Matt Holliday Talks Willson Contreras, Yadi's Legacy & Nolan Arenado's Struggles

On “Hot Take Central” on 590 The Fan KFNS, the fellas discussed the Cardinals weekend series vs the Tigers and the bizarre Willson Contreras saga with Matt Holliday.

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23 Replies to “Matt Holliday Talks Willson Contreras, Yadi's Legacy & Nolan Arenado's Struggles”

  1. Garp Funkel says:

    As an Orioles fan, I'd like to thank Matt for deciding to have children. Jackson is an absolute beast.

  2. Ty McMullen says:

    i would like to watch something instead of a 25 minute video with no actual video.

  3. I’m impressed with Mr. Holiday’s demeanor and expertise. Hope he decides to give the Cardinals some time after his kids leave the nest.

  4. FJ says:

    Maybe they should bring Yadi back to work with Contreras. Better yet have the pitchers call their own game.

  5. Steve Epps says:

    I hope all of you guys and every other reporter comprehend what Holiday said concerning Contreras and Yadi. Give the coaching staff some credit and time to fix the problem. You can’t judge how Contreras played in Chicago because each team’s system is different.

  6. Sam Reese says:

    I bet Matt Holliday is so thankful he didn't join the clown Marmol

  7. DroidEffx says:

    Charlie with best comment of the year with UFO's being starting pitcher bombs KEKW

  8. Stan Suiter says:

    bad "pitch framing" is bad umpiring!!! A STRIKE IS A STRIKE!!!

  9. BH-21 says:

    The Cardinals have become the Cubs during their long drought. John Mozeliak and the Cardinals' Ownership are the laughingstock of Baseball.

  10. David Ilges says:

    My one big question that just dawned on me. Why don’t they give Waino pitch com and have him catch with Contreras. And teach him the ropes of how Yadi did. It because Waino wasn’t just playing catch they talked about how to attack a guy. So I am sure Waino knows how to attack guys and what to use so why not give him the buttons to call pitches and have Contreras be his Main catcher allowing Contreras to learn how it’s done.

  11. Robert Crist says:

    A long while back we played in a slow pitch tournament and one of the teams was a bunch of ex-minor Leaguers that played in the USSSA Pro League from Indy. I was the pitcher for our team and after watching them just totally decimate their first round opponents I ran up to the closest Dicks Sporting Goods and bought a mask that I swore I'd never buy! These guys was hitting 500 foot bombs and that not exaggerated! Being 52 and not retired yet that was my last year. When that ball comes off the bat at 120 mph and you're that close there's no time to react. I don't care who you are. Luckily we won the League Championship that year and I went out with the only Championship I ever won in softball. Only took me 21 year's to do it. 🤣 I'd love to see how far Mr Holiday could park one of those balls! I'm sure he'll get you're buddy fixed at the plate Charlie! 🤣👍

  12. Jose Roberts says:

    Anyone know what the ERAs were with Contreras vs Knizner catching?

  13. ashwa64 says:

    Not surprising?! Wtf

  14. Andy O says:

    Matt better have an open invitation back to the team whenever he wants it…. and no offense to him, but the only thing he did was turn bellinger back into an MVP for our rival lol

  15. tim mangan says:

    I think John Mozeliak was trying to manage the team w/puppet Marmol and has found out there's more to it managing the team..

  16. Why don't cards bring molina in be catcher coach let molina crave catch staff in how he works with pitchers

  17. garyfiasco1 says:

    Among other things, has the shift rule really screwed the cards defense?

  18. Kevin Young says:

    Smart Move by Matty Holliday to jump off the sinking ship before it sailed. He must have seen something early.

  19. mknewlan67 says:

    When I was in the army, we were playing in a softball tourney. At practice they pulled me from left field and put me at 3rd while our 3rd baseman took some batting practice. He played baseball in community college. He hit a one hop screamer at me that hit the heel of my glove then my right eye socket. Concussion, 3 cuts around my eye from clip on sunglasses shattering, lost all my frontal vision in my right eye. Wear safety gear kids.

  20. icurt06 says:

    The new schedule this year has really exposed all the Cards weaknesses from top to bottom…

  21. mknewlan67 says:

    How much is the pitch clock playing into this I wonder. Are pitchers just not having enough time to change pitches that he’s calling to get what they want? It’s really hard as a catcher to learn your pitchers until they’ve shaken off your signs a lot. It’s one thing to talk before game about it and actual game calling.

  22. Bo Schlosser says:

    This is 100% coaching… he leaves guys in too long and takes em out too early.. he over manages these guys and bases all decision off what computer data tells him and has absolutely no feel or eye for the flo of the game!

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