Matt Youmans' 2023 Fast Food Power Rankings Revealed!

VSiN Senior Editor, Host, and Fast Food Guru Matt Youmans presents the highly anticipated 2023 Fast Food Power Rankings! Join us as we dive into the updated list of the top 50 fast food franchises, comparing their menus, service efficiency, and overall quality. Discover where your favorite fast food joints rank and get ready for some heated debates. From classic favorites to hidden gems, find out which restaurant claims the crown as the best fast food spot in the nation! Don’t miss this mouthwatering discussion of all things fast food.

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3 Replies to “Matt Youmans' 2023 Fast Food Power Rankings Revealed!”

  1. Dave Houston says:

    Culver's burgers are way to dry. Not good. Great episode!

  2. Oregon Guy says:

    Burger King at 15 is an outrage. They are somewhere between 41-50

  3. Steve Brown says:

    I think it's an absoloute crime that Jimmy John's isn't in the top 50. Need to send a scout out there ASAP.

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