Monday Morning Podcast 9-26-22

Invoice rambles about {golfing}, water slides, and belongings you need however cannot have.
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I used to be born a freckled little one in a land far-off throughout a a lot less complicated time. I did effectively in class till it counted. As a freshman in highschool I had desires of going to Notre Dame and turning into a lawyer. By the point I used to be sophomore I used to be taking store class and was contemplating stepping into building. I ended up working in warehousing and unloading vehicles. Aside from rise up, that job was probably the most enjoyable I ever had.

I’m now a rise up comic. I do a pair hundred reveals a 12 months. And I benefit from the journey. I’ve accomplished 4 hour-long stand-up specials: “Why Do I Do This”, “Let It Go”, “You Folks Are All The Identical” and “I’m Sorry You Really feel That Approach.” I host a podcast every week referred to as The Monday Morning Podcast. And I’ve an animated sequence on Netflix referred to as: ‘F’ Is For Household.’ Sometimes I act in films however solely after they let me.


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    40 Replies to “Monday Morning Podcast 9-26-22”

    1. The best Zip Recruiter ads I’ve ever heard, freakin brilliant.

    2. Manny says:

      Her husband is career military, so his colleagues' wives are probably all "dependas" themselves. It's probably projection and they're simply aiming it at the youngest woman there.

    3. Rax Ho says:

      Bill should have left the zip recruiter ad till after the last story lol

    4. Freckle Pecker jokes sound like they were written by a black woman

    5. Johnny says:

      Your transmission leaks because the goal should be to fill it up 70- 80 % only because as it gets hot it expands so your better off having it half full and then running it on a hot as hell day for a couple hours and checking the fluid levels to get about 80% full… could easily rise to 95% full on a hot one….thats why brand new gaskets blow out

    6. cdoublejj says:

      If you had a really good mechanic they'd already have a transmission guy they would have went through the truck front to back giving you a full ride up of the condition of things and what to expect to wear out and break ahead of time and probably could have even done a miniature restoration on it. That's easy for me to say as a son of mechanics and fleet mechanics

    7. Seriously… Thanks for these podcasts bill… You're a international treasure ❤️

    8. It’s the device that you plug before the notification pops up. Also, electronics get recycled in Africa. Look up Abobglobishe or sthg like that. They burn away the plastic under open sky.

    9. WarWizard says:

      I am watching the new movie Dog right now and started laughing uncontrollably when I saw that you were playing the cop. You didn't even have to say anything and I was already laughing hard enough to start coughing. That's how funny you are sir.

    10. Kelty says:

      And you got the dolphins pick right! 🐬

    11. Bill singing Louis Armstrong was actually the BEST way to spend those three and a half minutes, thank you very much!

    12. Rodya R says:

      Anybody know the song playing at the end?

    13. austin ezell says:

      hilarious — bill asks where all those laptops go — theyre right here in my repair shop piled up as you may imagine

    14. Sup Bill it's that dude from Kiev, remember me? She has 12 brothers they eat people

    15. Big Z says:

      Great podcast as usual and I look forward to your stand up in Bloomington on Friday brother. I’d say on the tattoo post that they had a dream to get one. They could get what they wanted and get a Henna tattoo that lasts 2-3 weeks. Keep up the great work and as always GFY✌🏽

    16. Dan Flak says:

      Exactly how I golf!!!

    17. John Scott says:

      Lol omfg. It took you how long to start putting any sort of description. Finally! I guess you CAN teach old dogs new tricks… lol ☺️

    18. Jay Jason says:

      I like the new thumbnail layout. I don't get why Youtube remove the date posted feature on their videos.

    19. When are you coming to South Africa?

    20. Man I haven't listened to ole Billy Balls in a while. Back to my roots, dooobeeedoowaaa

    21. James Kirk says:

      How did you ring the doorbell leaving your house?

    22. to the laaaady scientist married to the air force dude: I grew up in a military family, it's rare for the dependent (wife) to have a career, she might work at the PX as a cashier or the hospital reception or something. methinks the other wives are just try to be helpful!

    23. shamanllama says:

      Oh my god ten years later and the thumbnail matrix has changed

    24. Aa Ron says:

      Damn Bill just recycles old bits he used to do on O&A I’m sure I’ve heard the first 10mins years ago 🤣🤣

    25. Hugh Man says:

      At one time cars and computers were serviceable tools.

    26. Miss the old thumbnails. These are far too garish. Old ones were nice and clean, and the podcast name was honestly pretty iconic (even if Bill and Andrew didn't imagine it like that).

      If anything was going to be changed it should have only been the photo used.

    27. BODENBENDER says:

      Bill, when u watch sports games as u do the podcast, its the funniest most off the cuff shit, please do more like this

    28. Bret Martin says:

      Youre fucking too funny man. Hahahaha. Pitpatpitpat

    29. My 'trashing white people' Billy bingo card is filling up 😂

    30. patrice o'neal reminds me of geoffrey cambridge

    31. Billy Billy says:

      Bill!?!…Video?! Scared to be seen in a nice bathrobe or smoking jacket?! Eh?! Sippin a coffee or a liquid death as you explain how amazing life can BE?!?! Eh?!? SCARED?!?…we love ya man c'mon

    32. Rayne Weber says:

      Try unplugging everything and plugging it back in one at a time. But hey, I'm no math scientist.

    33. Blackball says:

      10:46…" folding your laundry "

    34. Leahs World says:

      Old billy thumbnail over here

    35. The fucking cheetah tattoo with the the freckles bit was so stupid lmao

    36. Why is it that you just do sound again?

    37. Lol I can just imagine him on a par 3, smacking it with his driver into the next town.

    38. Are you really getting 1k by the Hour????
      I'm impressed!

    39. 1989NickiD says:

      Cool thumbnail, Bill. Was it done on the old version of MS paint?


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