New MVP and Finish Line! | Weekly Warehouse Update

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    6 Replies to “New MVP and Finish Line! | Weekly Warehouse Update”

    1. Nate Maas says:

      The rhythm is a brand new mold.. come on hunter

    2. Erik Green says:

      I'd say the VIP Sword is stable and stright with very little fade BUT a bit understable for headwind and forehands, not quite as stable that you'd think in those situations. ^_^

    3. Love the A5….. use it often now.

    4. Ty Campbell says:

      The Keystone feels terrible in the hand lol tried them

    5. Nick Wilhelm says:

      Inventoried is still spelled wrong. You have it as invetoried, it is inventoried!

    6. The rythm is fantastic. I have one from the circuit challenge

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