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11 Replies to “NEVER LOSE YOUR GOLF SWING AGAIN! | Wisdom in Golf | Golf WRX |”

  1. Something’s off here , MU slightly pulls a shot and didn’t turn around and say “what happened there” ? 😂 what gives MU? Lol . THIS folks is why MU is a top long drive contender and routinely hits (and I’ve witnessed ) 4 iron 270 yards and is a wonderful player in such a short period of time ! THIS is truly the way to actually learn and truly obtain a golf swing movement and actually IMPROVE !!! The absolute best

  2. Bill Galante says:

    Shawn, great video!

  3. Mick Benson says:

    Hey Shawn. At 4:05 you referenced the brain scans on 1 foot putts. Was that from Gabriele Wulf's study?

  4. Mick Benson says:

    I was out practicing "golf" this afternoon & noticed my best drives where when I was focused on hitting over the tall trees on the doglegs! All external focus!

  5. Great Shawn… always a natural and evident wisdom shines through your lessons. Speaking of natural swing repeatability, I'd like to know what you think about the repeatability and effectiveness of Moe Norman's swing. What was his secret? Could he still be even more so with a stronger grip? Maybe the answer is too long and articulated for a comment here… but maybe it could inspire you for a next lesson 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Love the approach here. No paralysis through analysis. But what do you do with someone who doesn't strike the ball as well as he does? It's easy to apply the philosophy with such a solid ball striker.

  7. Bryan Noice says:

    Shawn no matter how many times I say thank you for ALL your tips and still wouldnt be enough. down to 4.8 now and 2 yrs ago around 12,,,,all because your tips,,,,,so THANK YOU AGAIN!!

  8. Great information guys. The brain controls everything. I’ve noticed that if I focus on hitting the ball I always always screw up. So, I’ve taught myself to focus only on making a good swing in the direction I want the club to swing. I never try to hit the ball.Cheers.

  9. Another great video

  10. Very timely video, lately I've been playing some holes like a 10 handicap and then other holes I have a bad swing or two and second guess myself and start worrying about my swing / grip / setup because obviously something must be wrong I topped the ball or I hit it fat, I must fix something. I have to get that stuff out of my head.

  11. The brain says "you have a 5 iron in your hand because it's a long shot! You better swing hard"

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