Mastering The Three Quarter Golf Shot

Here we have a look at how you can master the three quarter golf shot. The 3/4 Shot is needed in most rounds of golf to gain control over the ball flight.


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    22 Replies to “Mastering The Three Quarter Golf Shot”

    1. Kha Le says:

      When I have a bad lie or when under pressure I go to my 3/4 shots. I get 75% of the distance, for example, 110 yards for 7 iron. Way more reliable than a full GW.

    2. April C says:

      These golf swing strategies , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) cover the golf swing in wonderful detail. Halfway down the guide and I am really impressed. After figuring out the tricks, I tried it right away and I obtained low 80s rounds three times in a row.

    3. Sardar Zia says:

      Very detailed and helpful! Thanks Pete !

    4. John K says:

      Thank you, Peter. One of the best golf instructional videos I have seen. Certainly superior over these 30 sec vids. One, point, at the last when you started talking about angle of attack and dynamic loft, you lost me a little bit. Thanks

    5. Malcolm A. says:

      Good vlog / tip. I gave it a try at the practice area and it worked very well for me.
      Ball position is what helped I think most compared to my previous attempts at this shot
      Thanks and cheers!!!!!!!!

    6. JP Gaming says:

      Pete are those the irons that are all the same length that you are hitting in this video?

    7. Rick and Pete vs Carter and Fletch. Needs to happen.

    8. Sad news. The passing of golf legend Arnold Palmer. ⛳

    9. Roger Musson says:

      Here's a tip, cover the mirror up when making videos. Very distracting.

    10. i find it harder with long irons, think i rotate to quick

    11. Dave Koczan says:

      great video and well filmed too

    12. Jason Fisher says:

      Great video Pete, can you please do the same video but with a driver for those of us who are not flexible enough to do a full swing, that would be so helpful thanks again

    13. Isaac N says:

      Can u talk about how this was different that what Dan is teaching Rick at the moment?

    14. RJWSuffolk says:

      Excellent video, thanks Peter. Could you do something on 1/2 shots as well? I quite often shank 1/2 or 3/4 shots, and think that by reducing weight transfer in the backswing, I inadvertently move weight to the front foot toe, and the lack of weight transfer seems to inhibit my ability to move the weight to the heel.
      I play on a windy links course, and a lower trajectory shorter swing is a skill I need!

    15. Why do they call the new facility the PRAIRIE Village??
      It seems to be an anachronism.
      Any real "prairie" nearby?
      Different meaning of "prairie?"

    16. Ry Par says:

      Sad that Ben Hogan Set just sits there and probably will never be used again

    17. Your instructional videos are very helpful!

    18. Hi Pete. Great video! I just wondered what's the difference between this and a 'knockdown' shot?

    19. Kris Benson says:

      Pete!!! This video is sick! So professional looking!

    20. Captain Ron says:

      I'm wondering if choking down on the club will also help pull this shot off?

    21. I tend to sometimes roll the wrists on 3/4shots how do I combat this?

    22. Sean Regnier says:

      Why do people often slightly pull their punch shots to the left??

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