Miura CB-301 & MC-501 Irons Review

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http://txg.ca – Testing out the latest offerings from the legendary Miura brand! See how their new blade and cavity back irons perform, and learn more about their forging process that produces such sought after feel.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois



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    45 Replies to “Miura CB-301 & MC-501 Irons Review”

    1. John Doley says:

      Requesting again for TC201 review 😎

    2. DJ DIZZY D says:

      Km700 Vs 501 Vs 201 review soon boys?

    3. Ian Nicol says:

      Ian, I know this is a 3year old video but I was thinking about getting the Miura 1008 irons. Whats your thought on these against the ones here that you tried. Have you ever tried them. Thanks pal

    4. John Frank says:

      Got dam clubs cost 3 Grand for 7 irons.

    5. Kyoei golf review please

    6. John Doley says:

      Can you please review the TC201?

    7. Strangely enough, I had the same exact experience with the CB-301s as Ian did. They felt like they were just dragging and getting caught in the turf and I wasn't getting any distance. It also had that same dull feeling Ian spoke about. I can typically carry a 4 iron 215-220 and I was only carrying the CB-301 4 iron 200-205. I typically carry my 6 iron 195-200… I love Miura, but the CB-301s are not for me.

    8. B C says:

      I have a set of cb 501's with honma 5 star carbon titanium shafts, unbelievable feeling off the face. Miura is all about tolerances, you will not get the same tight tolerances in main stream clubs, not even close.

    9. j_inori says:

      Yes, Great comparison. Very interesting analysis.

    10. deldridg says:

      Love the irony. Great intro blurb about Miura buyers likely being more emotionally driven, feel-based types, less into the "numbers' and more into the whole Japanese forged thing. Immediately goes to shot tracker off plastic mat. Would love some feel-based (no tech please) commentary hitting off grass? Call me old-fashioned but I'm one of those customers you described… 🙂

    11. Tom Lazur says:

      Miura, the Hanzo sword of golf clubs

    12. Mike C says:

      Would the 501 irons be too much for someone who shoots in the mid 90's?

    13. John Gibbons says:

      Ian / matty, im in the market for a set of miuras……im looking for a set like the 501s but like Ian, I prefer a lot less offset….could you please advise the latest models for me to look at with the least offset please…..world hcp 3.9…..many thanks
      John ( UK) ….love the channel

    14. I am a 6 handicap and thought I should go nowhere near a blade until I played the MC-501 and it felt and did everything I wanted it to. The 501 is the best iron I have ever played. I will never play any other brand again.

    15. Don't subscribe to the Dribble 🙃

    16. Loving it doesn't mean owning it..😪😔…tried once.. maybe it would be the only chance I able to put my hands on it..nice club

    17. Craig Berry says:

      The thing that is attracting me to the Miuras is the ability to load the shaft from the heavier head weight which I think is overlooked. I'm soooooo close to biting the bullet and getting MC501

    18. Rob Coates says:

      Coming back to this as I'm pouring through the archives… One thing I think is important is Ian is now gaming the 301's, if I recall correctly (I recalled incorreclty, as Craig pointed out below).

    19. I was gifted a set of MB 5002s that had 2 rounds on them and I absolutely love 'em. I am a 10 HC, hit it pretty long, and mine actually helped me in that they made me put a good swing on the ball every time. Not only because of the knowledge I was hitting Miuras and would hate to shame them, but because if you miss the sweet spot you can call the dentist to have a tooth or two put back in.
      The heavier head weights in the 501s should be partially responsible for the increased efficiency and distance.

    20. Can't believe I've missed this video, what beauties <3 on the shortlist for the next set!

    21. And Ian settled for TC201s

    22. For which hc range you suggest the mc 501 and cb 301?

    23. Would like to see a full review of the Miura TC-201's. Just ordered a set to replace my mp-18 blades.

    24. Do you have a review of the TC-201 and the IC-601?

    25. Sarith Chey says:

      So if I’m playing a 48 wedge, should I bend my 501 set to 2 degrees strong in the set to make the set 4 degrees gapped?

    26. J Tudhope says:

      I put my name in for a set of the Miura/Jack Nicklaus collaboration and got selected..now I have to decide if I want to shell out $2750 USD for a set of blades I may not even be able to hit

    27. I would absolutely love to play those beautiful blades. And I can’t even count my handicap.

    28. I wish I did not watch this. Now I have to get one. I remember trying Mizuno blades like 10 years ago, and I just loved how unmuted the shots were compared to forgiving irons.

    29. iputu ardika says:

      Miss my miura cb501 can’t really compare the feel and consistency

    30. Craig Holmes says:

      I love the look of these clubs. I would love a combo set of these and the MB-101’s.

    31. Ski 350 says:

      Could you test the Miura iC-601 please? Miura claim this to be their most forgiving iron…..

    32. Han Yang says:

      Unlike Ian, I can fade any iron whenever I wanted to, some may even say that I faded them too far to keep calling them fades 😉

    33. Skip the 301 split the mc 501 with the tc 201

    34. Armi says:

      Great videos guy's!!! I tried the Mizuno mp20s vs the Miura mc 501 and the Miura's hands down are amazing and the best I've ever played with!!! Used to play The Titleist ap2 and The 501 have really helped me drop my handicap and be more confident!!!

    35. TXchadTX says:

      I'll take a blade over any high tech cavity back. Turf interaction is so important and 90% of golfers don't understand it or pay attention to it

    36. Gary Davis says:

      This is a confounding test. How is it even possible that the blade was more forgiving ?

    37. Chicken Lips says:

      Great video. Some really good information in here. If it feels and looks good to the player the shots will always be better. No matter what shape the club is

    38. Chicken Lips says:

      I'm a Mizuno fanboy. I got fitted today and tested the Muira 501. What an amazing feeling club.

    39. The Chaa says:

      Guys pls do a video on Miura Genesis irons. The Miura that "everyone" can hit.

    40. nv00021 says:

      I am a Miura loyalist and therefore biased but I am looking at those numbers and I love them and I think 95% of everyone watching this would jump at those number. I play 1957's and absolutely LOVE the consistency that they provide and don't get me started on the feel. I carry my 6 iron in the 182-185 range and that's what I get every time…. and within a 5% variant on a miss….. Ian is carrying that MFer 190+ and the numbers are tight….. put them in the bag and RUN…..trust me you're not getting better. In what world are those numbers not sitting with someone?? Then again to each his own. Love your content boys!!!! Best Golf YouTube channel…..PERIOD

    41. David Segal says:

      I love the Matt now plays Miura’s now. I’d love to hear his comments after spending some time with the irons.

    42. I’d love to see a better shaft demoed. This shaft probably works for Ian but I always think there’s better. DG ruined so many peoples games. I honestly think they screwed over so many aging golfers that were playing rifles stock and were told dg was the same when that merge happened. It definitely ruined my dads swing. Went from rifle 5.5 and was told dg s400 was the equivalent. He just thought he was getting old. The club head forgiveness going from real (old) knife blades to 2006 era cavities covered it up when testing. Oooh the weights are within a few grams!! Biggest lie to golfing public ever. People that don’t swing that hard and use dg either compensate with lower cg irons or swinging harder than they should. This video proves even on a minor level- the difference between miuras most forgiving and like next most forgiving with muscle behind it and above. Rather than below. Gets you higher ball speeds and launches that cut through the wind. If they switched to a shaft they could play (I’m talking about 98mph minimum driver swingers) more of a players style head and get more pro style flight with a better flex profile for their swing. Rifles are much more expensive to make and are just ridiculously more fittable and smoother for slower swingers. I used to play graphite after being sent out of steel because I thought the most common shaft was too stiff. I’d be a better golfer without DG in the world. And don’t get it twisted. The pros are not playing anything close to the x100s you order even the tour edition. Not even close.

    43. I thought I was settled on getting a combo set of MP-20 (P-6), HMB (5-4), but the Miura MC-501 have really caught my eye! Do you think the Miura 501's are lot more forgiving than the MP blades?? Also, there's a very interesting video of a Miura iron fitting with the grand master Katsuhiro Miura. He identifies the sweet spot of the iron to be much closer to the heel as opposed to centre! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rGIqMToeFg&t=7s

    44. jetdr says:

      One day I will play well enough for Miura Blades!! Thing of beauty

    45. Fred Garvin says:

      I have all of them!! The 202 is my favorite(especially 4-7) followed by the cb57 and 1008. The new stuff has too much offset. The 1008, 2008, 301, and 501(mc) ALL share the same footprint!! Just some minor tweaks in top line and obviously cavity design. Anyone with a 12 or below can play the Mc 501. Not my favorite when compared with mb001 or baby blade.

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