My Dead-Hand Backswing for Spinny Wedge Shots that Check

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Lowering variables in your golf photographs will enable you discover consistency. Watch how I exploit a ‘dead-hand’ backswing and acceleration by way of the golf ball for my go-to 35-yard wedge shot that checks up.

On this fast golf tip I cowl:
—Golf wedge play
—Golf backswing drill
—The way to put spin on a golf ball
—The way to put backspin in your wedges
—The way to examine up a golf shot
—Wrist hinge within the golf swing
—Why it’s best to clear golf membership grooves
—The way to use the bounce of the golf membership

The Single Aircraft golf swing will not be a fast repair golf approach. It’s a system, starting at handle, that simplifies crucial second of the golf swing – influence.

Beginning at handle on two planes the place the arms cling straight down at handle, the Standard golf swing is difficult. As a result of the arms are hanging straight down, a traditional golfer should elevate the physique into influence creating stress on the again.

This upward motion to accommodate the 2 planes is pointless.

The Single Aircraft Golf swing simplifies the golf swing by eliminating the necessity for the upward motion by beginning and impacting on the identical aircraft.

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i’ll discuss you thru what i take into account my favourite wedge shot all proper so one of many issues that i’ve been practising and specializing in in my sport has been this 35 yard distance which is form of my go-to brief full shot distance let me clarify that only a second however that is form of the place you are in that you wish to spin the golf ball all people needs to spin the ball and cease it however then you definitely get fairly near the inexperienced solely 35 yards and you do not know if you happen to ought to form of chip it run it up the hill or fly shot in there so i developed a 35-yard go-to spinny little wedge shot i form of wish to stroll you thru it now one of many issues about spinning these photographs is that you bought to have a clear membership face i’ve talked about this earlier than at this time the grass is even barely moist so it’ll form of inhibit just a little little bit of the spin something between the face and that ball will scale back the spin so i bought moist golf balls down there however that’s okay be sure you have a dry face and if you are going to do that if you are going to take some apply strokes which i do not thoughts make sure that that if you happen to contact the bottom you dry the face earlier than you hit the shot all the time be sure you do that now that is about 35 36 yards uphill taking part in just a little bit longer possibly than that however what i wish to see occur on this shot is i wish to be aggressive i wish to fly the ball there and that i wish to make sure that it has just a little spin on it so it will get up there and checks however here is how i’ve achieved this you understand me i wish to i like to cut back variables in golf one of many largest variables individuals put into these photographs is that they have wrist angle they attempt to hit down on the golf ball to me that’s a mistake as a result of the fingers can produce quite a lot of angle and pace and alter the angle method of the membership so what i’ll do on this little 35 yard shot is i am really going to take it again with this little hinge as doable on the wrists after which speed up the membership now i say as little wrist hinge as doable you are going to see the membership have just a little little bit of hand motion however i am not utilizing the fingers i am letting the membership form of have a pure movement to it i am mainly having lifeless fingers on this shot however i say that it is form of a dead-handed shot however i’ll speed up the membership from there that’s primary quantity two is i am gonna i am gonna decide the size going again take into accout i’ve practiced this on the vary i’m going to the vary and that i hit this shot over and over so i perceive the size of the shot i would like so here is what it’ll seem like i’ll take the arm again to proper about there which is i name 730 after which i’ll speed up the membership by way of now you are what you are going to see it’ll go just a little additional and you are going to see just a little little bit of that however i am attempting to hit that as lifeless fingers as doable add just a little rhythm to it and speed up it and when i do that i get a really constant 35 yard shot so right here we go so as soon as once more 7 30 then speed up


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    24 Replies to “My Dead-Hand Backswing for Spinny Wedge Shots that Check”

    1. Ryan Anthony says:

      Hey 👋 Todd this is great I was just having trouble with this today!! Amazing!!
      For me I’d ask you to do this at some point from 50yds and for me it would be helpful to have a less elevated green so we can see more of the whole shot..

      Thanks 😊
      Single plane ✈️ is amazing and I’m never going back!!!!
      God bless you Todd

    2. Hey Todd, Are you hitting a lob wedge or sand wedge?

    3. Nick M says:

      Data does not lie. Variables reduced. Well done Todd

    4. rick stoner says:

      My clubs are an inch over standard, and to use that setup with straight is legs my distance to ball is 18 inches with a 6 iron unless my spine is way flexed over, about 60 degrees. Why does your model include appropriate flex in knees for a tall golfer with short arms(40 inches wrist to floor)? Thanks

    5. rick stoner says:

      Todd, I love the braced front knee and the R foot on the ground. But a question. Wasn’t Moe very short, requiring him to have straight legs in set up if he Was going to fully ulnar deviate his L wrist and keep club on same line as his R arm. Otherwise if he bent his knees a bit his club would need to be crazy log to reach the ground. I don’t know ur heigh, but I’m 6 ft 2 with short arms

    6. Jim Spatz says:

      Can you speak to "perception"? i.e., we see our target, pick out an intermediate spot, set up, then think/realize that the two don't match up. With me, it's most obvious when putting. Thank you!!

    7. A__Special_K says:

      New subscriber high handicapper. Was able to hit wedges today due to eliminating all the swing thoughts bar one the pre set of the legs/knees let me swing with much more freedom. Smashed some 3 woods as well 👍

    8. Yore distance control was great but your dispersion was close to 20’ ,you are better than that!!

    9. My practice swings with the wedge will fly about 50 55 meters. When I play I seem to always leave the wedge shot short. I picked up on your tip about wet balls and club face as its spring in NZ but do you feel that perhaps I am not committing to the shot, or maybe trying too hard to steer the ball flight?

    10. Do you recommend any trainers that teach single plane swing in Northern California?

    11. Nick Castle says:

      Hi Todd, what is the degree of the wedge you use for this shot?

    12. deacontoby1 says:

      What club were you using?

    13. P Dub says:

      Seems like you leveled out the intro music chimes/song 👀 i love it. Keep innovating🤜🤛

    14. I'm shockingly bad at these sort of shots so this should be very helpful !

    15. Rob S says:

      do you have more weight on either foot for this shot?

    16. Jim Spatz says:

      I love the "eliminate variables" comment.

    17. Oyefule Femi says:

      would be smart to put a camera behind the hole

    18. John Barnett says:

      Nice instruction! Love the dead hands shot. Going to practice this today.

    19. RECJPN61 says:

      Excellent instructional lesson, love that you focus on minimizing variables

    20. Justin Kurtz says:

      Thanks Todd. If there are a million different pieces of (mis)information on a full golf swing, there are a million-and-one pieces of (mis)information on the short game. It's apparent this shot reduces variables and grants consistency. Will try it.

    21. What degree wedge were you using btw?

    22. Early morning wedge info!

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