Most INSANE Course In The World | Wolf Creek Match Vs Luke Peavy

Today’s video will be a match Vs @LukePeavyGolf at Wolf Creek in Mesquite, Nevada. This course is EPIC and an absolute must play! We will be playing a straight up 9 hole match on the front 9. Hope y’all are having a great week and enjoy the vid!!

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38 Replies to “Most INSANE Course In The World | Wolf Creek Match Vs Luke Peavy”

  1. This course was insane🫣

  2. Mr. Wilson says:

    Just moved into a new home in this area. Mesquite is great!

  3. Kevin Hothan says:

    I played Wolf Creek last year It was the most fun course that I have ever played. Can't wait to go back

  4. Henry Salvo says:

    Played it a few years ago. One of my favorite and most challenging courses ever. Would love to go back.

  5. Phil says:

    What kind of sunglasses are you rocking?

  6. PopeAstro says:

    Pretty boring. Wish you were more diverse in your partner selection.

  7. Mark Crowell says:

    8 is almost one of those par 3s that you want to hit a layup shot…lol

  8. Mark Crowell says:

    My all-time favorite course! I was there once, and the winds were 20-30MPH…maybe higher…it was BRUTAL. One suggestion – a lot of people haven't played WC, so go ahead and play the 9th hole so they can see the entire front-9.

  9. Tee 1up says:

    I played it a few years ago. Absolutely amazing with all the canons.

  10. jginmt says:

    You need to check out Moonlight Basin in Big Sky Montana. Is the most dramatic golf course I have ever seen.

  11. I played this course a few years back and forgot my sunglasses next to the green side bunker on the 1st hole. Had to call the pro shop to have someone pick them up because there was no way you can go in reverse on those cart paths!!

  12. I didn’t know Dylan mulvaney played golf!

  13. Has Marty Mcfly gone forward in time to play golf ?

  14. HyperionSc2 says:

    Brutal course. Top it off it can be super windy.

  15. Steel cowboy says:

    It’s weird that you have someone else playing with you but he’s not in the video

  16. Hardest part of the course is driving the cart…hope your bakes don’t go out…insane cart paths up and down…some actually quite scary…🤣🤣🤣

  17. I played this beautiful and demanding course many times, but rigorously on WGT Golf game…😉😇🤣

  18. Nate Nyland says:

    If you are thinking about playing here, don’t waste your day. There are many courses much better that are closer to Vegas. It took an hour and a half, we paid top dollar… and I would say I was disappointed overall, they have really let this course go… it is a fun track, but when you pay this much… you would not expect the tee boxes to be in this condition. While the views were incredible, I would pass on this course until they start to take care of it…. Cascata was head and shoulders better than wolf creek.

  19. Awesome allround, shot guys 👍👍

  20. Rick Ford says:

    Lose a lot of balls on that course

  21. tim says:

    who's the third guy?

  22. ultimatejay says:

    that course is amazing

  23. Those fake ball tracers stink

  24. EFG says:

    Wolf Creek is one of the prettiest, extreme, frustrating courses I’ve ever played. Sometime you think you hit a perfect shot and it’s gone. Other times you shank it only to walk up and find out it’s perfect. This is the kind of course you need to play a dozen times, or get a caddy, to shoot your beat score

  25. Mark says:

    Glad I only have to play this course on VR…

  26. Jeff Goble says:

    Course management is the key here. A few holes you're punished for going for it, awkward chips when you could've had a 60 yarder to spin in there.

  27. Max Ngwane says:

    What shoes is Luke wearing?

  28. Skylark says:

    Play here every year and this is the most jaw dropping views and play I have ever been a part of. Worth EVERY dollar!

  29. Tim says:

    Luke’s up and down from hells canyon should be on sports center and the golf channel!

  30. Zack Carey says:

    I love/hate this place. Played it twice. Shot 44 on the front and was so defeated. Shot -1 on the back and felt like the greatest golf ever. Them slopes and greens mess with your emotions

  31. When I played here, they wouldn’t let you get your ball off the dirt because it was all environmentally protected… looks like that’s not the case anymore… that’s great

  32. Quality content again Zac! I'll be up at ARCADIA BLUFFS in Michigan May 14th-17th for 2 Tournaments for the first time. A Top 5 Destination overlooking Lake Michigan, and some great links golf. Check it out when you can.

  33. Jon Moffitt says:

    Good seeing you on the range today! Killer video

  34. lillerik01 says:

    Hi and congratulations on winning the competition against bryan during the coronavirus by reaching 100,000 followers that's what we followers want to see so it's not just empty promises about competitions. keep up with what you're doing. 🙂

  35. Can you purchase that hat at pro shop? TIA

  36. Jamie Drys says:

    quick question….do you love to see it?

  37. Jamie Drys says:

    I dont think your glasses are big enough

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