New Range Rover Sport FULL DETAILS!

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That is the brand new Range Rover Sport!

It’s had some design tweaks over the earlier technology to provide it a extra fashionable look, together with a thinner grille and minimalist headlights and brake lights.

Inside, there’s a model new steering wheel, a 13-inch central touchscreen and a 14-inch display the place you used to get analogue dials, plus 55 litres extra boot area too! The brand new RR Sport can also be packing loads of tech to make it simply as succesful off-road because the ‘correct’ Range Rover.

This new gen Sport comes with a variety of petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid engine choices, together with a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 with 530hp that may launch this new SUV from 0 to 60mph in 4.3 seconds – which is simply as fast because the previous Range Rover Sport SVR! A pure electrical mannequin is coming in 2024, too.

Costs ought to begin from round £80,000, rising to nearly £115,000 for the top-spec twin-turbo V8 mannequin!! So… is that this the perfect SUV of 2022? Stick to Mat to search out out!

2022 Range Rover Overview:

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    24 Replies to “New Range Rover Sport FULL DETAILS!”

    1. carwow says:

      So, do you prefer the design of the larger Range Rover or this new Range Rover Sport? 🤔 Let us know below!

    2. The Rotty says:

      I have heard that they are the most unreliable cars in the world, yes they are luxurious but when it comes to reliability they are null

      Land Rover should work more on reliability than luxury

    3. My 2014 autobiography has 90,000 miles and I haven’t had any issues, keeping it until the engine fails.

    4. I have been looking at vehicles for a few months now and I’ve just not felt like I found any that made me say “wow” until this car. I think I fell in love with this car the moment I laid eyes on it. Now I can’t wait to purchase one!

    5. Rod Craig says:

      All very good, but a touchscreen intensive interface, especially offroad? I think they should rethink the lack of physical buttons – INEOS did.

    6. Q. T. says:

      Gettin dis tomorr,

    7. Maulik Desai says:

      Yeah I love this indian brand ❤️👍

    8. Andrew Lin says:

      The back is a major down grade

    9. Dutch says:

      Im just waiting for the full electric version✨⚡️

    10. BrokeGymrat says:

      Lets see how fast gone broke up

    11. The sport is better

    12. Is bullet proof one available already?

    13. Sophia Roma says:

      Waiting to see the New facelift on the BMW X5M SPORT PHEV THEN I WILL DECIDE WHICH ONE I BUY.

    14. Love the car, But yet another Gerry McGovern back end, what's with the cheap crap plastic looking rear badge. And getting more and more the same as all the others, It's getting more like buying a shirt than a car, walk into the showroom and say to the salesman (or woman before anybody starts) I'd like one of those in small, large, extra large or extra extra large. pick a colour and off you trot to wait for god know how long. But man it would be worth the wait. BTW Mat keep it up

    15. I have the same question whenever there is new Range Rover or Apha Romeo. It is never about the design, the looks or ergonomics. Is it put together properly 🤔?

    16. merin jose says:

      I like the new sport 😁

    17. I love the old LED DRL…
      New one is not so much intersting

    18. Seriously ugly. This has been designed to look like a RRS AFTER it has been sent to a modifying shop, which so many do.

      Monster sized (flashy carbon) wheels? Tick
      Huge front end/splitter? Tick
      OTT bling interior? Tick

      Just like with the new Defender, LR are designing in a way where modification is difficult and forces you to buy any upgrades in house. So in one fell swoop, an international company gets more revenue and puts some small independent companies out of business. Well done JLR.

      No doubt will sell in droves to footballers/flash urbanites/drug dealers who will buy it in black, with the 23” wheel option and drive the car as low as the air suspension will allow it. And, they’ll never get close to the max wade depth, so I’m not sure why it’s ever mentioned. And the whole lot of them will be able to join their friends in their black, lowered new Defenders, also prowling the streets of London.

      LR has lost its way….

    19. Jason MB999 says:

      Why don't you wait till it's out to make video? Why you desperate?

    20. Grant Guirey says:

      Old shape and interior was better

    21. Talk about inflation indeed

    22. N T says:

      Wonder if they improved the doorbin storage and accessibility… This was a disaster in the previous versions and one of the decisions for me going for a fully specced X5 instead. That and the better infotainment!

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