PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels reviews the LATEST COBRA ONE LENGTH F8 IRONS using GCQuad and Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls!

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    1. Thanks for your efforts and info happy new year Rick and every body

    2. Seems to me that you have to change everything about how you have to concentrate more on your sped of swing to much to figure before you set and strike your shot ultimately complicating your scoring Gameboy building and playing over the years I've found that it doesn't help

    3. Chase Parish says:

      As a brand new golfer, 6 weeks or so, I like the idea of having the same swing..

    4. Adrian Wong says:

      As a once or twice a year golfer, and hitting the driving range maybe 5 times a year, this one length really does call to me. Only having to learn the 7 iron length and not having to worry about the ball position between my feet, or shorter/longer clubs. I feel this would help me in my game, make it more fun, and maybe I'll play more.

    5. ItsGrape says:

      This game is all about control not distance

    6. C PAT says:

      I think the idea is helpful for newer golfers. I felt for a long time I hit my PW, 9,8, and 7 okay but really struggled with my 6,5, and hybrid. I ended up reworking some things in my swing and ball placement and was able to get things sorted out. On the flip side, it could be that I was doing things wrong and getting fixed length clubs could have been cementing in my bad habits.
      Interesting video.

    7. Would the one length be a better fit for us higher handicaps? May lose some of the distance, but if we gain more consistency, we possibly see an improvement in our overall game? That being said, I watched this video twice now, and unless I missed it reading through the comments, what type of player do you think these clubs suit best?

    8. Cody Johnson says:

      Could some of the difference be due to ball placement? Using a shorter 5 iron, but still hitting from the standard 5iron ball placement? Jw because I'm interested in 1 length clubs.

    9. Adam Smith says:

      F7 one length to f8 one length irons much difference?

    10. Rich Cole says:

      I’m very interested in the one length clubs.

    11. Just started by picking up a SZ 5 iron at my 7i length 37 3/4”. When I hit my best shot with both on the range, total distance about the same (Garmin g80) but the traditional seems marginally higher . The difference however in on the course where I hit 4/5 shots into the green or fringe vs my normal 5i where I may have hit 2 well. I’m looking into the new wishon set as well.

    12. dannyc28 says:

      Not sure who this review is aimed at? With most of the golfing planet being mid or in the majority high handicappers, I would imagine being consistent, straight and in play far outweighs losing or gaining a little yardage or height. Surely as you get to know the clubs and your distance with them those factors cease to be a problem.
      Rick's not convinced, that for me is the fact he is playing a different game to the 99% of golfers. Try a review with an 18 HC and see how they get on. Give it 10 years and I reckon one length will be out selling variable in the club golfing world. As the top of the game affects the bottom the same will apply the other way round. Bryson won't be on his own with one length on the tour soon enough……

    13. I have been using F8 One Length for about a year, once you get the concept thru your thick skull these clubs are extremely easy to hit and deadly accurate…i have shaved 7 strokes with these clubs, I wouldn't use anything but ….

    14. wgwensm says:

      I’m interested in the one length because I feel like I’ll be more consistent striking the ball and it’ll mean less time practicing to determine my standing height.

    15. Erik Duvald says:

      Shitty review.
      What is the bloody point of setting up a 7 iron length club, as if it has the length of a 5 iron?
      Either Rick is a bloody muppet, or he is just trying to fail the club, for no other reason than that he doesn't "like" them.
      Then again; what can you expect from someone who constantly whines about how golf clubs "look" and "sound", when all that matters is how they actually work? lol!

    16. ucannod says:

      Need to compare one off for next tests. 4 iron to 5 iron. 5 to 6. Etc. If you don't use a 4 iron, you should see improvements in your incremental ranges. 8 same length is equivalent to your standard 9 iron

    17. Jack Auger says:

      I've just bought the F9 one length irons, i'm pretty new to golf so hopefully this will be advantageous to me as i dont have set ball positions so to speak. Hoping that the consistency in length will get me playing better faster, with less variables

    18. Will you recommend one length iron for a short 5’3” player? I cannot decide if I should try a set.

    19. Bob Nodzo says:

      I get the idea swing it like a seven iron but then adjust your ball position then swing it like a seven iron

    20. I bought these a couple of weeks ago. Played yesterday for the first time, wow, these just work for me, distance accuracy I love them, don't think I've ever hit a 5 iron as good, ever.

    21. Yorky says:

      Rick. the one length clubs are clearly not for you but what about the other 99% of golfers out there. I've just bought a second hand set to give them a try….61 years old, 8 handicap, slow to moderate swinger.

    22. I am about to pull the pin and buy some of the new F9 one length Cobra's. I watched this, as I do all Rick's videos. I agree with many players commenting here. These are sold as game improvement irons for mid to high handicappers. I have been away from the game for close to 30 years and these bad boys look like just what I am after. I went over to the Cobra website and was astounded to see SIX pages of reviews and I don't think one person gave these clubs anything other than 5-stars – and most gushed with 'game changer' enthusiasm. Crossfield and mates were not convinced by these also – and the point was made there, as it is here – that we are watching scratch / professional players review these clubs. It's not surprising they can't get into them, or see what it will do for the mid to high handicapper out there – without the time or ability to regularly practice or play. ie, me!

    23. Zach Dixon says:

      As always Rick, you testing out new equipment lets the consumers see real results instead of falling for a commercial attempting to convince you to buy a product. I think the initial concept is good regarding taking the stress and overthinking away for the average golfer. What isn't thought out very well is, the average or beginner golfer is going to get better and these clubs will keep you stuck in a rut and force a plateau on your scoring vs. getting better with a regular set of clubs with different lengths.

    24. Paul H says:

      35 years ago my brother cut his driver down 3 inches. He has had maybe 5 drivers since then and he chops them all down. His accuracy is astounding, and he hardly suffers any distance issues. To me this is an interesting topic.

    25. Kevin Wong says:

      I bought the F9 5h-GW this yr, mostly just for fun. I'm a 5 handicap, and hit the GW about 125 and the 5h about 205. I think you really need to put these clubs in your bag for a few rounds to get a full sense of them. First you need to get used to hitting clubs that aren't the length you expect, which is strange at first. Also, there are intangibles that aren't captured by the raw numbers. Indeed I do feel like I hit them more consistently. I'm not sure how much of that is the one length, and how much is just forgiveness of the irons (my other irons are blades). But I do seem to have less trouble moving through the bag as I did before, since they're all the same length. Also, the fact that everything less than a 7i has more speed going through the ball makes it easier to hit balls out of the rough. (Wonder if this is part of the reason Bryson did so well at the open.) I hated the 5h initially; it felt so short, like a kid's club. But now it's my favourite club in my bag. To be able to hit a 205y shot consistently on line is a big win. I'm def not as consistent with my 4i blade. Downsides: I don't have a club for 210-220; I don't have a good club for punching low out of the trees; had to put a standard length GW in the bag for 115y. This is still an experiment for me and I'm not sure I'm going to keep these irons in the bag, but so far the pros outweigh the cons.

    26. Andrew Rees says:

      I use the F8 one length irons…i love them! I hit the ball longer than my old irons by up to 20 meters per club and i tend to choke down on them and hit 3/4 swing shots on approach to the green accurately. I can't fault them! I have the 5 hybrid that is 7iron length too. Love it.

    27. I do believe the one length clubs are for a Single Plane swing.

    28. It’s interesting hearing you talk about ball position. Some people play the ball in the same position for almost all of their shots. Jack Nicklaus is one of them.

    29. I love them, just shot my best round of golf this morning +5 par.

    30. CHRIS Foti says:

      its simple-just use one length wedge thru 7- then use normal length for 6 on up 🙂

    31. The lofts are totally different Rick, check these whenever you do a comparison otherwise it’s a waste of time

    32. You always make sure I spend my hard earned money on the right gear. Thanks for this review.

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