Malaska Golf – Single Arm Pivot – Full Swing Basics – Momentum, Control, Release

Mike focuses on the single arm pivot as an essential drill for developing your most natural golf swing and directing the momentum of the club properly.

An extended explanation of this drill and more can be found at This video was posted in the ongoing Ask Mike section of the site where Mike responds to member questions about techniques and understanding.

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    39 Replies to “Malaska Golf – Single Arm Pivot – Full Swing Basics – Momentum, Control, Release”

    1. Diego Diaz says:

      But surely it will Cup the left wrist at impact, the one thing everyyyyyyyyyyyone states shouldn’t occur at impact ?

    2. Steve Vargas says:

      I finally understand this pivoting move and directing momentum towards the ball. The epiphany for me was thinking "if I could make one and only one move from the top and then let the club take over, what would it be". I started doing this move, first with the right arm, then with the left, then both. The club just tracks on plane with no need to manipulate in the rest of the downswing. Great stuff!

    3. Paul Lee says:

      Shall try.has been my problem…

    4. LbutchJ says:

      3:203:40 explained it all! Thanks Mike!

    5. Matt Bickham says:

      By far the best instructional videos I have seen on YouTube. I was lost despite lessons, countless range sessions, and video after video until I found Mikes videos.

    6. Eric Son says:

      Money. This is money

    7. Larry says:

      Why do you only have 70K+ subscribers. All of your subscribers should get their 4 some or league to at least check out your channel.

    8. I like Mike's word "you will strugle forever" . That was really me!!!! before found your channel. thanks Mike . superb explanation

    9. Is that pivoting drill apply to driver too?

    10. T SC says:

      This is an aha moment for me! Thanks Mike!

    11. Keith Lucero says:

      You have a wonderful way of communicating golf drills & tips – looking forward to bragging rights at my club tournament – big fan – keith from San Francisco

    12. Timothy Ades says:

      Although mikes philosophy has always made sense to me, I have struggled to get my head around the steering wheel motion that he discusses in other videos. This video really helped me to understand what I have been doing wrong. Light bulb moment!

    13. But this looks like he is flipping his hands. What am I missing!

    14. Gary Roberts says:

      M&M has saved my golf. No pain and lower scores. At 72 I didn't think I was ever going to improve. Moved from Fountain hills to Naples. The ball doesn't go as far down here, but since I've been practicing these drills I'm now hitting it further and straighter than I did 15 years ago. Thanks Mike

    15. Ding! Lightbulb just went off!

    16. J Bakhuys says:

      great explanation where the pivot should start. However it looks like a twist instead of a throw release. And that makes me a little confused.

    17. GearZa says:

      I am here is South Africa and i was thinking how can I repay this man and his talent that has helped me for FREE !! Mike I am going to buy your book and I hope that everyone you helped does the same. Thank you for sharing your hard earned knowledge. I will post this on all your YouTube videos because you deserve it. BOOKS:= I Feel Your Pain: Let's Make Golf Uncomplicated: Mike Malaska and the new book when it gets released The Invisible Swing Mike Malaska

    18. Seth says:

      Why push the club backwards from the top and come down vs coming just straight down?

    19. Roger Smith says:

      At last another instructor gives you this move which a Swedish guy has been saying for ages.Now you need to explain grip awareness.

    20. LbutchJ says:

      Super! A "light bulb" "aha! moment!

    21. 이본질 says:

      Slomotion and what it really happens during swing would be not always same! Thank you!!

    22. H says:

      p.s. I am not coming over the top (with my arms or shoulders) nor getting my hips out of position.

    23. H says:

      Can't stop ball duck hooking left when I pivot in the downswing. How do I stop the toe of the club head dropping down before the heel?

    24. Great stuff. I have occasionally hit balls with the effortless natural wrist unhinging and it felt like it was wrong. It felt like I had no control of the club face even though the fall went perfectly straight. It actually felt too easy that it couldn't be right. I always imagined i should be constantly aware of where by club face is throughout the swing…but that seems impossible at that speed.

    25. Han Sagan says:

      Fn A where u been all my life Mikey

    26. papa Hajek says:

      The stiff left arm does not allow your initial arm motion. Is that correct?

    27. gamer tg says:

      Drag the handle? Get body way out in front? This is the best video online

    28. gdlblues1 says:

      Hi Mike,Great drill.Tried it.. and it was the most consistent ball striking and trajectory I have ever had.No more floaters and loss of distance.It almost feels like my lower body is doing that normal.?Can you tell me why after hitting a bucket of balls with your move ,why I'm wearing a hole in the palm of my glove.I'm gripping in the fingers and grip is not to tight.

      Thank you.

    29. Ian Allen says:

      I have followed you for months and found your instruction game changing after years of being taught to handle pull. This video is another huge step forward for me. Immediately I can feel the club working on plane better 👍👍

    30. Paul Bergh. says:

      Thank you for sharing your pain and frustration from being taught the wrong things earlier in your career and telling us the right way. I thought the step-drill with unweighted arms was the key, but now I see with this video why I was so inconsistent—its because I never knew the pivot motion the handle makes and the feeling of that with really soft arms. I will try making a full backswing with a little pause after seeing this video.

    31. Kenny Lovell says:

      I have this problem of a long pause at the top of my backswing with my woods. Seems longer than what Matsuyama does in his. Its like I load up then, pause then go, My question is how do I work that out of my swing. I don't do it much on my irons, just the longer 5 wood and driver.

      Is there a drill to help stop the pause?

      If I try to re-direct my hips before getting the club to the top, then I feel all out of sequence and usually the club is behind me and ends up being a block to the right or a hook if I flip my hands. I play to a 10 or 11 hdc.

    32. I have watched hours upon hours of golf instruction over the past 8 months from several different instructors and have improved my game from 120 to 95. My struggle is with everything outside of 150 yards. I have learned more from Malaska in the last three weeks than all others put together. I have only been on the course once since but hit the long ball extremely well for me. He really does make it simple. The instruction on the path of the hands did it for me. I believe his instruction will be the key for me to finally break 90. Thanks Mike.

    33. Erick smith says:

      Thanks for the video Mike. I've been using this method for 6 months now and it has changed my game. I like to play with a draw. My miss hits are duck hooks left with my driver. And block right or even slices with my irons. I would definitely like to hit the ball straighter. I've watched a ton of your videos. The one I'm not clearly understanding is the "release"
      This video you show that little drill with your hands and forearms clearly rotating and turning over. In another video you say you don't do that anymore. Your right hand flicks upward after release. Please help me understand this. I tried this and I was hitting the ball more to the right and hitting it more forward the heel of my club.

    34. Eric Fraser says:

      I never been this straight with this stuff. If you've ever played baseball or softball… It "feels like you're late on a pitch if your club is behind your hands". Easily correctable. Love it!!

    35. Simmo says:

      The only bad thing about watching Mr. Malaska is without even knowing me he hits about everything that is wrong with my swing. These simple practice swing drills could be my golfing salvation. You get my vote as the best teacher in golf. Would I be way off base by comparing your takeaway to that of the “A” swing?

    36. Interesting where all these swing theories intersect. Mike's suggestion to move the handle back as the first move in the downswing is exactly the same as what another YTer (I think it's NORCAL Golf) recommends. Mike's admonition to pivot the handle "back here" instead of first moving it forward really ends up being almost the same thing as the oft-heard recommendation to "keep your back to the target as long as possible". I love listening to Mike; unfortunately, his methodology just doesn't seem to "do it" for me (not his fault, I haven't found ANYONE who can get me to move my weight forward and stop flipping).

    37. Wally Litwa says:

      Interesting observation of what sounds like conflicting swing concepts and instruction from from two PGA Teacher of the Year recipients, Mike Malaska and Manuel de la Torre.
      At 3:55 Mike teaches players to leverage the club (handle moves back, clubhead moves forward, ie, they move in opposite directions). Contrast this to Manuel de la Torre's teaching (p. 46 Leverage Action in Understanding the Golf Swing) not to leverage the club (handle moves forward and clubhead moves forward, ie, they move in the same direction. Who out there can reconcile what these two outstanding teachers are saying?

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