Make 1 Change And Start CRUSHING Your 3 Wood

Many golfers would have the 3 wood as the hardest club in the bag to use as it’s very often the longest and lowest lofted club that we have to hit from the fairway.

If you are struggling with this club like many other make 1 change and start crushing your 3 wood, and the best part, its a simple change too

In this video I share some trackman numbers and some easy to follow concepts that can be a game changer when hitting fairway woods

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00:00 Intro
00:45 TrackMan Data
01:35 Attack Angle
03:37 The Set Up
05:06 Key Concept
07:13 3 Wood from The Tee

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    26 Replies to “Make 1 Change And Start CRUSHING Your 3 Wood”

    1. Ryan Daly says:

      One simple change but it’s a 10 minute video

    2. Life Saver says:

      Seems like a lot of work to talk with that accent

    3. Justin Vance says:

      Thanks for the confirmation to hit it just like my 3 hybrid.

    4. Crawfishies says:

      7:03 must be confident on not hitting that guy on the tractor

    5. Phu Nguyen says:

      Thank-you for your lessons

    6. I agree, great lesson on hitting the 3 wood. I am looking forward to implementing some of the things I learned in tomorrows game. Thanks!

    7. Bill Smith says:

      it seems that the guy in the red fairway mower follows you around….

    8. Nerd Police says:

      I swear I top my 3 wood every single time. Tee or grass doesn’t matter. Good thing I can hit the driver about 320 lol

    9. Milton says:

      How do explain the draw clearly hit on the left as can be seen by the path of the black line? Your club path wa a slightly left and face to path was 2° open?

    10. PAUL Mount says:

      So glad I found your videos. Have never had hitting fairway woods explained , let alone explained so well! Thanks

    11. Mark Musial says:

      If its one "very simple change" why does it fucking take 10 minutes to tell us one fucking change!!

    12. jazzforJamie says:

      You missed the TractorGuy, sorry just a fun thing!?

    13. No No says:

      Wow. One of the best golf lessons I've seen on YouTube. Thank you so much we'll be doing this on the range this week!

    14. Richard King says:

      If you have the ball slightly further back in the stance than you recommend, would that also not foster hitting down on the ball , as you would get to it earlier in the swing and therefore more likely in way down than up?

    15. KDub says:

      Damn this will help me a lot. I always had the thought that I had to sweep it with my woods and yes I’ve been struggling with it. Top it or come over the top and slice it.

    16. Blake Watson says:

      I hit my woods really well when I focus on the grass in front of the ball. It tells my brain to not even think about topping it.

    17. I cant get over how epic and game changing your lessons have been for me.. literally watch a video from Chris Ryan, implement it and VIOLA. Rinse and repeat! Thanks man 🙏

    18. lmfao buddy on the TORO is like just hit the fucking thing already! @6 min mark

    19. I was hitting my 3 wood so well when I first got it. Now I either thin it or take a huge divot and the ball goes 50 yards

    20. Kenneth Wood says:

      Excellent video, presentation, and correct advice on the 3w technique! This works.👍

    21. Pat Campbell says:

      I gained significant distance based on this information. This is great ground on which to build!

    22. Heath says:

      I can take a divert with my 3 wood mate, not a problem. 😂 👍

    23. Marcus Rask says:

      As usual, fantastic videos from you Chris. I've been looking for a good video about hybrids since im struggling with both that and my 3 wood. Maybe you could do a video on hybrids? 🙂 thanks mate

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