New Titleist irons for every level of player! We've tested them ALL

Not much gets Hannah Holden more excited than new Titleist irons.

Featured in the 2023 Titleist T-Series irons line-up are…

– Titleist T100 irons: “the modern tour iron”
– Titleist T150 irons: “the faster tour iron”
– Titleist T200: “the distance iron”
– Titleist T350: “the ultimate game-improvement iron”

In this video, Hannah puts the latest range of Titleist T-Series irons through her usual vigorous testing routine and offers advice on what would be best for your game.

She’s even picked some out to go in her own bag…

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20 Replies to “New Titleist irons for every level of player! We've tested them ALL”

  1. Worth an upgrade from 718 AP2 to the T150..?

  2. If I was going to buy new irons I would probably end up 150 pw to 7 6-5 200 and a 4 iron 350 haha

  3. M T says:

    Titleist irons always look great but tbh performance wise they ain’t the best. Lots of brainwashed titleist fan boys paying extra dollars for looks

  4. Paul Bown says:

    Awesome video, some impressive ball striking on show

  5. Pete says:

    Great work, good review. Been playing AP1 716 for some time and they are still doing the business, so may have to do some testing to find any benefit of a possible change. Thank you.

  6. William says:

    I'm a Mizuno fan, hitting the "Hot Metal Pros" right now. I've avoided Titleist clubs because they've been often more difficult to hit. I do like the look of these clubs.

  7. John Magnell says:

    Hello. Pls try to test the Wishon 585 PC forged irons. Better than most !

  8. golfaddict says:

    mmmmm great video…might have to try them….oh by the way your looking awesome love your hair color….cheers from Vulcan Canada

  9. We’re do I go to get a fitting from Titleist I’m wanting some new irons but don’t want to go to my local American golf. Thanks

  10. Adrian says:

    great review – will you be showing your fitting
    i got the t100's earlier this year and raging these are out now haha would have probably done something similar to yourself

  11. When it comes to my irons I'm less MB and CB and more heebie-jeebies

  12. terry hollis says:

    Titleist are the best. They are a caring company. They sponsored Moe Norman. For that reason I only ever buy Titleist golf equipment.

  13. John S says:

    Very nice review! Would the new T150 be a good comparator to the Mizuno 223? Would be very helpful to know 🙂

  14. dc 618 says:

    nice style 👍

  15. JASON MARSH says:

    “Will You Marry Me?💎💍”

  16. Paul McGee says:

    Love them. I have the 716 AP2s in my bag.

  17. bigjock85 says:

    these do look good, but any chance you can do the same with the new taylormade irons? always fancied me some TM irons

  18. Great review .. im looking new irons ,, will have a look at the T350

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