Movable Obstructions in Golf | Part 1


My golf ball got here to relaxation in opposition to a rake, which is a movable obstruction. The golf ball might transfer if I take away the obstruction. On this video, I present the correct strategy to deal with this example.


(1) Removing of Movable Obstruction. With out penalty, a participant might take away a movable obstruction wherever on or off the course and should achieve this in any manner.

If a participant’s ball strikes whereas she or he is eradicating a movable obstruction:
— There isn’t a penalty, and
— The ball should be changed on its authentic spot (which if not recognized should be estimated).

DEFINITION: Movable Obstruction
An obstruction (synthetic object) that may be moved with affordable effort and with out damaging the obstruction or the course.
If a part of an ‘immovable obstruction’ or ‘integral object’ (akin to a gate or door or a part of an connected cable) meets these two requirements, that half is handled as a movable obstruction.
However, this doesn’t apply if the movable a part of an immovable obstruction or integral object is just not meant to be moved (akin to unfastened stone that’s a part of a stone wall).
Even when an obstruction is movable, the committee might outline it to be an immovable obstruction.


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    8 Replies to “Movable Obstructions in Golf | Part 1”

    1. What if the ball is not touching the rake, but the rake is interfering with your swing… so you move it, but when moving the rake the ball moves?

    2. Patty Dodero says:

      what if the rake is in the bunker? for instance… the ball is at rest in the bunker against the rake that is in the bunker as well? it moves when the rake is removed, can you replace it in the bunker stroke free as well?

    3. Kevin Keenan says:

      Is this the same thing if you’re in a bunker?

    4. what if a player lift a ball first instead of moving mo?
      is there a penalty?

    5. had many an argument about this one – I need to have my mobile with me on the course and your channel primed and ready to go I think 🙂

    6. Jouni says:

      What if the ball starts to move after replacing? A steep slope for example.

    7. Charlie Odom says:

      What is considered a movable obstruction? Limbs, large leaves, pine cones, tee box markers, those stakes which hold the ropes so idiots don't drive their carts on the green, etc?

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