Local Golf Pro Challenges me to a match at Rother Valley Golf Club & Country Park

In todays vlog, the steaks are excessive, as native golf professional Sam Sharman from Tankersley Park Golf Club challenges me to a match at Rother Valley Golf Club & Country Park.


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    34 Replies to “Local Golf Pro Challenges me to a match at Rother Valley Golf Club & Country Park”

    1. Jon Lowdon says:

      Another great video Gary, My money is on you, Sorry Sam 👍👍👏👏

    2. Jason Sutton says:

      Sam to win mate, sorry Gary

    3. Gaz, Just curious: Are these your normal clubs? Because they seem several inches too short. Perhaps I'm wrong but your posture doesn't look right at all to my eyes. Again, just curious. Great job as always. Keep the vids coming!!

    4. Gaz – You are definitely due a win on your own channel lol

    5. nice last drive Gary and you all the way COME ON

    6. Think Sam mate, 🤔 good golf from you both

    7. David Forbes says:

      Gary my man,great video

    8. Well done Gaz and Sam you should take on Robbo and kris 9 holes 👍 Gaz to win

    9. dan jegou says:

      “I’m here for a birdie”, “what do you want?… a dessert?” Classic lads 🤣

    10. Jason Round says:

      Sorry Gaz, I'm saying Sam this time…

    11. Sam to win he knows the course

    12. Sam, he actually tries to get the ball in the hole with putter 😂

    13. Graeme Smith says:

      Gaz a man United fan! Cancels subscription and come on Sam!

    14. Matthew Jubb says:

      Gaz …… sorry Sam … should have said tanks brother

    15. Great part one guy’s and I’m going for you Gaz

    16. Sorry Gary but I'm going to have to say Sam for the win! Used to play Rother Valley a fair bit but not been for a while

    17. john p says:

      Content is getting better then mr Robinson I think but Sams putting seemed decent so SAM sorry gaz

    18. paul holt says:

      Who ever wins the next hole wins, great match

    19. Add GB in your settings to get a flag on the YouTube golf rankings gary 🤟pnuk.com/youtubegolf

    20. p47ker1 says:

      Gotta be you for the win Gaz, another cracking video. These matches are good to watch 🏌️.
      My golf club in Middlesbrough has a really good junior golf academy, does regular boot camps too.

    21. Great match lost £20 to Sam at Tankersley but neither of us hit the green. So I think a rematch is on the cards great lad though. All for charity .
      Sam to win

    22. Sorry Gaz I'm going for Sam,hope the play off lasts a few holes

    23. Sam to win . I like it when you do course matches . maybe do a couple of 9 hole matches . Keep up the great work you are doing

    24. Ian McVicker says:

      Sam wins all day…MCFC!

    25. Gaz to win, he’s got the momentum after the birdie!

    26. Ian H says:

      Sam wins, he has the game on today. Great video guys.

    27. Sorry Gaz but Sam the man could just do it he needs that steak & dessert 😂🍺

    28. Gaz. For the honour of United. You will win…….hopefully 👍😂

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