Neil Robertson On Moving To England, His Tournament Record & A Love Of Centuries

Neil Roberson welcomed Stephen Hendry to WT’s Sports activities Bar in Cambridge to play just a few frames and talk about his transfer to England, whether or not he ought to have received extra titles and why he cannot play FIFA anymore.

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    20 Replies to “Neil Robertson On Moving To England, His Tournament Record & A Love Of Centuries”

    1. oyvey says:

      I liked and subscribed.

    2. Puneet Kalra says:

      At 20.32 time , Neil played blue in center but after a long discussion he and Hendry both forgot that Neil played black after that with rest instead of red 🤪😄👍

    3. I’m quite a relaxed follower of snooker but enjoyed this very much. Thank you.

    4. psynrg says:

      Probably one of the best snooker episodes I've ever seen. I'm 54 and watched a shit-ton of snooker, but this is just right. A couple of snooker legends having a really interesting natter over a table. Amazing content. Hendry the relentless WC winning machine vs Hendry the affable pundit – are they the same person!? 😉

    5. What a waste of a bumchin.

    6. HariT Adnan says:

      neil in frame 2 you played the blue ball then the black its a foul man hahahahha

    7. Great channel. Did anyone spot that around 20mins in Neil pots a blue, but then they get chatting for a good few mins and then he pots a black instead of a red. 🙂🙂

    8. Mark Fenton says:

      Is that Scott lavell on camera?

    9. I prefer watching these videos than matches nowadays. Top stuff Stephen.

    10. Gerry Mullin says:

      Hendry was about an inch away from the black spot at 29 minutes! Loved this!

    11. Love this channel. Looking forward to the next episode!

    12. encinobalboa says:

      These two enjoyed each other's company immensely. So nice to see great players outside of tournament play.

    13. GONGMAN says:

      awesome insight.:)

    14. A G says:

      That’s my local club WTS in Cambridge.

    15. Bruce Dog says:

      Great content! A real look at the work that goes in behind the events.

    16. Lambo says:

      Does anyone know who the Joe is that Neil refers to multiple times?

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