Miniminter Reacts To IShowSpeed Goes Shopping for Sneakers at Kick Game

@Kick Game Authentic Video:

Twitch: https://www.twitch.television/miniminter

Fundamental Channel:
2nd Channel:
Shorts Channel:

The Regulars:
Talia: https://www.twitch.television/taliamar
Viz: https://www.twitch.television/vizualizah
Ellum: https://www.twitch.television/ellum
Milk: https://www.twitch.television/milkinabag

Sidemen Clothes:

Sidemen Channels:


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    46 Replies to “Miniminter Reacts To IShowSpeed Goes Shopping for Sneakers at Kick Game”

    1. El Cody says:

      Can speed play in sidemen pro clubs

    2. I show speed has a shoes and something was wrong

    3. DS Slayer says:

      he just predicted that Ronaldo goes in the saudi league wtf

    4. BLUE says:

      Get out of here with that angry little scammer!

    5. gbalcombe says:

      My idea those boots… check the dates

    6. 21 Beast says:

      Speed in a 20v1 video would bang

    7. Dro says:

      Here I am looking for someone to react to this vid to not feel virtually lonely, ty mintah

    8. A Lekay says:

      I love watching minter react to speed

    9. X says:

      Ima be a YouTuber so I can become a Kamikaze pilot

    10. Rampage says:

      you know saying you want to go buy shoes is pretty gay. that's female shit.

    11. Ryan Jagpal says:

      People saying Ronaldo > Messi and Messi > Ronaldo 💀 they both good like ffs, they have advantages and disadvantages

    12. lil Lucid says:

      someone in the twitch chat said that jason tatum is a dead baller, he probably doesn’t even watch basketball

    13. iShowSpeed says:

      Yo minister 20v1 speed edition wachu think?

    14. lisa mercer says:

      Why are you talking about Speed ? It’s bad what has done to his fans and you should not be pro him ! Have you heard of Hasanabi? Well if not look ! It’s not safe for family

    15. Terrydon says:

      The king of waffling

    16. speed gets banned to rest his voice

    17. Fatin Shadab says:

      Ministerrr and Speeed🎉

    18. Fayez R says:

      Can you react to the beta squad darts board uk edition vid?

    19. Ben says:

      Tbh, “how can I be gay, my bitch is homophobic” makes more sense than the real lyric😂😂

    20. Hotwaterme1 says:

      “How can I be gay? My bitch is homophobic” 😂😂

    21. Flamin64 says:

      Ahh, ready to witness some more clout chasing from one of the sidemen

    22. daniel Irl says:

      Speed is one of the funniest people going, man impersonated Central Cee and sounded African😂😂
      He is honestly a genius

    23. The waffling from speed 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. serki0660 says:

      you need to link up with him bro go for a kick or some

    25. We need to have Simon react to the ciaran Carling W2S video

    26. VERBAL says:

      I was at one of JJs concerts an Speed came out an it was LOUD bro. Love speed ❤

    27. Don’t like the use of the word sneakers instead of shoes

    28. i feel like ronaldfo will never go to psg cuz itr will show in comparisson hom much worse he is than mesis

    29. cant believe this guy is a year older than me

    30. Krish Thakar says:

      Not going to lie but speed is overrated as fuck

    31. zack alex says:

      Why this mf speed always wearing the shortest shorts there is😭😭😭😭😭😭

    32. Always gotta try get credit 😭

    33. Llama Gaming says:

      yo simon react to jacksucksatlif bro !!!

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