NEW PXG 0211 Z HYBRID IRONS tested on course

The NEW PXG 0211 Z irons are tested on course. Are these the best and most forgiving golf club for mid to high handicap golfers/?

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    27 Replies to “NEW PXG 0211 Z HYBRID IRONS tested on course”

    1. How would you rate the irons against the super game improvement irons that you have tested?

    2. Karl Dann says:

      Andy I was a 20 handicap and always played players irons, but recently hurt my back, and sold my stiff flex irons and driver, I will only be playing twice a month at most, swing about 70 mph with irons, Would these suit me a recreational golfer I'm 52 years old now

    3. A Merz says:

      Hey Andy, I have a question about these irons. Unfortunately, you didn't do any dry ball data but I am curious how that 7 iron compared to the Cobra t rail regarding distance. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    4. jergernice1 says:

      i just bought the halos, would have considered these but the website having to buy whole 10 piece set thing (weird) turned me off.

    5. Steven Vaske says:

      I just got fitted for these clubs this week!
      I'm a high handicap player with a low swing speed and I was looking to find a hybrid iron to allow me to still enjoy the game now that I'm in my sixties and later on.
      My fitter had me hit these and the 0211 DC irons and for me I was hitting more consistent with better launch angle and carry with the 0211 Z.
      As for the woods, I figured the Z driver with a 16 degree loft was to high. I've been using a 10.5 degree TaylorMade.
      After one hit with the Z driver that brought rain my fitter took it from me and we put together a set of 2021 0211 10.5 degree driver, FW and hybrid.
      I still got a putter also so I still ended up with 10 clubs but at a little bit less overall cost.
      Of course, by doing a combo I didn't get the bag and hat that comes with the standard 0211Z 10 club set but I didn't want a stand bag anyway. I wanted a cart bag which I purchased online afterwards.

    6. 51ddb says:

      Ordered Cleveland XL Halo 6-PW irons after playing a friend’s set. A welcome relief after playing Callaway Rogue X irons a few years. At 76 years old, I do like the idea behind the PXG woods. Hoping to try the high lofted, shorter length driver, along with the 18 degree 4 wood. They would replace my current, unruly 10.5 Rogue driver and 19 degree 5 wood. They will sell some of these strictly due to packaging. Cleveland, Sub 70, Cobra and TE should take note.

    7. NtheKnife18 says:

      Even if I got beat by someone playing these I’d still make fun of them.

    8. Steve M says:

      re -badged PXG SGI irons !?

    9. Lots of choices in this type iron: Cleveland Halo, Cobra T-rail, Sub 70 799, Wilson Launchpad

    10. 100% agree, I have Cleveland 588 Altitude in 4 & 5, not pretty but they work! So nothing new here. See they only come in 6-Sw not 4 or 5 option…..

    11. Nice looking clubs, but I will stick with my 2021 Taylormade Sim2 Max OS set. Absolutely love them. 5-LW was about $1200

    12. Don Kearns says:

      Getting a set of these based on your review. Currently playing with T400’s but not a fan of their ultra strong lofts. Finally coming to grips with the fact that I am a senior golfer…and anything that makes the game easier and more fun is welcome. Thanks for making this video!

    13. Looks like the TourEdge E522 iron-woods. Nothing new under the sun other than an expensive logo.

    14. Check out your own video on the Launcher HB Turbos. You reviewed those clubs. How are these a “new” concept? Also, the Cleveland Launcher HB was their best selling set of irons ever. So saying this isn’t a popular type of club is also disingenuous. Look at the resale prices on the Launchers. They have held value very well! These clubs are new only to PXG, not the marketplace. Check out HiBORE iron sets from like 10 years ago. Cleveland is in their 7th generation of hybrid irons with the Launcher XL Halo irons that came out a couple months ago.

    15. I love this club, except for the offset.. Hows come a club like this ALWAY HAS to have a huge amount of offset??? It would be nice if you could get the exact same club with a very small amount of offset..

    16. Jeff Cook says:

      As a mid handicap visually impaired golfer, I Thought that hybrid irons would be ideal for me. I purchased a set from a quality mame company. They were as listed on the box, was to launch and very forgiving. But the feedback was very poor. They were like swinging snow shovels. Compared to my Cleveland wedges II had no real idea where the shots were going. Traded them for an almost new set of Srixon Z745 irons. Almost as forgiving, and I know off the face where the shot is going without being able to see the ball flight.

    17. Can’t see these on the PXG U.K. site right now.

    18. Alan Harris says:

      They miss a trick by not doing them in stronger lofts,, tried the launcher 7 iron,, great,, easy to hit, can't shank,, but only went 8 iron distance,, so not quite what I'm looking for,, cheers Alan 🤔👍

    19. diD Projects says:

      These clubs are very good, but snobbish golfers will not like the look. I tested Cobra T-Rails in summer and couldn’t mis-hit them. I wanted a set but at a later fitting I was convinced I’m not ‘quite’ senior enough to need them. Waiting for my new Callaway Apex DCB irons to arrive and then will re-gap top and bottom my bag. Liking the look of current crop of PXG driver and hybrids.. great content as always Andy..

    20. Mark Santo says:

      A Friend of mine has a set of Cleveland hi launcher with stiff shafts plays off 4 he makes golf,look easy. Good review.

    21. John Bray says:

      A big fan of your videos showing tips that may work from other golfers, but not a fan of club reviews that a lot of us can't afford regardless of how well they may work

    22. Neil Gardner says:

      This is SGI club, lots of manufactures make this type of iron?

    23. hadynparry says:

      Other companies do hybrid irons – Cobra T rails for example

    24. P-M Meiners says:

      Nothing special about this club, it’s just a Cleveland Launcher club.

    25. Ian Plummer says:

      Far from a new category, this "new concept" has been around for at least 10 years and probably more. I also doubt they are aimed at beginners, very few beginners would spend the sort of money these will cost when they are available in the UK. I think they are aimed at affluent high handicap seniors with spare retirement income to spend.

    26. wantonjr1 says:

      At 70 years old and a 15 handicap I purchased the 0311 XP s because they were supposedly forgiving, but unfortunately they are not. I wondering if these would be a be a better option for me even though I think they are ugly ?

    27. GRAMPS 69 CD says:

      Great review Thank you , but I'll keep playing my Ping G 425 for another year or so !! Cheers from Canada East Coast Halifax !!

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