Most Broken Rules In Golf | Golf Monthly

► In this Rules of Golf video, Golf Monthly’s Jeremy Ellwood talks you through how to avoid breaking the most broken rules in golf

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    23 Replies to “Most Broken Rules In Golf | Golf Monthly”

    1. Golf Monthly says:

      Hi everyone, we just wanted to highlight that this video was shot well before the 2019 rules of golf revisions. We have since produced a range of new rules videos relating to these changes on our YouTube channel. If you are interested in rules content, please take a look at these videos as they should offer clarification on how best to proceed in various situations. Thanks.

    2. John Kurtz says:

      Excuse me…counting

    3. Joe Troupe says:

      Good to know.. I didn’t, formally. Thanx

    4. zada says:

      just use a foot wedge

    5. Scott Bilger says:

      Just pick up the ball and toss it onto the fairway. You're only going to shank it back under the trees anyway.

    6. How many provisional balls am I allowed? Hope there isnt a limit to that.

    7. Harry Young says:

      Not from knee height?

    8. Harry Young says:

      Are you not breaking a rule for dropping your ball o

    9. Unplayable??
      That's one of my better lies.

    10. It’s crap like this that takes the fun out of the game.

    11. Ant M says:

      Some of these procedures are no longer correct, since Jan 2019.

    12. Mike Camire says:

      Golf is slow enough without having hackers walking back to the tee box.

    13. sabre22b says:

      Oh dear. Got that last one wrong and I can't recall any other friends getting it right either. Embarrassed.

    14. jay says:

      This guy is dry snitchin

    15. I think the rule that should be included here is the drop rule in terms of height wise.

    16. I want to know if fitting a pool cue as putter shaft is illegal.
      According rule book such a shaft dont transgress any of given specs.
      Either wooden or graphite……
      If its illegal please explain.

    17. David thomas says:

      Video is out of date, you no longer drop from shoulder height.

    18. We’ve found the Karen of golf boys

    19. Was this before the new ball drop rule?

    20. Oh the wonderful world of golf rules. Which book is thicker. The rules of golf or a flight manual for a 747

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