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My review of the new 2023 Mizuno ST230 Z & ST230 X Drivers providing all the tech, looks and performance data as always. STZ 230 & STX 230 are the latest launch and these new golf clubs are battling it out against the bigger driver brands like Callaway Paradym TaylorMade Stealth 2 Pin G430 Cobra AeroJet Titleist TSR2 TSR3

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    38 Replies to “MIZUNO HAVE MADE A MISTAKE!! Mizuno ST-230 Drivers”

    1. Aaron Colton says:

      Direction over distance. 45” is a great setup.

    2. Stinger88 says:

      Nice review, Mizuno make good gear.

      I am a taller guy, 6’3 with long arms. I can’t stand any driver over 45’ inches. Most of the bigger hitters aren’t swinging a driver over 45 inches. Tony Finaus was 44.5 at some point, Bubba has been 44.5 for some time.
      Gary woodland also games a 44.5 ish length driver…he consistently says when asked about distance and accuracy is you must be hitting the middle of the face. I have a Ventus black at 45 and it’s not going anywhere. It’s actually the thing I hate with fittings these days is longer clubs almost get pushed onto you because it’s easier to sell/ order a stock length and not have it more custom made. Frustrating and not good for many peoples games.
      Tiger woods played the best golf of his life with a 43.5 inch driver and hits it the same as the big boys do now. He laughs when he sees how long the drivers have gotten on the PGA tour these days. It’s something that keeps coming back to ruin amateur swings year in year out.
      The fairway is always better that the sticks.
      We should all be concerned with making better moves with our bodies into impact, correct release and timing and a better understanding of our swings than a longer shaft. Mike what length do you play?

    3. Ofri Porat says:

      If anything at the fitting session, a good fitter would discuss the issue why the extra club head speed of 45.75" didn't always convert to longer drives while the 45" would be more consistent. In youtube driver comparison vids however, if you are not using the same shaft and the same shaft length, you're just comparing apples to oranges.

    4. Jim Smith says:

      The other error is launching the ST-G in October. That’s the model I would probably play. And I’m not waiting til October to waste money on a new driver that I don’t need.

    5. mark west says:

      I enjoy your reviews very much Michael. Entertaining, interesting, and very informative. I have a request. I'd love for you to do a review comparing the new STZ230 with the STG220 (specifically the G) with both weights on the G at the back. I love my STG220 and would be very interested to see how it compares against the new STZ230 in a review from you.

    6. Ed Gamble says:

      So tell us, what exactly is the distance penalty for a 3/4 inch ‘short’ driver? You have the skill; you have the equipment. Be fair to us and Mizuno. On the surface, 3/4 of 45 is about 1.5% – so the average 90 mph swing will lose 1.5 mph club? But, short club, lower weight -> swing faster? Hit 10 shots with two shafts, show us the distance and the dispersion. Otherwise, as a long time subscriber, this video is just click bait negativity.

    7. The title and thumbnail make it seem like there's a huge issue with this driver and in reality it's just your opinion on shaft length, which other manufacturers do as well. I watch enough of your videos to know that this driver wasn't carrying much shorter than most of the new drivers you've reviewed even at 45". I actually like their stock is 45, and think it will help the majority of average golfers. Normally I love your videos but was a little disappointed that shaft length, which can easily be modified by fitting, overshadowed your opinions on the actual club itself.

    8. Seve Sellors says:

      I prefer a shorter shaft for control, longer shafts can lead to problems .

    9. John A says:

      Worth looking at the askgolfnut review which looked at off centre hits and showed how forgiving this driver seems to be, which is probably the key factor given that distance is so similar among drivers if well fitted.

    10. I'm a huge fan of Mizuno ever since I started gaming the st 200 a few years back love my driver but I'm very interested in trying out the stz 220 and stz 230 to see for myself,but I'm Mizuno for life now would not trade for and other brand,they just do it for me.👍👊

    11. Kevin Ormsby says:

      What if I put my Project x 5.5 hand crafted shaft in it??

    12. Ball speed will go up with center strikes, and that happens for virtually all golfers with a shorter shaft, not to mention the accompanying reduction in dispersion. The only thing they missed on was the up charge for the lighter "platinum" version

    13. Jan Freitag says:

      You did a video about 5 years ago with this specific topic aaaaand you did better with the shorter shaft so may you should rethink your critic ?

    14. Bandit Baker says:

      These days I always stick to a 45" driver shaft, anything longer and my strike moves towards low heel and I end up losing distance and balls flying off to the left. So in this instance, I admire Mizuno for their honesty as the reality is that we play Golf out on the Course and not at a Driving range.

    15. V L says:

      90% of golfers should not be playing a driver over 45"
      I'd say 60% shouldn't play over 44.5"

      As long as head-weight is increased, that should be no ball speed drop on an average of 10 shots.

    16. Conroy King says:

      For most amateur golfers (and let's be honest this will probably not be played by many tour players) accuracy is the biggest challenge so I believe the shorter shaft should be an advantage to us minnows.

    17. Ernie Winn says:

      Mizuno is a great company. They make the best forged irons. They lack money to pay the top golfers, with no recent PGA or LIV wins. So they are forced to pay for scraps like Good Good. Now Good Good has dump them. Its sad, I love Mizuno, they deserve better.

    18. Discr says:

      I just checked your other new driver reviews. Looks like the Mizzy kept up with every one on carry and total distance except the Stealth2. So, same distance with better consistency/dispersion at a lower price point = winner. The thumbnail language and the image of you looking on disapprovingly all because of the stock shaft length doesn’t match up with your overall positive review of the driver.

    19. Les says:

      Disagree on shaft length , Mizuno have got it spot on , you are VERY tall & so would need a longer shaft , 99% of golfers would benefit from a shorter shaft , Average length on tour is 44.5 " You did a couple of videos that proved this point , as have many other youtubers .
      Anyone who wants a longer shaft could simply request it at the fitting.
      My own driver is 44.5 " hitting it longer & straighter than ever.

    20. I'm still playing the ST200's from three years ago, and I have to say that Mizuno isn't making any headway in the woods market. Nothing about them gives me a reason to change……..

    21. Drew V says:

      It sounds like its made of plastic.

    22. It’s funny because last year when I was looking to buy a new set of irons, I was looking at ordering off their web site a high end Miura Japanese irons , and my bud cautioned me about shaft length when it comes to high end Japanese brands that come direct from the manufacturer – I did wind up getting a new set of Mizuno 223 irons (which are great btw) but they were custom fitted and any shaft length issues were avoided. This vid reminded me of this issue . . .

    23. Gaz J says:

      I agree with the length, I've just bought an ST-G 220 and 45 inches felt very short, they should definitely be 45.5 as standard at least, then offer longer or shorter as a custom fit… I've extended mine to 45.5 and it feels perfect….

    24. Jason Velez says:

      How does this model of Mizuno compare to the TSR3? Great content as always, Michael. 👍💪💪💯💯🙌

    25. rajan rai says:

      These are some of the longest drives I have seen you hit. I think you are missing the point , the shorter shaft gives you better strike , longer carry etc. Sad you leveled this criticism.

    26. Interesting take, Michael. I think the caption isn’t really fair. Isn’t it the case though that more cantered strikes will result in greater ball speed? Also a 45” driver needs more weight in the head for swing weight and balance. That means higher moi and more mass = faster speeds. Numerous tests on YouTube also show very little if any loss of clubhead speed with shorter shafts.

    27. Why don't you put it in last year's shaft and see how much distance or speed is really lost. Remember most golfers swing under 100mph so may not lose as much as you would.

    28. Fraser H says:

      What's that Hzrdus green shaft like? Don't see that as a stock offering on (any?) other drivers

    29. Ian says:

      Did you notice any major differences between last years Mizunos drivers and this years? So many new drivers coming out and curious to know how different this driver is than the previous model

    30. Jeff Bowman says:

      Your title will obviously get clicks… I understand your point, however, it wasn't clearly explained in the video. To summarize; you liked the driver, it's as good as anything else in the premium category with excellent results, but you think Mizuno won't sell as many as they "should/could" due to the general market looking for distance. Mizuno won't win the extra 1-3 MPH clubhead speed and "potential" distance game. I wonder if the general market picks up some extra speed with the added confidence of hitting near the center more often? Bravo to Mizuno for actually trying to help the masses find more fairways!

    31. Jim Farrell says:

      Love your videos Michael but I respectively disagree on the length. I am going to go after this because of the 45 degree length. I want it in the fairway and haven’t liked the longer drivers everyone pushes.

    32. Just watch last weeks video on the new ping driver,thisdriver blew it out of the water…Mizuno is so underrated when it comes to there drivers…performance is the most important factor when it comes to equipment,not what company is paying your favorite on tour to hit there products

    33. jergernice1 says:

      i find it dishonest and somewhat silly to release to gen public 45.75 drivers. avg length on tour under 45. creeping higher.
      i havent found one of my friends that hasnt benefited from 45 or under shaft length. so every single driver anyone i know purchases now either custom fit at 45 or under and or cut and add weight. just like the pros…

    34. Mike PXG says:

      These Mizuno Drivers look amazing WAY better than the Taylormade and callaway offerings. And best of all 45 inches as standard.

    35. M S says:

      Where they missed the boat was price. Not a whole lotta people are buying Mizuno drivers and you’d think they’d come in at $350 or $399 to entice people to try their product. But at $500, why would I buy a Mizuno driver? Also, in the secondary market, their drivers don’t hold their price well at all.

    36. Jack Woods says:

      The clicbait video titles from all the review channels are getting beyond a joke. We get it. More views equals more money but seriously

    37. Michael M says:

      Completely respect your opinion on shaft length but if you’re demoing the clubs, aren’t you being professionally fitted by trained fitter? That being the case, sure the average hack may see 1.5-2mph higher clubspeed on some swings. If they hitting it all over the face the dispersion and the median ball speed will suffer. Isn’t the the job of professional fitter to discuss that dispersion pattern with customer? The high deviation in ball speed, spin, launch and height?

      I’m a 6.5 index with very similar clubspeed to you, I still play a 44.5” driver. Commonly see 160-162 ball speeds. When I recently demoed the TSR3 w/Tensei 1K 65X, I did actually see a 167 ball speed on 1 swing when warmed up. My median ball speed was just shy of 164. I then demoed Diamana GT 50X and Speeder NX50X, which is in my gamer ST220G, both were at 45” since they were demo matrix shafts. My dispersion, launch and spin were all subsequently better, more importantly all 3 plus ball speed had deviation that was much lower. Fwiw, my short game as by FAR my weakness, I’m an above average ball striker on full swings driver and irons.

      As for the average golfer, certainly some may be able to reasonably swing a 45.75 driver as well as a 45, you as instructor are certainly more attuned to the general populace of golfers. I’d assume you’d see better, more consistent results from most swinging the shorter driver. Lower ceiling but more consistency. For those that demanded the longer club, it’s not hard to add 1/2” to a butt end.

      I suppose to me it comes down to the skill and abilities of the fitter 🤷‍♂️

    38. Mizuno Golf says:

      Hi Michael. Shaft length is a very interesting one. We dont have a single tour player over 45 inches and many play a little shorter. They know consistent squareness if strike is what’s needed on the course. So we took the view that amateurs are less consistent, needing at least the same amount of control. 45 inches might not be the way to win a long drive competition, but good for playing a round of golf.

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