Do you ever play unbelievable golf someday and garbage the subsequent, and don’t know why!! Effectively this video may very well be for you. Coach Lockey is supplying you with concepts on what you have to be fascinated by in your golf swing that will help you decrease your golf scores.


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    1. Karl Apps says:

      I’m internal at the minute but I do try to keep it to just a couple of thoughts. Shoulder under my chin and twist my right hip. Hoping to develop muscle memory so I can just rely on that happening without thinking about it

    2. 1. Setup right.
      2. Turning takeaway over my shoulder blades.
      3. Lead with my belt buckle and right elbow.
      4. Finish!
      Handicap not so good but coming down.

    3. For me it's staying positive and keeping my front foot quiet.

    4. Steve Fisher says:

      I have one swing thought for strike Matt but that comes 2nd after alignment,after I've lost my 3 shots on the first 2 holes I don't think of anything 😂😂

    5. Absolutely, coach. When I start thinking about swing mechanics "I get into my head" and sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn't. When I think about the shot shape and target direction it goes MUCH better.

    6. SLM McGee says:

      I just recently started using the info I gained from the free Mental Golf Type assessment with my pre-shot routine and ‘swing thought’ and the results have been quite promising. The assessment noted a number of interesting elements of how my personality functions optimally on the course. I do really well seeing the ball flight though ‘windows’ or ‘pictures’ or onto ‘landing zones.’ So I concentrate on visualizing the shot trajectory and shape through the target window prior to addressing the ball and the as my last look at the target. Then I take my waggles and swing.

      Edit: this has absolutely been a progression though. For a long time I was technical, then I became external in terms of strike location or ground contact or ‘nail drill’ swing path or clubface open/closed. Now I feel like the imagery and target focus is a synthesis of the skills I’ve developed over time.

    7. I tend to have an internal focus when I'm at the range practicing and an external focus when I'm on the course playing.

    8. Adam Jackson says:

      My best golf has been played when my subconscious took over and I didn't have to think too much really. It's almost as if time slows down a bit and everything from pre-shot routine to club twirl happens without forcing it or reminding myself to do it… the sequences happen without hiccup. Also when things go "bad" I don't let it affect me for more than 10 steps after hitting the shot. I've already accepted before the 1st tee that bad outcomes WILL happen so I try to get over it before they show up.

    9. 😂 spice girls 😜

    10. Mike Edwards says:

      I try to do all the thinking 3 metres behind the ball looking at the target. Once inside a spot a metre behind the ball, I set the club , take one last look at my target, then I just start. I try to trust my subconscious to do it right. MikeE

    11. Dean R says:

      Thinking about swing mechanics in competition is a recipe for disaster, and will tie you in knots. I have been there.

      I focus on shot result and try to be as natural as a kid throwing a ball when I play my best.

    12. Grip only. Grip affects my swing most.

    13. Gary Hague says:

      Try not to think about anything tbf.

    14. Solomon Li says:

      I have to admit that my neutral focus is weak and less prominent than the other two but the internal is also only momentary versus external since I tend to try and focus on the moment and looking for patterns for that day.

    15. Glenn Murley says:

      Definitely external on the course.. if I’m going through new swing mechanics or feels and still want to play I do them in my pre shot routine

    16. Lockey Spice! Gonna try that one next time I'm out – usually it's straight back with the club head and and see the ball flight.

    17. E.S. says:

      Blackout golf is the best,Zen like,your killing the content Coach 👊🏻

    18. NoPlayJack says:

      I don't think mechanics. I picture the ball flight. I'm a 5 hcp. Would that be external?

    19. Rowdy Roddy says:

      From a book called "Human Performance" … In learning a motor skill there are 3 phases.. 1. Verbal Cognitive Phase 2. Associative Phase 3. Autonomous Phase
      The 3 types of Focuses ..Internal/External/ Neutral fall more in the sphere of Sport Psychology, in my experience.
      It is important to note, that if you want to progress in your abilities, and strive to attain Peak Performance… it is good to understand these areas.

    20. Jerry Smiley says:

      I am working on my consistency so lots of swing thought going thru my mind.

    21. LE GEND says:

      I used to be Internal and was able to play good golf until that physical cue no longer worked.
      External focus is really working for me as I am not obsessed with a specific physical cue. I am just trying to feel what a good swing is by focusing on rhythm, tempo etc.
      Neutral is the holy grail of golfing, it’s the equivalent of being “in the zone”. Sadly I have played some of my best golf on little to no sleep, hung over, dehydrated, etc etc mostly because I was so out of it mentally my head was completely clear of any thoughts or focus lol. I’m sure that’s not the proper way to get into the neutral state of mind but I am working on it.

    22. Kevin Heitz says:

      All I think about is finishing my swing.
      Couple of waggles, squeeze the grip a little, release the pressure and pull the trigger.

    23. Brian Corley says:

      The biggest thing for me is seeing contact. I need to pick a dimple for driver, blade of grass for irons (I look at the ground right in front of the ball) and see the contact with that spot. It seems nothing else I do right matters if I get that wrong.

    24. mglegacy012 says:

      I’m all external, given up on swing changes. I know the mechanics of how to hit different shaped shots and I just visualize those shots and adjust my setup and swing slightly. I’m really big on saying exactly what I want the ball to do out loud, you don’t take notice when things go wrong but when they go exactly as planned that sticks with me and reinforces the idea that I can hit the shot

    25. fretless 5 says:

      Almost nothing! That's what I'm thinking during my swing when I play my best golf. At most, I will take one swing thought to focus on and the rest is just relying on my practice and letting myself swing. All the external stuff (the shot planning) is done before I step up to the ball. That said, I'm a mid handicapper (13 currently) and don't yet have shot shaping as part of my game.

    26. PikeyScott says:

      I golf because it’s an escape from everything else. I cherish the opportunity to not think about a bloody thing while I’m standing over a ball, and I strive to do just that.

      And then I duff it.

    27. jvw1973 says:

      On the course the ONLY thought I I have is to keep my head still…everything else is thought about on the driving range.

    28. Square up the head of the hammer. All external focus.

    29. Guy Brown says:

      Keep your head down.
      Guy Canada 🇨🇦

    30. I’m a miserable golfer. I am less so when my tempo is synced with my swing. My tempo comes from a two word phrase; that can change at anytime. I guess my swing thought is neutral. Often times I have a two word phrase upon completion of the shot as well.

    31. Jay Rode says:

      For me to play at my best..its target and then just swing don’t think

    32. Barry Read says:

      My one thought is relaxed grip, arms and shoulders. Take a couple of real easy practice swings. Address the ball while taking a couple of deep breaths. Something that I've found is the ball is hooking more with short to mid iron shots when I execute the swing well. I've had a strong grip for years so am having to figure that out now. Thanks for sharing. Hoping for more on course vlogs from the Muppet tour. Where's Rory these days?

    33. b asic says:

      external a lot. like why is this tree here?,why would anybody put a bunker here?,why is this green not flat?.but internal like why do people tell me what I've done wrong,but never what I did right, and how?

    34. I do all my thinking before my swing. During my shot i am thinking about where its landing.

    35. Rafa Bonati says:

      That was a beautiful view. Thanks for not ending the video by singing again!

    36. When I am playing best, I am thinking about the flight, shape and landing spot of my ball.

    37. conorcann says:

      For me I’ve got 3 thoughts or points for my swing;
      Backswing – Turn into the right pocket
      Transition – right ear to the ground
      Follow through – strike through to target

    38. Daniel Rush says:

      Absolutely loved this video. The feel, camera angles, lighting, sound, and of course info. Cheers coach. Great work mate.

    39. gazr99 says:

      Best golf was Sunday and focus was on keeping club face square and releasing the club so left arm and shaft are almost a straight line just after my lead foot (had realised some times drag the handle instead of releasing club head). Also tried keeping shoulders closed for longer but wasn't a main focus for the swing and was mainly for driver

    40. David Rowney says:

      I say Severiano Ballesteros😅
      First name is backswing and second back down.

      Thanks Seve still giving from beyond.

    41. What a voice, by the way @coachLockey

    42. Internal focus is a disaster. Your conscious mind operates too slowly to govern athletic motion, that’s for practice. On the course you need to get your mind out of the way and focus on what you’re trying to accomplish, not on the mechanics of how to accomplish it.

    43. Dave M says:

      I usually have one internal thought for the backswing and one for the downswing. Maybe I'll try external next time.

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