Morning Woodward Show | Monday, May 8th, 2023

Adham Beydoun and Jeff Iafrate are LIVE to react to the weekend of sports, the Detroit Tigers potentially turning things around and what the Detroit Pistons will do at Head Coach.

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12 Replies to “Morning Woodward Show | Monday, May 8th, 2023”

  1. I never understood why so many people disliked flannel. I get it now. And I don't like either one of them. Both are exceptional talent. I just don't like the human being of either one of them. But flannel showed he ain't much better. My two cents!

  2. PSALM 23 says:

    Once again BH said they have to fit the Lions culture. They didn’t care about talent

  3. Leo Hesseln says:

    Here's at least one german lions Fan listening✋

  4. Zach Soap says:

    Can’t believe you guys aren’t talking about the nhl playoffs. 7 minutes in and I’m out lol

  5. Main 313 says:

    Stop letting these weird niggas comment

  6. Big cuz says:

    Steelers better than every team y’all just named

  7. Bashir says:

    Flannel got some curry demons

  8. Tbh I couldn't care less about NBA and NHL

  9. Quinnen Williams missing our game against the Jets was one of the biggest reason we squeaked that one out. I’d be all for going out and getting him on this D line.

  10. Jaime Duque says:

    Only problem with these T-Shirts is the emblem will wash off after 1 year

  11. DaytoDavis will stink in game 4 you know its coming lol and Lebron fans are just as bad as Curry fans Sam!!

  12. Rafael Parks says:

    Track record i bet.

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