Modern Warfare Sniping is BACK in 2022! (COD4, MW2, MW3)

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Sniping in the MW purchasers for COD4, MW2 (IW4X), and MW3 (Plutonium)!

0:00 Introduction
2:00 COD4
6:39 MW2
11:40 MW3

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    42 Replies to “Modern Warfare Sniping is BACK in 2022! (COD4, MW2, MW3)”

    1. xWASDMitch says:

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    2. Man, look at this ttk, 5 seconds and all the lobby is dead, this time to kill seens like mw2 beta or even lower…

    3. 4str4v GT says:


    4. Richard Cox says:

      MW2 09 AND BO2 are the best cods to me

    5. caleb says:

      mitch smacking the boof in the intro 😭

    6. Killer jake says:

      That quad head was sweet, great vid mitch

    7. bone-snypa says:

      quickscoping is garbage

    8. Ronan Haller says:

      the song is fireeeeee

    9. Carnate says:

      i was losing hope in life then seen xWASDMitch uploaded. my god that intro was long awaited

    10. uBlazZe says:

      16:35 qualeeeee, brasileiro é doente KKKKKKKKKKKK

    11. ZKP says:

      AYo that intro slaps

    12. This is such fire lmao

    13. elomaaa TV says:

      Hey Wasdmitch!! Why you not play warzone?

    14. Mitch you the goat fr every upload is like christmas


    16. Jacob Cooper says:

      The way he hit the joint looks like he ain’t ever smoke before lmao

    17. LuhThack says:

      intro montage krazy😭🔥

    18. Why is there intervention in MW3

    19. Meilleur sniper COD 🥵

    20. oh yeah, i missed u POG Player

    21. xOlliieee says:

      Operator perry saying QUAAAAD at 0:17 is so nostalgic

    22. Bjeli Labud says:

      Hey bud can you do unlock all on mw2 remastared on ps5?

    23. Jayssk says:

      Goon Squad Mitch

    24. Anyau! says:

      the high player count (In matches) really ruins these old games, when every map turns into a meat grinder it is not fun

    25. ReviveMe says:


    26. VsaTWm says:

      I hate watching pc exclusive gaming it’s boring

    27. abilityjeqh says:

      MW3 is still my most played cod. Every week im playin with Friends and it’s insane good

    28. Mitch, you look like freddie dredd

    29. Fee says:

      At this point I'd settle for a group of friends who still gave a shit about the old cods enough to play them without all that mess of private matches (iw4x/plutonium) that or the two major clients to not be so impossible to just play a private match.

    30. Trev 6th says:

      Missed u broooooo

    31. seems like you would rather do anything else but be a full time streamer

    32. newest bear says:

      now no one can argue that this was from experience primarily. there's o amount of experience that can make someone this good.

    33. H4z3 F4z3 says:

      Go back to the old days! We want mw2 remastered not this shite they've brought out

    34. chase larsen says:

      This what we needed

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