New Infinite Disc Golf Putter | The Alpaca

#Discgolf #Thriller
Immediately, Hannah and I take advantage of the New Infinite Discs Putter, The Alpaca! Thanks Infinite for sending this to us to strive! We additionally rebuild our bag and use totally different discs then we usually do! Who will win this battle? Code ZB


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    24 Replies to “New Infinite Disc Golf Putter | The Alpaca”

    1. Roger Reid says:

      Wow! Nice finish. Sorry Hannah everyone I root for loses 😐

    2. She's got a nice rip

    3. Joel Flynn says:

      Love your product reviews! Went and bought two Alpacas right after watching this.

      Also, do you guys have, or have you guys considered merch? I would REALLY love to help support you guys.

      If so, how do I get some?

    4. Waiting for my Alpacas to come in right now! Got me a Dblend and Glow Cblend. Awesome review as always you two, keep it up!

    5. Y'all should play around where you throw backhand ONLY Zach. I understand pushing her to play better by beating her is one thing. But letting her win from time to time would BUILD her confidence more……. Love and respect you guys. God bless.

    6. Dude she has great snap on her back hands.

    7. Zach, what is your DiscDot code?

    8. Poor Hannah… ☹️. Great video

    9. I wish I could make y’all a sizzle reel intro for yalls videos. If I tried to make one for fun would you care?

    10. I love the new channel! I’m ready to see Hannah win though…lol

    11. hyzerponix says:

      Anyone know what time the Infinite sale goes live?

    12. Chace Bishop says:

      Y’all should start playing the full 9

    13. Jacob Rusch says:

      Did you drive with the alpaca at all? Compared to an aviar, how is the stability?

    14. GhOzT Gaming says:

      I will buy that d2 off of ya zach!

    15. AJ Brown says:

      Zach, Zach, Zach… Let that girl win from time to time! Build her up!

    16. Wyatt Neeley says:

      No offense bringing up an old friend here but I think that you and hunter would be even now in straight up DiscGolf he just throws farther

    17. The drop zone on 16 is a squished can in the ground right where y'all were

    18. Tesrson says:

      I feel bad for Hannah, but Zach that final putt was beautiful.

    19. Hilzy says:

      What a heartbreaker on the last hole

    20. Grey Hutton says:

      Let's goooo! Nice forehand for the win! Good match, you guys are awesome!

    21. Doc Xen says:

      that crave is perty how would that not be in the bag? Idea …have ya'll done the 5 lowest rated discs like the groove? and has to be from big manufactures not like franklin discs or something. Ohhh Groove (driver) max weight condor (mid) and maybe a blowfly for the putter. (not a bad disc just unusual )

    22. MetaDrew says:

      "You could tell on that last shot that Hannah didn't have any power."

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