Must Learn Chipping Technique | Golf with Aimee

Today I will show you a chipping technique that you should absolutely have in your bag!
We will learn to chip with a hybrid from either tricky rough lie or an up hill lie.

I hope you enjoy!

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Filmed at Upland Hills CC


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    36 Replies to “Must Learn Chipping Technique | Golf with Aimee”

    1. I am still learning when to use which club and I've never had anyone tell me I can use my hybrid for chipping! I find my hybrid to be the most forgiving and am so excited to try this next game. Can't wait for my golfing partner to have to take more of my shots when we play best ball.

    2. How to gauge distance using this technique? Conditions aren’t the same always

    3. Aimee thoughts about using a 7 iron around the green ?

    4. This is such a great video! I recently played golf with a senior man after he had heart surgery and he was using this technique around the green. Thank you for explaining it!

    5. Kim Bass says:

      Aimee, I’ve been golfing for 28 years. I needed this shot desperately, as this shot is where I lose strokes when playing competitive golf on different courses in competition. The way you explained the “why” in every step to this shot truly helped me to understand, remember and execute this hybrid chipping shot. Keep up the great work Aimee! 👏

    6. Great lesson on chipping like how you simplify the techniques

    7. James Marois says:

      I usually use my foot wedge instead

    8. debruss1000 says:

      Thank you so much, I just love your style!!!!

    9. Danette Good says:

      Where can I get a 22 degree hybrid chipper?

    10. Sushil kumar says:

      Aimee is the best instructor.

    11. Aimee is the best mentor for teaching golf skills. I tell all my friends who wish to improve their game about her uTube classes.

    12. Joan Boucher says:

      Thank You Aimee so much ! Fantastic teacher !!! 💕

    13. Thanks for the tips Aimee

    14. lovetogolf says:

      It's like that club was made for that shot 4 sure..Awesome Aimee!!

    15. Thx Aimee….I'll try it with my
      22 hybrid

    16. I've been experimenting on the course since October and I've incorporated this technique especially on Kikuya and Bentgrass greens. Really works a stroke saver for sure.

    17. George Betts says:

      Thx Aimeeeee! This is a nice trick to have in your bag.

    18. Chris Bye says:

      Awesome tip!! Thank you so much for sharing, I have been using your techniques and my scores have been showing it!!!! Thanks again!! Cheers

    19. Tada!!! Love it! Thanks.

    20. jasonwho100 says:

      Aimee, yo the man😜

    21. Mark Guitard says:

      Hi Aimee ; great to watch your instructions.. Yes grip ; little pinky & thumb with index finger pressure …greater swing path control higher accuracy more distance….also right hand palm facing down on start of the backswing increases swing path accuracy. I really like your instruction videos well explained.

    22. Kind of like 'chip-putting'. I use my 3H for those tricky, close to the green with lots of run shots.

    23. I use a pitching wedge

    24. Greg Boggs says:

      I do this all the time, it works!
      Also have used a 3 wood.

    25. sometimes I also use such a technic to get out of the rough under the trees, to get back on the fairway. 🙂

    26. Isabelle B says:

      I use a.8 or 7 iron in this type of situation. Never think to use an Hybrid. 🙏

    27. Phyl says:

      You’re amazing. I’ve learned so much from watching your videos. I even turned another lady on to your channel. She texted me after a tournament we were in to thank me and said she had watched 6 videos in one day. Thank you!

    28. Steven Jo says:

      Texas wedge. I play it whenever I can and especially with crowned greens.

    29. Okay i will try to use n practice using hybrid, its make sense reason

    30. K Moresco says:

      Is this what they refer to a bump and run?

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