Master – Hole 4 [Eagle] — Summer Major 2023 QR (Golf Clash)

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3 Replies to “Master – Hole 4 [Eagle] — Summer Major 2023 QR (Golf Clash)”

  1. Mikey Tyson says:

    I hit it exactly from the tee to the exact yards you hit….zero errors. 2nd shot I was UNABLE to grab the yellow center to pull to adjust……….ran out of time and just swung. Landed way short……..WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd be happy to share the replay to show it looks exactly like yours……..

  2. Formio Reed says:

    In water , tried again missed rough. Hit perfect both times , thought I had no OP or UP, but must have. Fine margins I guess.

  3. Tried using Apoc 7 instead of EM and same adjustments but went into bunker. Damn that par

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