My PGA PRO Dad Caddied for Me | 63 Years of Teaching Golf

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    33 Replies to “My PGA PRO Dad Caddied for Me | 63 Years of Teaching Golf”

    1. It was my dad’s birthday during this video. What a guy for coming out to caddie

    2. Anthony Ruiz says:

      Dad reminds me of legendary actor Jeffrey Tambor aka George Bluth Sr.

    3. Awesome to see how close you and your dad are!

    4. OneMorePutt says:

      That's one proud Dad! I hope you get to enjoy many more rounds together.

    5. Some of my worst and best memories on the golf course, are with my dad. But now, with him in 70’s and me in my 50’s, i know time with him on the golf course is limited and i wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    6. Pat Harahan says:

      Horvat’s golfing together is dope…✊🏻

    7. Wholesome stuff…solid round.

    8. ColetyBoi says:

      The fact that the first thing Grant did was call his dad after making an Albatross WHILE running got me emotional. Makes me think of me and my old man. That’s love right there. ❤

    9. Craig Allen says:

      Awesome Dad. Awesome son and an awesome eagle. Love it.

    10. Happy birthday to your dad. Great video!!

    11. As a michigan boy myself I can appreciate your dad and his commitment to the game. He’s seems genuine and loves the game. The game needs more men like him.

    12. Philo_Beddoe says:

      Love watching Grant's consistency off the tee. My thoughts have always been if Grant can dial in his short range irons to be as consistent and accurate as his drives his game would be right up with the Kornferry guys.

    13. Love this with your dad as caddie! So neat to hear him talk about the course and his knowledge of your game. Question: What did you do to work on putting speed? It's the worst part of my game by far.

    14. Monroe Price says:

      I hear you talking about lining up your putt. I have been putting a dot on top of the ball and focusing on that. I get too focused on the line and my speed is off. And as they say “speed is king in putting “. Ask your dad what he thinks about using the dot versus the line. Thanks for the great content!!

    15. JT Thompson says:

      CMU Hall of Fame!! never expect Horvat ties here in Michigan! You guys gotta do a Michigan series when it warms up next year!!

    16. Grant, it’s not called a double eagle. It’s an albatross.

    17. Gray Fearnow says:

      GOD BLESS!!! 🙏❤️

    18. Gray Fearnow says:

      GOD BLESS!!! 🙏❤️

    19. Rabbi Kapeta says:

      I love this for you man! Can’t wait for this spring to get my dad out golfing for the first time.

    20. I love the content. Please do more videos with your dad he won't be around forever. I lost my dad two years ago, he was my best friend. This video has me missing my dad so much. Your dad is a golf legend.

    21. That's what life is about, those moments with your loved ones

    22. Man I love this. Your dad is a great man nice to see u guys together on the course ❤

    23. r Caster says:

      The Grant Horvat video i didn't know i needed

    24. Scott Croft says:

      I live in Mount Pleasant. Fire Up Chips!

    25. Such a lovely thing to watch

    26. Wilbo says:

      Mr. Horvat, pleasure to see you out with your son. I wish my Dad could come out and golf with me

    27. Martin Jones says:

      I absolutely loved this video, great to see such warmth in this day and age💜 To have such a wealth of experience and knowledge and hes your Pops, would like to hear and see more from him, genuinly a great video

    28. Eben elling says:

      this is one of the most wholesome videos I've watched to date, and I absolutely love it

    29. Eog Rain says:

      What a vid but dang your dads back looks like it hurts lol great vid great pops

    30. double.j501 says:

      love this, dad time / family time is unmatched. you never know how much time you have left with them always traveling ❤

    31. such a fatherly ringtone lol happy belated birthday to your pops!

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