3 woods or fairway woods are often the most difficult clubs to use as they are the longest clubs that we play from the ground.

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Hello! I’m Liam the Peoples Golfer. I started this YouTube channel to improve your golf game and to bring golfers together in a community.

My main focus is to create relatable and funny golf content while helping to improve the golf game of the average golfer! I also like to explore the Best Golf Courses around the world and Golf Courses Near Me!

I want to help Lower Your Handicap by sharing Golf Tips that help to Fix Your Slice, Fix your Hook and hit Longer Golf Shots! My channel features PGA Pro Lessons on how to Strike Your Irons Better, How to hit Long Distance Irons, Approach Shots and how to Draw or Fade your Golf Shot to get it Closer To The Hole. The Golfing Legend OMP shares Expert Golf Advice on Course Management, Chipping Perfectly and getting More Spin without thinning or duffing the shot. Top Golf tips on Golf Club choice and Golf Shot type. I also share lessons on How to Putt Better and how to Improve Putting Accuracy.

I like to keep my content Fun, Friendly and Informative. I will test Golf Clubs and Golf Training Aids that people are interested in and provide a real, honest and accurate review of their performance. For entertainment purposes I try out Golf Accessories and Golf Products and see if they can improve my performance or if they are in fact just a ‘Fad’.

If you would like to become a part of the most active golf community on YouTube please hit the subscribe button and the notification bell to never miss a video and keep yourself entertained with all your golfing needs!

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    1. Here's what I like about these videos..they don't inundate us with tips. Sure there are a ton of things you could do to improve a swing, but I love how they pick a couple things to focus on and really drive them home to us. Too much info and people won't absorb any of it.

    2. Andrew Cowan says:

      Makes it look easy. I've got £900s worth of Ping Driver, 3Wood and 2Hybrid that I still cant use after a year. Will give these tips a go.

    3. Fernando P. says:

      Some subtitles would be welcome

    4. My favourite occurrence in the GM videos is the "boy-ing" sound when Mr B hits a duffer followed closely by Joe cheering in the distance when Mr B hits a good shot. Keep it up Joe!

    5. Aaron Sines says:

      I stopped watching when the music came on.

    6. My 3 wood is as big as my driver. Lol. I just use my hybrid. I can hit my hybrid 200 yards or so.

    7. The only club you hit up is the Driver.

    8. went to the driving range this morning, You solved my problem..Thank you. alan

    9. Mike Forbes says:

      so much fun, well done sir

    10. Thank you for that but what about left hand player?can you make a video for us please thank you

    11. Mike Weill says:

      I have hit 1 bad fairway wood in 10 since watching your video. Widening my stance just a little seems to have helped the most.

    12. Fast forward to 6:23 so you can skip all the nonsense.

    13. New subscriber!! I struggle so much hitting my hybrids, and I'm told they're so easy to hit. The wider stance, ball position, and paying close attention the "killer move" at 5:09 should make life so much easier. Thank-you!!

    14. If you top a shot, it’s not the club’s fault. Come on man !

    15. Mike Weill says:

      Excellent tip I went out back and hit a 5 wood better than ever.

    16. Dave P says:

      Nice explanation thanks.

    17. Prescott's says:

      Wait a ping golf club?

    18. Brad Denning says:

      I used to hit my Callaway big Berta 4 HB 180-220 easy!!!! now I cant even get it in the air after months off for other reasons , so im falling back ? and the ball has no loft !!! Im 6"4' tall so im a long hitter , I was hitting a 7 iron 200 !!! now after months off im topping most of my irons and woods !!! and my 5 iron is going left !!! Going to pebble beach in a few days and im so far off !!! any drills to follow ? I never struggled so much after several months off !!!!!!HELP

    19. Ajaz Khan says:

      lol 7:00 hits behind the ball

    20. How does one give a golf lesson and never once hit a golf ball?

    21. Kees Tel says:

      You didn't hit down on the shot but you executed the shot perfect.

    22. Jeff E. says:

      The problem with these golf instructors is they do way too much talking!. The instruction is great but, for gods sake, hit a ball once in a while. In this video, it took him 7 minutes to hit a ball. Also, put the camera behind the instructor, so that the audience can see the result (Ball Flight), this will show the audience that you know what you're talking about.

    23. white4571 says:

      Why do the "pros" on all these golf videos focus on what not to do? Just focus on what to do. I am a teaching pro trying to learn golf, but the stuff on you tube is not really professional teaching. It is so weird for me to see this.

    24. I can do that every time, until I put a ball in the way!

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