M5 & M6 Fairway Straightest Drive Contest Feat. Team TaylorMade | TaylorMade Golf

Watch as Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, and Jon Rahm use M5 & M6 fairway with Twist Face in a contest to see who can hit the straightest drive.

Study extra about M5 & M6 fairway: http://tmgolf.co/fairways


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    32 Replies to “M5 & M6 Fairway Straightest Drive Contest Feat. Team TaylorMade | TaylorMade Golf”

    1. michael57603 says:

      What I find unusual about Tiger, is he is a prodigy in a sport we often don't associate with prodigies. He is totally unique. Glad we got to witness his amazing run of success at the start of this century.

    2. cdh79 says:

      make the center-line out of water, and i'm sure i'll hit it dead straight!

    3. I swear Tiger wins all these challenges without even trying lol

    4. John O'Mara says:

      This needs to be a longer video

    5. 01ps says:

      I would have putted it with my 3w, they didn't say it had to be long.

    6. Gavin Martin says:

      Why ant we have like 10 minutes of this?? We need more

    7. bigmike9867 says:

      I was looking for a 3 wood this weekend, tried the m6, went 20 yards shorter then the cobra f9 and ping g400, felt way less smooth. Would not recommend

    8. low says:

      Tiger wins these challenges because hes clutch! Lol

    9. Will says:

      Rory: 5'9"
      Dustin: 6'4"

    10. The 2nd9 says:

      Is it just the editing and marketing or is Tiger taking these kids to class? Great intimidation factor when it’s time to Tee it up in completion?!?!

    11. bjnwright says:

      Moe Norman just turned in his grave.

    12. Is tiger gonna win every challenge?

    13. Tiger keeps winning these challenges

    14. How come tiger always goes last and wins every little competition taylormade has?

    15. SpearJab says:

      Why didn’t they actually show the ball flight? Fail

    16. Nike allowed this? lol

    17. Darts says:

      Tiger would have missed the course if he hit driver.. lol and still the goat..

    18. Nolan says:

      Rory is a goon gotta love him

    19. Hell I can hit my driver farther than these clowns hit that three metal!!!!😝

    20. DeSean says:

      Boy the saltiness in these comments is crazy. Because they didn’t hit the line people are legit bashing the product. Y’all need help

    21. BC 3491 says:

      This could have been such a cool video but instead it was a single minute of cheesy written lines.

    22. jmj5150 says:

      as Fuzzy Zoeller would say "winner winner Fried chicken dinner"

    23. FigJammed says:

      i recently upgraded from the last taylormade 3 wood i was a 27 handicapper throughout my whole life, but after purchasing these products i've dropped 20 shots off my game and im shooting 65 each time i go out, thanks taylormade!

    24. Of course tiger beats every young superstar in the game GOAT

    25. Sean Edwards says:

      You guys need to do a lot more stuff like this… As in longer

    26. Daniel says:

      Moral of the story: if these guys still can't hit it completely straight in a promotional video for the product itself, then you probably won't hit it much straighter either.

    27. 1981steely says:

      So what you have proven there, is that the best players in the world, couldn't hit the middle of the fairway with these 3 woods. I'm sure they'll do wonders for my game then

    28. DunnGolfing says:

      tiger stinger on it like a car bonent 😀

    29. PaxEU says:

      0:52 ”Winner Winner chicken dinner” 😀

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