Malaska Golf // Full Swing Hip Movement and Straight Line Forces with Eric Cogorno

Earlier this spring I spent the afternoon with Eric Cogorno ( at Superstition Mountain. We covered a series of topics. This conversation about hip movement in the full swing is one of the most important concepts I think every golfer must understand.

You can see more great videos from this series with Eric on his channel as well.

Learn step by step online with Mike at Follow The M-System to develop the skills you need to become a complete player.

Don’t just play golf. Understand it.


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    33 Replies to “Malaska Golf // Full Swing Hip Movement and Straight Line Forces with Eric Cogorno”

    1. I wish I had seen this video before I hurt my lower back😢
      I look forward to doing this hip movement, when I get back to the driving range😊

    2. tomatden says:

      I wish I could like this 3x! Thanks Mike

    3. Nam Tran says:

      Hi mike,
      Thanks for the amazing lesson. At about 13 mark you said that “left leg extension is not the same as pushing your hip back”. Can u elaborate more in that? It seems the same to me.

    4. otom otom says:

      14:27 to 15:19 is pure gold.
      I just did that 👆. Today Aug25th finally had eureka moment of lower body!! As soon as take away occurs, I'm moving force to the left leg like a pedal gas. When I'm almost completing back swing (with my right hip out of the way) I hit the gas pedal 👉push back (feel my left hip out of the way ) and my arms and hands goes down and club head out.
      Eureka! Finally felt combining lower body and upper body for the very first time!
      Hitting effortlessly Pw 150yrd bombs, 45°flying high balls with that punch👊 like the pro's. So happy🥳🥳🥳.
      Many thanks Mr. Malaska for teaching me through all the videos. Victor from Brazil 🇧🇷 🙌

    5. Grumpyoldgit says:

      This is where i have been for too long,🤦🤦💡

    6. David Stuyck says:

      Ive been struggling with early extension and getting stuck under the plane because my right hip fires forward – the only way I could feel a "turn". I have been hitting right blocks and snap hooks for years. My timing had to be perfect to play well. I took your feel to the range today and it instantly changed everything. Better contact and compression and hitting a baby fade – something ive never been able to do. I videoed myself and no more early extension! Juat gone! I also hit 3 large buckets of balls, which I never do because my lower back starts hurting after one. I had zero pain! This was the single best lesson ive ever seen. You have permanently changed the way i think about turning. THANK YOU!!

    7. David Terrie says:

      This discussion relates back to Mike's feel your toes balance advice at setup and going back. I see complimentary forces. As you swing down at speed, you've got your arms and club creating outward force towards the ball as they get out in front of you. If you don't pull back with your left hip, this throws your balance off. To keep your balance, the force moving your hip back has to match the force of the arms/club coming down and pulling you forward. Imagine swinging a kettle bell. If you don't counteract its weight by moving your hip back, the weight will throw you off balance. In your swing, your right hip is moving forward as the left moves back, so when the centrifugal force of your swing has stopped your weight is still centered over your feet. I just took a 10lb barbell with a hand on each end and started tracing a short swing arc. Your left hip just naturally pulls back to counteract the weight. Since your left hip is at the front of the kinetic chain, moving it actively vs just complimentarily pulls the hands and clubs through faster to maintain balanced forces.

    8. Glenn Hynes says:

      I love how Eric pays total attention. I hope that he carries on this teaching. It will help thousands of people.

    9. otom otom says:

      Pure gold teachings and its the recipe to play well like the pros. All amateurs should copy that. Impact will be solid as ever. Instant Increase ball speed and 45° flight trajectory, beautiful flying balls with spin like Tiger's irons shots. I'm not kidding! These moves, Mike's concept definitely changed and improved my game tremendously in short period of time. Mike Malaska is the best out there.

    10. jack says:

      Interesting and helpful-surprised by how, Eric an accomplished teacher has his left leg moving into heel and foot almost sliding over when doing drill! Like the explanation and tips

    11. really the best video on secrets of golf swing. I love this approach – to simplify complicated things – it shows the great degree of competency! highly recommended to all golfers! it is a pity that just 4.1 K golfers know how to swing properly… but that gives us an advantage)))

    12. Steve Greig says:

      Thanks guys, there is more 'meat' in this lesson than any I've come across. Had to pause it many times, chew it over, take notes & try moves, but totally worth it! Cleared away a lot of stinkin thinkin… Thanks.

    13. Why does my right hip/knee ALWAYS fire toward the ball when I clear my left hip? It even happens when I successfuly get my left hip back into the alignment stick/wall…

    14. This lesson changed my golfing to another level …for better, especially got a big impact on my driver for some reason! Thank you Mike!

    15. GENECZAP says:

      Remarkable video. Mike's explanation of how we don't really see a golf swing struck a memory gong in my brain: 1973. The great Sam Snead is warming up for thirty minutes right in front of me on the practice tee of the US Open at Oakmont. And the thing that strikes me is how definitive each segment of his swing is. I had never seen this before nor since. A series of inner moves that makes the whole thing work. He repeats the same slow guided action on each and every swing, the same measured timing on each and every move. It is just not something you can really see in old videos. But today, Mike shows us how to make one such move in such an eloquent, beautiful way that I'm already on my condo deck training my left leg how to turn the left hip back. Like Eric said, it makes six other things work better. So grateful to Eric and Mike for your wisdom and generosity. Deepest appreciation.

    16. Paul K. says:

      15:50 just like a Roger Feder forehand

    17. LbutchJ says:

      Good stuff!😊

    18. Jamie Sloan says:

      Two of my favorite instructors. Groundbreaking stuff here.

    19. full square says:

      Mike, you may not be very smart, but sure know how to hit the ball

    20. Mary Hampton says:

      On one video you said the shoulders give u speed. U used the alignment stick to demonstrate. Now in this video you say the whipping of the hips like snapping a towel gives u speed. Which is it? Also I have found when I whip my hips the ball duck hooks. Do not understand the snapping of the towel analogy.

    21. Golf Shoe says:

      At 9:24 he talks about most of your weight on the left foot. Is he referring to this address position for all clubs? Please clarify for us.

    22. 2CardArsenal says:

      Mike, the words you said "the Left leg pushes the Left hip back and out of the way as you strike the ball has RESONATED with me and the light has come on! I've been working so hard to clear the Left hip early and the club has been getting stuck. NOW my timing and ball strike is so much better with all clubs through the bag. Thank You!!!

    23. This should be required learning & teaching in golf. Mike again you are at the top of your game!!

    24. Dion Smith says:

      Mike, awesome perspective and also enjoy teaming with Eric. You're saving my game.

    25. qvu100 says:

      Thank you for the instruction. May I ask what does initiate the downswing? Is it your right arm? Thank you

    26. Philip Chan says:

      Gary player said it is the core muscle that drives the ball.

    27. Philip Chan says:

      Gary player said it is the core muscle that drives the ball.

    28. Brilliant, thanks so much Mike! When I feel that I push back from the knee, the hip does not move back at all, as you explained. If I feel that I push back from the hip joint, it really clears nicely, moves farther from the ball and knee the joint stays flexed! Another interesting thing with avoiding the flip, I noticed at the range that, if I get more handle movement with the left hand (handle drag), I have no choice but to flip. If I use too much right, over the top shows up. So my thoughts now are: 1. clear hips and 2 swing the entire club (feels like left hand controls the handle and right the club head). If I swing the entire club they work well together and I don't hook or duck hook. If not it goes dead left. Am I on the right track?

    29. Paul Long says:

      Incredible lesson, it can't be explained any easier than this. When I tried to push through my left foot to move my hip, I was trying the move too quickly. When I slowed it down to learn the movement, everything fell into place. It's a game changer.

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