Most Beautiful Golf Course In Australia? Peninsula Kingswood

Erik Anders Lang kicks off his tour Down Below with one of many hottest, and most anticipated, new programs within the golf world proper now; Peninsula Kingswood. EAL and Stuart are lucky to be joined on the hyperlinks by present US Mid-Am Champion, Lukas Michel, and famend golf course architect, Mike Clayton. Mike tells Erik all concerning the design of Peninsula Kingswood, and his imaginative and prescient to make the course stand out from the gang in an space that’s already residence to among the most interesting golf programs on the earth, together with Royal Melbourne and Kingston Heath. Lukas describes how his entire life has modified since successful the US Mid-Am, reserving himself a spot at this yr’s US Open and naturally, a tee time at The Masters. Peninsula Kingswood provides to the host of unimaginable programs in Australia and actually shines by means of – it’s straightforward to see why it is already held in such excessive regard, regardless of being so younger.

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    41 Replies to “Most Beautiful Golf Course In Australia? Peninsula Kingswood”

    1. livertic says:

      My home town, used to sneak in knock golf balls off all the time. Circa 1970s Hats off to Frankston !

    2. Gary Roberts says:

      When you see this you know what a shit job Thomson and Perret did at Sandhurst

    3. Greg P says:

      Eric underplays how good PK is. PK is in the same conversation as Royal Melbourne, Victoria, Metro and Kingston Heath. The overall experience of the club (entrance, facility, clubhouse) is as good as anywhere in the world.

    4. Nick Hanlon says:

      Now you know we're called The Lucky Country.

    5. Adam Habeeb says:

      One day I will be able to have the wardrobe that EAL has but today is not that day

    6. hola!!! la verdad muy bueno video me encanto espero el nuevo éxito me voy les envio besis gracias

    7. john stone says:

      Amazing, clean,sharp cur course. I’m curious how much sauce you have to put on the ball to bring it down the back of the slope to the hole on 18. Lol

    8. Ash Hadler says:

      The thing that does annoy me about golf clubs is that if you live in the state you can’t play them. But inter state and international players can. I don’t know why golf clubs don’t just have the same rule for all

    9. To think I work here and I didn’t even get to see the legend 🙁

    10. Good shots are the key to a fun day of golf, doesn’t have to be all good , just a few, very well said Mr. Lang

    11. great vid. course looks sick. more of these, please.

    12. Amazing looking course! Clayton is the best.

    13. This is not the everymans channel anymore…Its dripping with postmodern privilege…

    14. Jed H says:

      Looks beautiful. Thanks EAL

    15. Play MJ dude! Keep up the sweet videos

    16. Bill Searson says:

      You should go down to Tasmania, they have many course that are top 100 in Australia, Barnbougle Lost Farm and Barnbougle dunes are the best I have played on.

    17. Your videos always have such a good vibe to them and capture the important aspects of the game. This looked a fantastic course in superb condition. Good to see Mike Clayton again. Thanks Erik.

    18. Australia: all this vegetation was here way before the course….Dubai: yea it was all just sand before.

    19. Groz says:

      Not a single mention of the greens… As good as any in the world, no exaggeration!

    20. Billster says:

      love this course, north course is one of the most interesting, fun layouts. 2nd is one of the best par 3's ever.

    21. Rus Kirchner says:

      Great design by Mike Cocking from OCM Golf!

    22. tomh says:

      @EAL what shoes are you running in this??

    23. Rahoul Kille says:

      Bro your outfit is next level!

    24. Hi Erik, thanks for this great video. My home course – Lonsdale GC – is in the middle of a complete make over by Mike Clayton and his team. The new course opens in September (Covid permitting). I guess you'll just have to come back 🙂

    25. geezee76 says:

      Having not golfed in over a month this video hurt me to watch but I still loved it. Your videos never fail to make me want to get out and play!

    26. Great to see you showcasing some awesome courses right here in aus, great video erik 👍🏼

    27. Craig Monty says:

      Hopefully Lucas still gets to play Augusta towards the end of the year. Can't imagine how devastating that feeling would be knowing that you're about to step foot on ANGC only to have it ripped away from you by unforeseen circumstances (ie, global pandemic)

    28. Tim S says:

      Yeah, my mates a member here and it’s a great course, but it’s behind a poor management who will make the club go under. Since covid, they’ve increased the fees by around 4% (for only just 9 months of golf) and they have spent around $120mil in like a couple years. (And that’s scraping the barrel) Great course and everything, but very poorly managed and feel sorry for the future for members

    29. Erich, your swing is looking better and better every video I watch. Well done and great to see a video done in my home city.

    30. I miss shaking hands…

    31. Great overview of the course and thoughts from Clayts. Fantastic camera work by Simon, loved the edit. All round just a pleasure to watch – well done Erik.

    32. I love everything about Australia I wish I could live there I am almost want to be in Australian😂

    33. David Mac says:

      Hey Erik great clip! Also what was the name of that Golf course satellite app?

    34. Gary Davis says:

      Hey Eric, what’d ya shoot? 😉

    35. Hey Erik. When did you come to Melbourne? What other courses did you get to play?

    36. Awesome Erik…thanks for showcasing this part of the golfing world.

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