New Sub 70 699 v2 vs original 699

Sub 70 just released a new version of their hollow body game improvement line, the 699 v2. I show you what has changed and compare the original with the new v2 and the v2 Pro.


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    16 Replies to “New Sub 70 699 v2 vs original 699”

    1. Thanks for the comparison! I just got the v1 699's in the summer and glad now I don't feel an urge to upgrade. Yet. 🙂 I like the white alignment line they added on the v2 though. Did you find it useful? I may paint-pen my v1's!

    2. Very interesting to see the difference between these two. Do you have any experience with the difference between 639MB and 659MB forged?

      Another question unrelated to the Sub70. Do you have any experience with the DTC brand Gigagolf and their c510, m510 and m410 series? Would be interesting to hear your take on these as well.

    3. First Last says:

      Can u please compare px 6.5 and modus 125 stiff please.

    4. Nice to see you're doing some DTC reviews. How would you compare them with your 201's? Which ones do you like best

    5. Brian Pettet says:

      Sub 70 is really getting noticed. Their website lists you as a "cart fitting location". Could you do a video on the process for their products & options with an actual customer?

    6. AJ.. How do i get a set og heads only.? Shipped to Thailand..🤔
      Any help seriously apriciated…🙏

    7. Cheese Mouse says:

      I like the shape of the V2 better.

    8. biggregg5 says:

      Thanks for the link, AJ. I've been the hobbiest clubmaker for about 20 years…..mostly to be able to afford my sick obsession with trying what I felt were unique or innovative club head designs. Back when I was less of a golf snob, the only thing I cared about was whether the design helped me hit the ball better, and the component company, Hireko, in some ways was ahead of it's time with coming up with such designs. They seem to have gotten away from forgings and stick with castings, but especially a few years back, you could build a set for a fraction of even today's popular DTC brands.

      Anyway, I digress. The end result is a golf room with clubs everywhere, and in hindsight, l feel that I should have invested in the best shafts and grips for me AND put these fittings on them, and then when I get that inevitable wild hair up my ass and feel I have to try new heads, then I only buy the heads, then put fittings like these on those, thus saving myself from duplicating unnecessary costs by foregoing having to buy new grips, shafts and ferrules each time.

      In addition, when I do a set for friends and family, I could have the luxury of having a few extra shafts with fittings around to have a mini-setup like you. For me, it was never intended to be more than a hobby, so having a wall full of shafts would be pretty stupid. As many clubs lying around as I have despite being only the hobbiest, I bet you as a professional have way more. I am curious if you think these fittings would still work as everyday clubs, or do you think they only really work for fitting purposes? I can see why the bulky nut would be a bit off-putting, especially compared to the sexy ferrules you use, but if that is the only real issue, I could get over that if I could forego the cost of a shaft and grip every time I just couldn't help myself to try something new.

    9. Je K says:

      Can you do some video on why most companies are going "stronger"? Also, my current P is at 46 and 5 is at 25. If I buy a set with P at 44 (and let's say 5 is at 23), would you adjust wedge lofts (and also hybrid loft) or just make the iron new set weak? This has been one of the main reasons I stay with the old iron set.

    10. Nelson James says:

      It just goes to show you that when you hit a compact blade solid, the physics give you everything any other club can but with a magical feel and control.

    11. C Kramer says:

      How would you compare these to the Takomo 101?

    12. Sean Peacock says:

      Any noticeable feel difference between the models?

      Too bad you have to buy them without trying them out.
      I’m not inclined to buy irons having never hit them.

    13. biggregg5 says:

      From my end, they all sound good. How about the sound live?

    14. biggregg5 says:

      What is the brand of adapter you use for fitting purposes? Do you like them?

    15. Vern Haynes says:

      I have never seen a video that had Sub70 comparisons done. Enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work.

    16. Ian Jackson says:

      Yes! Glad to see you were the first to compare the new 699 vs the previous model.

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