Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro vs Mizuno PRO 225

Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro vs Mizuno PRO 225. Battle of the aesthetics versus forgiveness on this comparability. Do you go for the max assist JPX923 or go for the max assist Pro 225. Each are the closest collectively within the vary, which one would you select?

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    27 Replies to “Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro vs Mizuno PRO 225”

    1. Joe Lane says:

      How are the spin rates between these two irons?
      Or is it too hard to compare since the lie angle was too flat for you on the JPX 923?

    2. Man, you really love to talk, hard to listen to.

    3. TomB says:

      I would go with the Mizuno 923 HM Pro now that they offer it in left hand. It would be a power lofted set of mid level player irons. I typically hit high iron shots, but that would change with these. I am not against a set of rocket powered irons.

    4. The way you do the reviews, and especially simulating/analysing the off center hits us mortals hit is very useful indeed. And this comparison specifically is highly relevant for my quest to replace my Apex ‘14 😊 Thanks and keep up the good work!

    5. KL says:

      I'm about an 8 hcp, 225 is noticeably less forgiving than 2021 HMP or Titleist AP1, maybe less forgiving than 2019 T100. I'm now gaming Vega Mizar irons which have all the forgiveness and amazing feel to boot.

    6. Fantastic information. Can't wait for my fitting now.

    7. Kieran Ryan says:

      Great review again. Would love to see the 225's up against the Wilson D9 forged. Playing the jpx 900 forged but feel a blended set is the best option.

    8. Erik says:

      Really enjoy your club analyses and insights. It doesn't seem like you do much with Titleist clubs, but I'll throw this out there anyway: it would be interesting to see your comparisons of Mizuno Pro 223 vs Titleist T100s and Mizuno JPX 923 Tour vs Titleist T100.

    9. Yeah g425 v 923 hmp please

    10. David M says:

      Another great comparison 👍🏻

    11. Would love to see a comparison of the HMP to Srixon ZX 5, thanks.

    12. bbm says:

      My favorite reviewer and channel!

    13. Went from jpx hm pro to 225. Love the looks of the 225 and seems just as forgiving. I had them bent 1 strong so not noticing a distance difference either. Great video.

    14. Great content as always Jay. I recently purchased the MP 225s and simply love them. Played MP 30s for years but i needed more forgiveness because of age and my scores have benefitted greatly……

    15. LE GEND says:

      I think an ideal set would be the Hot Metal pros 2 degrees weak. You get a flight close to HLs with nicer shape of Pros

    16. HMP v P790 would be good 👍

    17. Thanks very much Jay for this review…I have been waiting for someone to compare these two irons…for I do love the looks and feel of the 225 Pro, so I guess I'll I head to Club Champion and get fitted for them….Love your approach and videos….

    18. John Crabb says:

      Great video Jay, I love the MP225's you fitted for me. Best clubs ever by miles. Keep up the good work. John

    19. I'm hitting my 225's well, except sometimes for the 4 iron. Looking at the lofts of both the 921 HMP and 923 HMP, they are stronger in the 4 iron than the 225. The HMP also appear to be a tad hotter than their 225 counterparts. This has me wondering which model (921 HMP or 923 HMP) to replace my 225 4 iron with, and which iron (4 iron or another 5 iron), thus potentially having a 225 -5 iron and a 921/923 HMP 5 iron. Or, perhaps the answer may be in strengthening or weakening a 4 or 5 iron JPX HMP. But, that would affect offset. Any pointers? Or simply get on a simulator? I likely won't find the JPX 921 and 923 to demo in the same store, and certainly not a 4 iron in each.

    20. Ron Langfus says:

      You are by far the best reviewer of clubs on the internet. Your detail analysis of off center hits is outstanding and sets you reviews apart from others. Thanks and keep,the reviews coming, Ron

    21. Jason Rhodes says:

      Thank you Jay for the video. It was exactly what I was looking for and with your passion for showing off centre hits made it even better. I’m moving from MP67s to either one of these clubs. So the information given will be very useful.

    22. Tom’s Golf says:

      Compared to JPX921 Forged?

    23. Adam Flynn says:

      Wouldn't you think that 1 manufacturer might build an iron to perform low heel….. that's where alot of players hit them 🤣

    24. Paul O'Neil says:

      Great video – as I'm likely one of the few humans with a reverse combo (Hot Metal 919s PW to 7) and (HMB 6&5-iron) and I've played that set for the last 2 years, I can give some good insight. The Toe-hit Hot Metal comment is spot on – so much so, I can confidently say that the sweet spot of the club isn't actually middle – it's very slightly toe-side given the huge weight in the stability frame. HMB are no where near as toe-friendly – go out to the toe and you get a little club-twist – that said, they are still 10,000X better than a blade in the toe – and they are very good low in the face – again, way, way better than a blade. The reason for my reverse set is that I don't like seeing the back of the club, and thus the 7-iron in the Hot Metal Pros is the last club that you can't see it. I bent my Hot Metal 919s about 2 degrees weak per club – that gives me (PW,9,8,7) at (47,42,37,32) – i.e. a 32-degree 7-iron – and I think that's perfect for a 173-carry at 6000rpms spin. I play them 1.5-degrees flat or approx. 60-degrees for the 7-iron – and I find them near absolutely perfect. I play the HMB 6&5 at 28 and 24-degrees – as my 185 and 197 carry clubs – I use a Steelfiber i110gram shaft in just these clubs and the combo is great as they provide a touch more clubhead speed and good launch – and I love the thinner soles than the Hot Metals as they allow be to get down a get a ball if required – for my Hot Metals I use the 120gram S300 DGs – as per the Mizuno Fitting Swing Analyzer Tool. I know it's a crazy combo – but what I love about it is that when bent weaker, the Hot Metal have near ZERO offset – basically blade-like – and yet they are so accurate given the stability frame. I then go into the most best next more helping club that I can't see the back of – and that is the HMBs – and I go lighter and lower kick point to optimize launch – and for sure, the Hot Metals, bent weak, have noticeably less offset than the HMBs – it's not perfect but given these are my 185&200 carry clubs I've gotten use to it. After this I go to both 4&3 CLK20 hybrids, both opened 1-click playing 21&18-degrees for my 210-15 & 220-225 carry clubs – and the non-upcharge Tensei White Pro TX-Flex Hybrid shaft is a perfect stout gamer shaft that reduces curvature. I might be looking to do the same combo again next year but what I will probably look to do is just or 1/2" longer Hot Metals and then use the 223 Hot Metal Pro 8-iron as my 32-degree 7-iron.

    25. Justin says:

      Always appreciate your content. Great review of the data and solid feedback about the looks and sound.

      Keep up the great work!

    26. Adam Flynn says:

      As a big mizuno fan I'd prefer to go old school lofts…i mean if you need to hit your 8 iron 165+ you can just hit the 1 with a 7 on the bottom….i mean what's the point?
      I don't care if someone says i just hit my 7 iron past your 6 iron because i will just say i put my 6 iron to 3 yards and you just missed the green hitting a 7.
      It's swings and roundabouts.

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