LIV Golf's Patrick Reed Pissed Off-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Mon Sept 12

Matt Adams talks about LIV golf’s Patrick Reed opening up in The Times piece and recaps an incredible weekend of golf as Rory McIlroy battled down the stretch with Shane Lowry and Jon Rahm plus Ally Ewing collects her 3rd victory on the LPGA Tour. Hear from everyone plus PGA Tour player Kyle Westmoreland stops by.


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    28 Replies to “LIV Golf's Patrick Reed Pissed Off-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Mon Sept 12”

    1. Coo Bay says:

      As far as law suits I'd love to see Reed bankrupt Brandel Chamblee.

    2. Good for you Captain America !! Please tell Billy Horschel, Brandell Chamblee and Rory to stick it where the sun don't shine. Keep doing what you're doing and anyone who would bully your child is a worthless no good POS.

    3. Thanks for the fair and balanced break down Matt, He'll always be Captain America to me ! Jay Monahan needs to be fired ASAP

    4. Jerry w says:

      Lol I’m thankful I’m not Patrick!!!’ Delusional liar!!!! Stay strong PGA tour!!! Bye Bye Patrick

    5. Jon Shea says:

      Reed has the victim mentality. It's everyone else's fault. Sometimes you need to look in the mirror not blame everyone else.
      A professional golf can't feel he was scraping sand away from the ball multiple times….come on.
      How bout when he mashed all the grass from behind the ball when he was in deep rough while being videoed. No intent ha. If your wife gets heckled don't let her wander the course.
      Seen him countless times getting angry with the camera men. He is what he has shown in my opinion.

    6. Kevin 14 says:

      Bullying in any form is unexceptable. I will always take the side of the victim.

    7. brandel is a pga hack,golf channel is a joke… Go getem capitan america…..

    8. Paul J Cross says:

      Can the Golf Channel be unbiased….no

    9. Stu Pollock says:

      Media to blame – partially true. If cameras didn’t capture the moving of sand from behind the ball at the Hero’s tournament he might not have the reputation he deserves. Sue me.

    10. I got no problem with Patrick and agree with him and i liked when his wife was his caddie. The Cheetah has been caught multiple times and penalize on course and would walk off the course mad and wouldn't talk to the media after he had a terrible round, many times ! How about when spieth git thrown out of a pub being an
      a-hole after the OPEN championship.Reed wasn't wrecking his cars, hanging out with crackheads or cheating on his family with dirty prostitutes.

    11. If the PGA is complicit in character assassination, then truth has an unerring way of turning roosters into feather dusters and sending organisations to the wall overnight. 'Twould be no bad thing the PGA die before they sing.

    12. You bring the Bahamas incident when talking about Reed allegedly cheating. Did you forget about the '21 farmers ?

    13. Ron Paul 7 says:

      PGA Tour didn’t have a problem with international players such as Gary Player, Greg Norman and Ernie Els playing on multiple competing tours around the world and they don’t have a problem with top Europeans playing PGA Tour and DP World Tour. The reason is these other tours are not a threat to the PGA Tour – nothing else. LIV is considered a threat – though there is room for both tours to coexist. Competition makes everything better for everyone except those who control a monopoly – Economics 101. If a players qualifies based on merit they should be able to play. Some players play 20 events each year while some play more than 30.

    14. JHarp says:

      This is the FOUNDATION of golf, one of the things that make it the greatest game. The honor and integrity of the game rests within the player to uphold those characteristics and embody that. To question intent is to question all things that is golf, we cannot assume intent unless it is assumed that the player has the utmost respect for the game and rules of the game to the best of their knowledge. Isn’t this the point of democracy? You cannot know the heart and if you claim to but if only to serve your purpose, the same judgement may befall you someday and until you’re in those shoes you cannot know that pain.
      This is a game of honor, the media plays a game filled with dishonorable intentions and someone can’t see that, they’re not worth the time to sway

    15. Deohin says:

      What does "DP" in DP World Tour stand for and why is one of their major partners, Saudi Arabia, not a problem? When the PGA takes the top 10 players every year from DP TOUR. How is that growing the game and growing DP TOUR?

    16. When you slow down a HD camera guess what happens.

    17. Jordan not playing with Patrick Reed showed what type of leadership Jordan had. It's weak.

    18. I agree with what you said about the mouthpieces just trying to get heard on TV. Why not just have a 3sec delay and mute the idiotic yelling?

    19. Great commentary. I was a volunteer player shuttle driver at the LIV Boston for five days. During the pro-am and tourney I shuttled Mr. Reed several times. He was never heckled, all comments I heard from the attendees were positive and encouraging. No profanity or poor behavior was allowed via volunteer marshals and state police security especially near the concession stands. Mr. Reed was gracious to us volunteers, signed all items presented, willingly took selfies and gave the crowd smiles when encouraged.

    20. TrueBlue22 says:

      Matt thank you for discussing this very touchy and complicated conversation. I appreciate you presenting it in a neutral position especially since you are professionally connected to Golf Network. It is so easy to judge others especially when social media is so strong and in our faces. Excellent point that if we hear information regarding someone we have to check each side of the story and do not take the information that was given at face value. I am guilty, I am still very upset with the behavior of Scottie Scheffler when purposely walking through Cam Smith's putting line. Perhaps Scottie did see Cam's line. I do not have solid evidence that Scottie did it regarding Cam going to the LIV Tour. But if that is the truth, how incredibly childish was that. There is a place and a time to express feelings between players regarding the LIV Tour and two places it shouldn't be happening is on the golf course or in front of a microphone. The second place I blame the media. I would love to hear your thought on all of that. Rory and Justin need to shut up and keep it professional and discuss it with the players.

    21. Matt: will you show this episode to Brandel Chamblee, Bacon, and Hack? They are the ones who’ve created the “optics” that there is “smoke” around Reed (by creating the optics that there is smoke).

    22. The “intent” issue is also raised in the Big Boy Pants Golf YouTube video about the Hero World bunker shot.

    23. Big Boy Pants Golf YouTube Channel put out a video on the Patrick Reed “sand moving” bunker shot and the Farmers Insurance ball bouncing embedded ball incident (2 separate videos). Yes, I tested out if you could feel sand moving in the bunker shot situation where you are focusing on your club face halfway back rather than looking down at the sand. Reed should win money from Chamblee and The Golf Channel, both of which have some serious explaining to do.

    24. Ed Walt says:

      We can all take a moment to consider how quickly and easily we make judgements of other people. I know I’ve done it and it’s been done to me.

    25. B Man says:

      Sounds like he’s mad because people have exposed him as an asshole. He’s a public figure and should act accordingly. He wants the right to be an asshole without any ramifications. Sorry man, you’re an asshole and we all know it, you now have to live with your persona as you have worked so hard to cultivate. Stop your whining snowflake. ❄️❄️❄️. He’s certainly allowed to be an asshole but, when called out he should own it and stop whining. 😢😢😢

    26. d m says:


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