Maria Fassi Full Swing With SIM Driver | TaylorMade Golf

Maria Fassi shows off her unique and powerful swing with the all-new SIM driver from TaylorMade Golf.


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    14 Replies to “Maria Fassi Full Swing With SIM Driver | TaylorMade Golf”

    1. Charles King says:

      Women have much better swings incredible

    2. What a powerful swing. Great to watch, how she generates that power from the lower body is just fantastic.

    3. There is absolutely no more powerful position to be in than at 0:13. Shallowed into the downswing, incredible lag from feet and hips pushing through the transition and she's about to just push up from the ground for more. Spectacular. THAT is how you create speed and power right there.

    4. Leo Low says:

      What's the reasons of not showing us the same swing from both angles?
      I believe TM is not dumb. They most likely setup 2 cameras.

      Because competitors might analyst the swing? Because Marketing department need to maximize Sim driver exposure?

    5. Mr Hyde says:

      Is there a soundtrack to this music

    6. Im obsessed with her swing now.

    7. stuck mechanic, hard to play tour golf consistently with it

    8. revinfool says:

      Can you have a crush on someone just based on how they hit a driver???

    9. Awesome. Hope Maria kicks ass in what remains of this year

    10. Ben L says:

      She bombs it. I think she was out driving the Me and My Golf guys. Ouch.

    11. Beautiful swing. It would be nice to have some stats: ball speed, launch, spin, carry, etc…

    12. Jacob R says:

      Reminds me of Rickies swing a little.

    13. What a wonderful, powerful swing and she has the power move of making the lead foot go airborne just a bit just before impact. Good post.

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