gay people being hung.
      3. No free speech.
      4. No protests.
      5. Women are widely discriminated against.
      6. Torture in police custody is common.
      7. You can be detained and arrested with no good reason.
      8. Religious discrimination is rife.
      9. Migrant workers have been deported en masse.
      10. Human rights organisations banned.

    25. Pga got to greedy and will pay the price they make bank on the backs of the players and give back crap

    26. What gives you the right to even try judging any player that chooses to play the LIV tour..???look no farther than the NBA..and there association with china,huh jesus christ

    27. How will you measure the skill levels if players aren’t challenged by
      the same courses?

    28. Dustin Johnson leads the charge? I thought maybe Greg Norman would be considered
      the leader.

    29. Matthau San says:

      This comes to money and control of the game.

    30. AZ FIG says:

      Let the players play what ever they want. Not all US companies are all that ethical either. These players should be able to do what ever is in there best interests. Just like the PGA. They are doing what they think is in there best interest. If the PGA loses anymore top players I can see them giving out exemptions to those players so they can still retain them.

    31. Rob Prater says:

      it is always bottom line the MONEY, for all those moral superiors, most of everything we use today is made in China. the golf clubs, golf shoes, golf balls, etc and no one has a problem with China making all of our stuff, China has a long history of human rights violations and no one stops buying from China. Americans love pointing the finger at other country's and other cultures. yet we have mass shooting in this country. people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Unions were started to keep the working person make a decent living, the rich make money weather they work or not.

    32. Danny says:

      Paulina Gretzky is expensive.

    33. In my honest opinion right now the PGA tour is boring? Even with the occasional Tiger sighting in not excited about the tour?
      Let's see if LIV can fill that spot.

    34. This is America. Money talks.

    35. David Rhodes says:

      Every single government on the planet does immoral things to a greater of lessor degree but immoral non-the-less. So I'm taking that one off the table. Last, competition has never been bad for anyone except those with an inferior product. If I had a great product, I would welcome it. So what's wrong with the PGA?

    36. cornmuffin says:

      I can't imagine spending my free time to sit down and watch this tour.

    37. Eric Raut says:

      I remember the same noise when Tennis turned Pro ….

    38. Excellent point of view, I do agree that everything is not about money, specially when you are already rich!. Conversely, players that have not made much money yet, and they are very unlikely to win in the PGA tour, this LIV tournaments provide excellent opportunities that can not be missed!

    39. It's different because it's the only sport which players are private contractors. The tour guys are gonna try to black ball the PGA tour into giving in. What are they gonna do kick them all out? I have mixed feelings about it. They are selling out for money

    40. vince steer says:

      PGA should allow players to play other tournaments, it was Normans idea of WGC golf tournaments many years ago.

    41. The PGA is a Monopoly n a BULLY. THEY cannot dictate where players play golf. I thought the players were independent contractors. You listed all the American companies that invest with Saudi MONEY. So it's a Saudi backed golf league. All the top players who elected to stay PGA. .. make a lot of money but what about those who do not. If some players want to secure their families FUTURE.. ITS THEIR RIGHT. SO THE HYPOCRISY OF human rights violations is making me shake my head. Those other reputable companies didnt realize that human rights violations existed?Let's play golf. PGA n the commissioner can go suck a lollipop.

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