Malaska Golf // Full Swing – Malaska Move – Body & Arm Movement – Golf Tips

Talking on the range with Instructor Milo Lines discussing the conceptions and misconceptions of how we teach the golf swing (some have called it the “Malaska Move”).

We don’t teach an arm swing. The golf swing is an athletic movement of offsetting forces – hand and body movement – pivot and rotation – getting a sequence to work in sync.

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    37 Replies to “Malaska Golf // Full Swing – Malaska Move – Body & Arm Movement – Golf Tips”

    1. It’s a blend is the KEY..

    2. These 2 guys are as good as it gets ..when it comes to golf instruction ..

    3. It appears that the common mistake in the tipping out move is that the trail hand passes the lead hand too soon. WHEN should the trail hand pass the lead hand in the downswing ? Thanks

    4. Great video! It makes me think of a Hammer thrower. Hammer = handle, a chain, and a weight. Question, is the left arm the "chain" that will straighten out (centrifugal force) or is it centered between the arms (sternum)? I see that from the transition from the backswing going forward, the "feel" is the tightening on the chain with the weight of the ball swinging away from the attachment your arm to your chest. I'm also curious about how much work the back elbow does? Is it relaxed or is it carrying much of the load during the downswing. These video are great to help me with my positions in the mirror, but I am now trying to work in my "feels" as I transition. Beyond this working on my footwork / balance is the hardest. Keep up the great content.

    5. dustyttrain says:

      Then explain it better and it won’t be misinterpreted

    6. jack bailey says:

      two great teachers,with the same ideas.

    7. Number one instruction for a beginner is teach them how to pivot!! Then add on. It's like when you get dressed you don't put on your clothes before you put on your underwear. It is a process and so many people are throwing their arms around because they took lessons and no one stopped and corrected them. "Oh Mrs. Havercamp what a great swing. Just keep swinging your arms and your score will improve. Don't forget we have another 100 dollar lesson next week. You keep practicing throwing your arms and hands and we'll see you soon." (Sarcasim) This coach is so on it. He has a keen eye and he cares!! I would love to take a lesson from both these guys.

    8. Not everyone gets the same instruction is so true. One person will interpret instruction very differently than another. It is the job of a golf pro to use different terminology for different people, especially if you are teaching non athletic students.

    9. Mike A says:

      Who is the other instructor in this video?

    10. eujin park says:

      Very easy to understand for real golf swing.

    11. Hey mike its fucking hard to do that ok? Even for pro player.

    12. I know this video has been up for a while, but after looking into this topic I think part of the problem people have is seeing the "Move" as something discrete whereas it is really part of a bigger movement…So, I would call it more a way to route your downswing as a whole.

    13. Kevin Murphy says:

      Mike I think the student like me should learn how to use there bottom half first before they learn how to use this swing !!! Once you feel the ground forces it's incredible feeling ,, it didn't happen right away I had to work for it to happen I just stood there in posture without a club just my body until I found it !!! Took a bit but I understand and I have this feeling now that's were I get my speed from legs !!!!

    14. ebttt says:

      Don't spend so much time on what not to do. It doesn't help anybody.

    15. the right leg left leg back drill is awesome and really gives you the full swing feel

    16. Ash Howard says:

      just turn your hips on downswing

    17. Very nice. Well done.

    18. Paul Malone says:

      These two good teachers has opposing views. But they both work I kinda use both. You can see the frustration ha .Good video

    19. All athelets maintain balance when they move, baseball tennis skiing all sports require good balance. The golf swing is no different. In the downswing with angular momentum the left hip should move back automatically to maintain balance. The perfect blend of arm swing and body turn! Well done Mike!

    20. Rhino Ragni says:

      They “came up with that one” because Mike explained his concepts poorly at first so it’s great to clarify what you’re trying to get golfers to do. Professional communicators often say, the meaning of a communication is the response you get. It’s important not to blame misunderstanding of your concepts on your audience. Great discussion here though.

    21. Rog Openshaw says:

      Thank you mike for being the one golf instructor out there that actually explains the swing in a way that is absolutely dummy proof. Golfed first over 15 years and changed my swing 5 times then I found your concept. Finally I feel what the golf swing is actually supposed to feel like, have found effortless power, and best of all I’m consistently hitting center of club face. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to swing and it feels so loose and fluid. It is so fun to stand in my garage and hit balls and feel like I finally have it figured out.

    22. I like these Malaska videos but i really dont need to know what people are doing wrong or what not to do .

    23. Tim Kozlow says:

      I can relate to all this. Embarrassing as it is I think I have done just about everything that is described here, I have been working on this for seven months. It seems simple but for me, it is something I just have not been able to do. When Mike explains the right arm it finally clicked in for me. I can hit the ball beautifully on the range. Just taking easy swings. My six-iron is going now at about 160 yards. Not far at all but I have not been able to swing at more than 60 percent without it getting out of sequence.
      My lower body has not been working the way it should. It is starting to feel better and it is working better than it ever has.

      I was a hand and arms player for years. This is how I was taught. The body just is along for the ride. I got pretty good at it but it caused two shoulder injuries in four years. I was a single-digit handicap until the injuries that caused me to miss almost four years.

      It's been humbling. My habits were so ingrained and contradictory to what Mike teaches that is has been a battle to get out of them. I spend at least 12 hours a week on the range and at the end of the week, I play one round to see where I'm at. I still can't get it to the course. I want to straighten my right arm before impact and I under rotate. This only happens when I play. Not on the range. I have had to move up to a shorter tee and I have changed my irons to an easier shaft. I now use graphite instead of steel. I used to play blades with a stiff steel shaft but they just became too heavy and I lost too much distance.

      I can see the difference but it's slow in coming. I spent four hours yesterday working on this and didn't feel like my body was beaten up like it used to be. I'm sticking with it. I want to get back to a single-digit handicap and compete again in local tournaments and events. I still feel like I'm far from that.

    24. Alex says:

      Mike, this video extremely helpful with drill taking the hands away and pivot their body and rotate. Since viewing this video the Malaska Move falls into place. Please continue to review and show the drill taking the hands and pivot their and rotate. It helps clear up the confusion and helps understand blending arms and body rotation

    25. I just (17.6-2019) watch this video and from all the Melaska video I have seen, the comments from Milo Lines sounds like one of those bad commercials were they overdo it, to sell a bad or irrelevant product.. I fully understand the message and I am finally getting to understand the golf swing. Thank you.. Tommy from Denmark (•‿•)

    26. Rob's Axe says:

      Man I'm glad I'm a better player lol. This all makes so much sense and has really improved my ball striking. And you're right, it seems too simple.

    27. Eric Dumont says:

      Two completely different swings, as I play off +2 Mike's swing works wonders and very consistently, the other swing is more body than arms, and caused me a lot of problems in the past, Mike's swing is deffinely arms dominated, 100%.

    28. papa Hajek says:

      My guess is that the tips Mike gives on learning to control the club head before adding speed, pivot other more advanced moves because he describes a learning process rather than a quick fix. Even the pros he teaches come in with pre conceived notions that must be unlearned because they are causing inconsistency or injury.

    29. one question are your eyes fixed on the ball during the entire swing ? do you see when the club face is catching up the ball ? or are you already facing the target at impact like Annika Sorenstam ?

    30. after a 4 years lasting journey through toxic you tube golf stuff i found the Malaska Move – thank you so much 👍👍👍

    31. Andrew Linch says:

      Great comment, The swing is a blend of hands, arms and body, get the blend right and your off to the races as they say.

    32. 🤓Mike has never once expressed the simplicity of his move…. So I will try. He is simply using centripetal force created with the entire natural mechanical moves of his body to twirl the club head in it's circular path to the ball and through to the finish of his swing. He does this by swinging the club handle back using apparent centrifugal force first with lead hand ( trail hand passive) which gives the club head centripetal force plus direction to travel up and at the end of his backswing. To start the downswing he quickly unfold all the joints on you lead side as he swings the handle with additional 'apparent centrifugal force' using his trail hand ( lead hand now passive) as the primary point of source of power so the club head given 'centripetal force' can easily reverse it's path to return to the original path he made at setting up to the ball and then easily continuing its path the the end of his swing…… It a matter of pure physics and physical power from the core of our body applying it power and momentum to the point of axis of the club head which is the handle of the club set in our opposing hands. Our opposing hands on the grip of the club should be our center of attention which supplies the apparent centrifugal force from our entire body by simply swinging the handle up, down, and back up again with corresponding and accelerating centripetal power directed to the club head to the finish of the swing. Clear as mud?? I hope not. Cheers.

    33. Methodic L says:

      Let's face it. Some people (especially most people with money) don't have a single athletic bone in their body. I can only imagine the frustration of these teachers trying to teach someone who has never done a single athletic motion in their lives how to achieve an athletic motion like a golf swing. I think you can tell from the first time a person swings a club if they are completely hopeless or will be able to succeed.

    34. TOKE GUY says:

      Im a 15 handicap..just started playing golf in swing style is exactly the same as him..thats why i like this fancy shit..not too technical..just your natural swing plus concentrations on club face and the ball itself..that is all it matters..

    35. David Song says:

      The malaska move is 100% correct. When you watch slow mo golf videos you dont see what kind of forces are being exerted so its easy to hold on n drag the club handle to the ball. My way of tipping the club head is to also feel like my right hip n left hand get to the ball at the same time. If you dont tip the club over n counteract the club heads fall you will shank it. Thank you mister Malaska for your videos, i was swinging incorrectly for YEARS because i thought you had to hold on to the lag. My last pieces was figuring out how to get my pivot correct but it couldnt have happened if i hadnt started trying to tip the club head early in transition because before if i tried to turn my hips id shank everything. Anyway i love this channel keep up the amazing work!!!

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