STOP IT NOW! Never slice driver again with this simple tips to ensure the clubface is not open at impact. This drill is the best and easiest fix for slicing driver. No more sliced golf shots. No more sliced tee shots. No more golf worries.

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  1. Nioken says:

    Haven't watched the video, just came to say I hate your thumbnail and how misleading it is.

  2. Paul Smith says:

    I can't hit a driver at all, always slicing but I hit a 5 wood straight as an arrow. I give up some distance for accuracy.

  3. Im just getting back into golfing. Ive watched a few videos now and this one gets straight to the point with tangible details. Others try to show the same thing, but in confusing ways and they fail to show the process actually in action.

  4. I figured this out about a week ago by myself. I’ve been playing for 2 years and had countless lessons, this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone talking about this feeling. Good to know it’s right 😅

  5. stozy1959 says:

    Surely practising 'flipping' like this will create problems with iron play?

  6. Anil Kakar says:

    I stopped your video. I found your video starting with the impossibility of NOT hitting a slice too much. Perhaps it would be better to show that it's still possible to hit a right ball no matter what the path later in the video. I wished you would focus on positives first to give struggling golfers like me a reason to continue past where I stopped. I'm sure you're a great coach… I just wanted to share some feedback on what I saw and how I responded.

  7. John Urbanik says:

    All i see is a draw swing🤔

  8. L. KA. says:

    Great drill. Thanks from Switzerland. I will try next time on the driving range.

  9. Ashley Walls says:

    Your thumbnail is horrible. An abomination!!

  10. Seems like this will fix a slice sure, sacrificing distance as well no?

  11. J C says:

    Great work Steve, I swear I have to come and play your course. It looks a fantastic place to be.

  12. Gerry B says:

    At address do all of above but turn the driver toe in slightly it cured slicing for me.

  13. jtboise1 says:

    I took this concept to the range yesterday and hit 10 driver shots either dead straight or slightly off center. It occurred to me that if this works with the driver it should work with all the other clubs, so I tried multiple irons and hybrids. All dead straight. This is what Mo Norman used to do but he never explained why. From his videos all he ever said is that's how he always did it. But I found that I must focus on a point about 4 inches directly behind the ball, place my club there before take away and continue looking at the spot throughout the entire swing. I never looked at the ball after setup, the club just went there completely squared. Anxious to see if I can repeat this. But, and here's the kicker – I must keep my left arm straight and my wrists cocked (lag) all the way back and through the swing. Thanks for this tip Steve.

  14. David Deboy says:

    huge problem with this. You're not hitting it hard enough. Get your tempo analyzed. My fastest part of my swing is at my left food by 30mph from middle and 55 from back foot. This is horrible advice.

  15. Is it true that even the best hitters who practice a lot only hit the fairway about 50% of the time with their drivers?
    What do you think about amateurs using a 13.5 FW (2W or brassie) for tee shots?

  16. Michael says:

    Why not swing correctly from the beginning?

  17. M Coyle says:

    Love it 👏👏👏👏

  18. vega21 says:

    Seems like a Moe Norman technique. It works

  19. Joey1970 T says:

    Face sends it, path bends it

  20. Just find a reference point (grass) 2-4 inches behind the ball where you are intending your driver to bottom out. Look there and not at the ball. Slice will be gone and you’ll collect the ball on the way up. If you have a baby hook after just you drop your right foot back 1-2 inches it will work. Works for me! GL

  21. no name says:

    Without a 2nd camera angle from behind, we have no idea where your ball is going.

  22. Andy Oakley says:

    Never seen it explained like this. Makes loads of sense. Many thanks

  23. Plugger49 says:

    I’ve hit the bell, many times, yet I never get ANY notifications.

  24. Hi Steve. Thx for the video! I always enjoy your content. I’m finding what you’re explaining a little hard to understand. As I understand it, slices are caused by the face being open to the club path. What I’ve learned is that we need to square the face soon after starting the downswing while rotating through the ball. I think that the feeling you’re suggesting we should go for will definitely lead to an early release by dumping all the speed we’ve built up in the backswing well behind the ball. That would square the face and reduce slices, but the ball would go nowhere. Maybe I’m missing something.

    I used to slice like crazy and I learned to lessen it greatly in part by moving the ball a little further back in my stance and coming more from the inside. I mentioned squaring the face in the downswing, but this should just happen naturally if the grip is right (neutral to slightly strong). As far as club path, by moving the ball back a little (about 1 ball more towards the center of the stance), you’re contacting the ball more towards the bottom of the swing arc. That, together with a face more square to the club path (assuming a square swing path), should produce a straighter ball flight. For me it’s a 5 yard fade on my best shots. I just think that the feeling you talk about might lead to more frustration if implemented incorrectly. I think that early release together with over the top downswing and coming out of our posture to square the face is the number one killer of amateur golfers’ swings and this might lead to making it worse. Again, maybe I’m missing something. Please let me know what you think. Thx!

  25. donsmnc says:

    Never is an outrageous claim, but following the drill you've explained it should in fact help reduce some of the "fore" right tee shots with the driver, which plagues a lot of us

  26. Paul says:

    I prefer the idea of making sure the bottom of the swing is before the ball, I used to have serious flipping issues, don’t want to bring it back. But basically the same lesson.

  27. Bob Snooker. says:

    Come on Steve tell the guys that the marker (whatever it is) must be on the ground you cannot put it there or you are breaking the rules.

  28. So I other words aim at a spot in front of your trail foot and collect the ball off the tee.👍🏻

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