Mizuno STX230 Driver Review The STRAIGHTEST DRIVER they have made?

Mizuno STX230 Driver Review The STRAIGHTEST DRIVER they have made? After hitting straight after the STZ230 Driver Review I found just how straight this X version is. Anyone tested a Ping Driver knows just how good they are at miss hits and keeping the ball on the fairway, well the new STX 230 Driver brings all the help and now with a touch more speed. Between this and the STZ230 you could almost be spoilt for choice.

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    19 Replies to “Mizuno STX230 Driver Review The STRAIGHTEST DRIVER they have made?”

    1. Cody R says:

      Have you ever tested any pxg drivers? Since they are always running some kind of ridiculous deals and there aren’t many reviews out there on the gen4 or 5 I’d be curious on your thoughts/breakdown since your numbers and evaluation or so much more in depth

    2. Dick Broomer says:

      Hi Jay Breaking news I just received a iPad Birthday present from my son😊and now see you in full screen high resolution wow it’s amazing 👍, and is brilliant watching your reviews Dickey now 76year 9hcp senior golfer

    3. According to Mizuno US preorder, both the X and Z are available in 10.5 and 9.5 degrees. And a bonus 12 degree for the X.

    4. Lloyd says:

      You've been doing some sneaky speed work I think lol. Good review, is that HZRDUS Green RDX a stock no upcharge shaft?
      Do you think they've missed the boat on price, they could have really undercut the big brands this year??

    5. Dick Broomer says:

      Hi Jay Great review 👍, on the ST-X 220 Driver 👌, you looked to be in total control of flight & so straight👍,with great distance, could you give me more information on the light weight model, does it have a Draw bias(the X) looking forward to testing the Mizuno & Ping light weight models, Thanks Dickey 9hcp 75year Senior Golfer (you looked to be having so much fun flushing the Drivers)👍

    6. Lyndon says:

      Come on Jay, you know it’s zed not zee!!

    7. Steve Wimmer says:

      I'm guessing this channel isn't as popular or known as some others. Jay??… isn't exactly trying to build an audience through entertainment by acting funny or nutty like some other more famous channels and when he gets super technical and talks a mile a minute when showing data… I'm guessing a lot of viewers click away. I actually did that myself the first couple vids because the info seemed mind-boggling. However, after continuing to watch I've now decided that this is THE CHANNEL to watch. I completely understand now and have no trouble following. Thank you for doing this your way and I will be telling my friends about you… and I'll warn them to be patient lol

    8. Jason, according to Mizuno their tour pros are split 50/50 between the X and Z. They state that it is a pure fitting decision but neither is made for the high/low handicap player discussion.

    9. wnfakind says:

      What are the advantages of the face size of the Mizuno where it’s wider top to bottom and shorter left to right as opposed to the Aerojet which is longer left to right and slimmer top to bottom?? They literally have the same tech PWR bridge and core tech chamber but I think the Aerojet is better well rounded .

    10. John Cooper says:

      Great video. Really enjoy the information you provided.

    11. Great review again Jay

    12. John Kokott says:

      Great video, Jay. May have to match up my Mizuno irons with a new Mizuno driver. Have you ever had a chance to review Tour Edge gear? I have their "tour" driver and like it

    13. I hate you!!!!! Lol now I just have to go and replace my stx220

    14. John says:

      Good reviews Jay

    15. Król Artur says:

      42 mm toe is a new record 🤣 Great driver 👍 Thank you for test.

    16. Another great review Jay between this and the Z your definitely going to cost me $500 on a new driver! kudos to Mizuno I dont know why more people arent trying these!

    17. alex choi says:

      I have an ST-X, which you tested a few years ago. When I hit it flush, it does go far (for me). How good is the driver on mishits in comparison (is it worth the upgrade) to the ST-X?

    18. John Wood says:

      Do like this club – don't like the shafts they come with, advent of something like that.

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