Malaska Golf // Introducing the NEW Honma T//World-X Irons

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(Yes, this is an endorsement with manufacturer information included.)

The new T//World-X irons have officially launched in the United States, Honma announced Wednesday. TW-X irons were extended into a full set offering after the long iron received rave reviews from top PGA TOUR players.

The new TW-X irons were born from a Honma prototype utility iron called the TW-U that was available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 irons. The iron was seeded on the PGA TOUR starting last year and was put in play by multiple tour professionals almost immediately. After receiving performance validation from the best players in the world, Honma worked to create a full set of TW-X irons with the same premise – high launch, long carry and shot-stopping control.

TW-X irons are best categorized as a ‘Players Distance’ iron with strong game improvement features. Additional features and benefits include:

– Beautiful, muscle back irons that deliver great feel and game-improving performance
– Forged, modern, hollow construction iron with a S25C body and MS300 high strength steel face
– High launch, high MOI, long carry and pin-stopping control
– Distance and performance for better players and discerning game improvement golfers who want to play a beautiful blade iron
– Designed and created by master craftsmen in Sakata, Japan and performance-validated on the PGA TOUR

“The new T//World-X irons truly offer something for every level of golfer who appreciates a blade iron but wants playability. The full set can be played by low-single digit players all the way to mid and higher handicaps, and the long irons have already been put in play by the best in the world,” said Honma’s Vice President of Product Chris McGinley.

Honma TW-X irons are available in a 4-10 full set configuration and 5-11 full set configuration in both steel and graphite shafts. TW-X irons will also be available as individual utility long irons for golfers looking to replace their difficult-to-hit longer irons.


10 Replies to “Malaska Golf // Introducing the NEW Honma T//World-X Irons”

  1. Alan Martins says:

    Bought them, best set of irons i've ever hit and I've hit them all.

  2. Ski 350 says:

    What is the target player profile for these? Could a moderate swing speed 15 HCP game these or are there better options?

  3. Mike O says:

    I absolutely love my 747V irons.

  4. K J says:

    Absolutely amazing irons. Hit 7 iron and 4 iron today at PGA Superstore. I will have these irons sooner or later!!!

  5. I'm about in need of some new irons

  6. Mike , I have always enjoyed your stories with Jack. And , the straight forward response he would reply “ I don’t understand your question “ this answer probably influenced you mantra of Don’t just play it understand it . Enjoyed those moments at your PGA demo . Would to hear a few , once again.
    Tempting as it is to video, things . I always thought there would be time to watch videos. Taking notes are as far from a personal presentation, as I like to get 🏌️‍♀️🇺🇸🏌️‍♂️

  7. Hi Mike — what is your view on the TW-X ball for those of us who swing our drivers at 80-85 mph

  8. Colin White says:

    Crikey! That last shot he wasn’t even aiming down the fairway!
    Technology has really moved on.

  9. Bill1717 says:

    Love your lessons, please stick with that,,,,,,

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