Malaska Golf // Full Swing – Hand Acceleration, Wrist Hinge, Arm Movement & Speed Skills

When you understand how the body is designed to move, proper shoulder rotation and hand speed becomes easy. This is why and how we hinge the wrist. Work on hinging your wrists and rotating your arms to generate club speed through the ball.

Don’t just play golf. Understand it. Watch the complete Skill Pathways series about Arm Rotation and Body Movement to help make yourself a more complete player.

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    23 Replies to “Malaska Golf // Full Swing – Hand Acceleration, Wrist Hinge, Arm Movement & Speed Skills”

    1. Wilma McDade says:

      How do we " Put the brake on" and let clubhead pass the hands?

    2. This is glorious, I've been looking for "keep shoulders back golf downswing" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Penamillorn Peerless Prevalence – (do a search on google ) ? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for discovering how to learn an effective golf swing method without the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy got cool results with it.

    3. AutisticHead says:

      Amazing how Mike is an arms guy and Paul Wilson is a body guy, yet they are really saying the exact same thing.

    4. I am still confused… in my point of view you look like twisting but you said dont do twisting. Is twisting and arm rotation different? Looks the same to me…ugh hard

    5. CJ says:

      Hi mike. Ive been a long time subscriber. I have always struggled with staying on plane in my follow through (im a puller) until i heard this comment about how the left wrist mirrors the hinge on the follow through. Its now the easiest thing in the world. I think your users could benefit from hearing this more.

    6. Howdoes one lesrn the Timing… of club catching up with leading arm… at impact ?

    7. Mike, Years ago when I started to play, they told us that the wrist hinge was up and down and NOT side ways as yours does and this is one of the biggest reason we all sliced the ball for so long. This hinge leaves the face wide open when going through the ball. I totally agree with what you are saying. I also agree with another one of your statements, that you have to learn to control the club face and also your shots to play this game, so that's my goal this coming summer. I am in Minnesota and can't play now, but I do have a practice area in my basement and I am going to working on club face control. Thanks Mike for all your help.

    8. Matt Ranum says:

      I love the idea on the swing and your realease and it has done wonders with constituency for me . However I have a question about the under hand release you speak of (like Dj). Do you see how your hands release naturally in this video? That’s how mine do too. And then you some times talk about he hand flipping back at you. Feels to me as it’s a totally different motion . Feels unnatural . Can you explain the difference between these two feelings?

    9. Swimming isn't good for speed though

    10. MJB7322 says:

      Again, this is vastly different then your "Split Grip and L to L" video from Jan. 2, 2017. In that video you advocated more face rotation or at least your demonstration showed a lot of face rotation. Which one NOW do you believe is correct?

    11. Andrew Linch says:

      Golf Gem's Mr Malaska, I think the only problem is, is that 90% of golfers refuse to believe that it could be that easy. I actually heard a golfer tell his friend just before he hit his first ever golf shot, this game is very difficult and you will always struggle, ahhh shake of head and gritted my teeth .

    12. Rob's Axe says:

      Ok Mike, I went out and hit about 100 balls using this method which was somewhat easy for me as I have already been taught this by a senior tour player acquaintance of mine some 25 or more years ago. Here's what I noticed:
      1. I hit it too straight. Try as I might to hook the ball using just this "system" alone, I could only slightly "pull, falling left the ball".' I was seriously spanking it hard trying to hook it as I feel that's the big test. When my arms came back first and my shoulders followed…wow..
      2. Because my wrists weren't soft enough due to holding onto the club while I "get the club on plane, sit, tilt and hold" for the last umpteen years, I did push a few right until I twirled the club, loosened them up and spanked the crap out of it at the bottom. Did I mention they went dead straight and higher?
      3. 85% of my properly executed shots were hit between 10 to 15 yards longer and now I've got to go out and figure my distances again. Yay, more work for me!
      4. I don't have anything to complain about and my duck hooks have vanished.
      5. It feels too easy. (I know you've heard this complaint before)
      I still have some to work on but I want to personally thank you for these videos. I had dropped out of the game after my son was born about 13 years ago and lost my enthusiasm for even trying to figure it out anymore. My swing would collapse under pressure and it doesn't work there, what's the point of it. I'm feeling way better and like I can finally release the "friggin'" club. Next time I'm in the desert, I owe you. Thank you sir!

    13. Jeffrey Mann says:

      This type of golf instruction is very suitable for children under the age of 10 years. However, a rational adult, who wants to become a skilled golfer, should seek a much more precise description of how the "arms and hands" should work in the golf swing eg.

    14. Zeke M says:

      I’ve been playing golf for 37 years and mikes theory of the golf swing (Malaska move) has completely changed my game by just watching his videos. Pretty crazy that mikes been a far better teacher on video than several golf pros I’ve had lessons from. Thanks Mike

    15. golfbulldog says:

      Thanks for your videos. I read in John Schlee's book "Maximum Golf" that he described working with you on mental aspects and you then shot a 58. Did Schlee discuss anything specifically about releasing your arms and levers with you? Schlee wrote about using the right side to crash the waiter's tray down into impact – is that a similar motion to what you are describing here?

    16. John Creet says:

      Great video. There are several things here that I think are relevant to me.

    17. Ben Larsen says:

      Thumbs up for a Malaska vs Luczak match on BBG. Come on Mike let’s see you take it to the course.

    18. Cool music intro but fix that typo in the title that comes afterward.

    19. Jim Tom says:

      Excellent tip that's exactly what I do wrong not use arms well .. thank u

    20. Mike, where were you 50 years ago when I really needed you. This tip is amazing. I just hit 6 60 degree wedge shots that landed one place apart for distance and six Paces apart for azmyth. I've never done that ever. Thank you.

    21. Mark Pogson says:

      Hmmm… most other teachers would be having kittens if you said let your left wrist bend backward. They all want you to move you wrist only up-down (like hitching a ride motion). They would say my wrist was breaking down and "scooping" at impact. I wish I could work out who has got it right, lol.

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