Live Cruise Q&A Hour #105 Sunday 30 July 2023: 5pm UK / Noon ET/ 9am PT

Join me for my 105th Live Cruise Q&A on Sunday 30 July at 5pm Uk / Noon ET / 9am PT

Join me for another of my weekly live cruise question and answer session. During the livestream I will answer cruising questions or discuss any cruising topic or news development that people ask me live. You can watch past episodes of the livestreams too (

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11 Replies to “Live Cruise Q&A Hour #105 Sunday 30 July 2023: 5pm UK / Noon ET/ 9am PT”

  1. J Anne says:

    QUESTION: How do you research the “personality” of a cruise line? I know I don’t want to cruise with Carnival because I experienced their party atmosphere and passengers and didn’t like it. How do I find out ahead of time which line offers quiet places, non-party ports, English speaking crew, etc?

  2. I will be doing a PACIFIC COAST cruise on Celebrity. Have you ever taken a cruise down the Pacific Coast? We begin in Vancouver and finish in L.A. Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Lorena Dugan says:

    Sooo excited to see the IP and Ghan comparisons.
    Just back from 6 wks in Oz. Next time Uluru and a train.

  4. Great video, as always.
    I wonder what your thoughts are about the Princess changes causing such a stir.

  5. Silvia B says:

    I've been to Alaska 5x… 2 w/Holland, 2 w/Celebrity and my last one 12n. Queen Elizabeth which did include HAINES (other: Sitka, Hubbard Glacier, Juneau, Glasier Bay, Ketchikan, Tracy Arm, Icy Strait/Hoonah. Skagway) Two of trips have been one way from North to South Vancouver, 2 have been R/T from Seattle another from Vancouver…. Doing a 12n. to Alaska brought out ports that would have to be skipped by the 7n. trip…. therefore Haines. They had a "Hammer museum" that to me, it was invaluable! (I used a surgical hammer while doing noses in Plastic Surgery) Walked all over the small town of Haines!

  6. I Agree never book the first cruise on a cruise line

  7. Bill Mavity says:

    Will be going to Egypt in September and nile cruise and all inclusive resort on red sea. Any tips for this trip?

  8. That was excellent!

  9. So sorry to hear you had a fall. Please look after yourself.

  10. Peteyz Zed says:

    Washing hands and wearing masks does nothing to prevent covid, it is airborne and in aerosol, i.e. Everywhere….it is also endemic like the common cold. And about as dangerous now

  11. PJ says:

    Lots of chatter of Celebrity cutting butler service for most suites, without an official announcement or change to marketing materials.

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