Most Explosive Golf Irons | Trackman Test

This golf irons check goals at figuring out essentially the most explosive golf irons accessible. Over the previous few years, golfers have shifted a lot of their consideration to gaining extra distance all through the entire bag. Producers have taken discover and designed golf irons with extra explosiveness.

On this video, 2nd Swing grasp fitter Jackie Johnson selects 4 golf irons to check head-to-head to see how far she will be able to hit the 7-irons. Which is essentially the most explosive iron?

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    16 Replies to “Most Explosive Golf Irons | Trackman Test”

    1. Matt Artiste says:

      Wilson D9 is better ?

    2. Daniel Cohen says:

      I've played some of the best golf of my life with the Epic Forged. I have a slower swing speed and they allowed me to hit the ball 10-15 yards further and I noticed no difference in being able to stop the ball. But keep in mind, at a slower speed, your descent angle is always going to be more shallow, so good players in that bracket are used to landing the ball a little short anyway. But they go plenty high enough. And I don't care who says it's just loft: a 7-iron is easier to hit into a green than a 5-iron. The Epics are quite long, which probably is contributing to the uptick in ball speed. I don't know the specs of the other irons, but I think the Epics are close to 3/4 of an inch longer shaft.
      And to all y'all saying these aren't "real" 7-irons and they're jacked lofts and whatever, remember two things. First, a 7-iron in the 70s and 80s was about 40º, so your "traditionally-lofted" 34º 7-iron has a jacked-up cheater loft. And second, these clubs make the game more enjoyable to those of us with slower swings and to people who are maybe new to the game. So shut up.

    3. Teddy Koo says:

      Ping is awt steel shaft, not a fair test.

    4. Why is she so resistant to get out of players irons?? She’s not fast enough to pay them off! Those Callaway Epic forged should ABSOLUTELY be in her bag. Zero doubt.

    5. Brent says:

      Jackie hitting missiles!

    6. The epic depends on strike, if you hit it right it has high flight an stops one bounce.

    7. Jacob McCain says:

      Epic Forged are the longest irons I've hit. I told my boss to get them bc he cares about saying he hits his 7i 165. I couldn't care less lol but he loves them.

    8. Bad Muppet says:

      For the I can hit a 7 iron longer than you crowd lol

    9. Ric Blic says:

      distance is good but accuracy is still king, you may be able to hit your 7 iron farther but I'd rather go pin hunting

    10. Mark K says:

      Yikes! well hitting really far is fun…but if you are going at a green you NEED to stop the ball. 12- 14 yard roll out is a bit excessive. Who wants to have 30 – 40 foot putts when you land a shot next to the pin? I suppose these would be great on more links style courses where you can run the ball up with good roll out.

    11. Wilson D9 would’ve given these a run for their money

    12. Matthew Sent says:

      So the Titleist T400 seven iron is 26 degrees loft. PW is 38°; W wedge is 43°; W2 wedge is 49°. Something tells me their PW and W wedges are not named correctly? As a comparison, TM Stealth irons are 37 degrees for 9 iron, 43 degrees for PW and 48 degrees for GW.

    13. sean mason says:

      Doesn't the Ping G710 iron give more distance than the G425? Why not use the G710?

    14. Interesting but not for me…A 7 iron between a 31 to 35 loft is the range I like my 7 iron to be…These models just don't jass me..but thanks for your review…..

    15. Darren Prest says:

      Why would you blow up a bunch of irons? 😉

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