Here’s my in depth Nike Air Max 270 G golf shoes review. These are the latest Air Max golf shoes, based on the iconic trainers.

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These are the latest spikeless Nike Golf Shoes, so check out my review as I let you know how they perform out on the course, as well as how these Nike Air Max 270 golf shoes fit on feet.

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0:00 Intro
1:31 Looks and design
4:41 Waterproof test
5:19 Fit and feel
7:38 On Course Stability
9:03 How comfortable are they?
10:18 Grip
11:42 Keeping them clean
13:23 Summary


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    1. Buy from Nike UK here –
      Buy from Nike US here –

      This is my affiliate link so I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases

    2. Henry Cruz says:

      Great review but I wear a 10.5 Nike show and these could not get my feet in. I have a wide foot but I am not overweight and I sent them back and got a larger size and STILL could not get my foot in. The upper construction gives no leverage to get you foot in

    3. Alex Foster says:

      Nice review 👍 I picked up a pair in the white/black/volt colour way and they are the sexiest golf shoe I think I’ve ever laid eyes on. Fit is tight and they are hard to get on but my feet feel locked in. Can’t wait to spend summer on the course in them!

    4. Marc Willis says:

      Anyone ever told you you sound like Lee Nelson 😂wkd

    5. Eugene Rojas says:

      where i can buy this one? because there is out of stock here in our country

    6. Shawn F says:

      Bought a pair in Atmosphere Grey /Hot Punch size 13, the same size I wear in Nike shoes for all sports. I have wide feet in the front & these fit tight laterally but I like it for golf shoes. Been to the range, played a full round in cold conditions and 5 sessions of chipping practice in the backyard 1/2 the time in wet conditions. No leaks. Great shoe no heel slip & drive it >300 yards on occasion.

    7. is this shoe suitable for running?

    8. Just brought a pair ready for the new season. How well do they clean up being white ?

    9. Chris Ward says:

      What would you recommend in the £130 bracket for spikeless summer shoes if these aren't the best?

    10. ScreaMing says:

      Is it okay if I will buy them only for active street walk? I’ve got an original 270, but they are in very bad view, but in Ukraine I can’t find other 270, I founded only 270 G

    11. Ev.01 says:

      Can you just wear them as normal day to day shoes… not golf

    12. Georgie Hunt says:

      Bought these shoes on the back of your vid – however, do you hear air coming from the bubbles when you walk? Not sure if it is part of the design or if mine are faulty.

    13. timinno says:

      Great comprehensive review, thanks!

    14. You think I can use them just as sneakers? in a Gym? for walking? I like the look but I'm not a golfer

    15. Whats the difference between the golf 270s and the regular 270s

    16. Joel Caelli says:

      @golf guy reviews these or codechaos SL shoes? I can't decide please help me tip the scales, I have a narrow foot so all good there, a breathable shoe sounds nice also but might not think that if they got wet, cheers.

    17. I thought from a pure performance standpoint, these shoes are better than my Infinity Tours. And I love those shoes. What’s really impressive is the exceptional traction/grip on the sole. For a spikeless shoe I was surprised with their wet grass gripping power. Additionally, being a mid-cut shoe the stability was great for me.

      The major reason I prefer an Infinity Tour over the 270 G is the out of this world cushioning from the zoom and react foam. I could walk or practice for hours in those shoes.

    18. Awesome stuff! You’re making me want to buy another pair you reviewed haha really love these videos and I’m enjoying golf shoes more and more these days because of reviews like yours and the style some shoes are experimenting with! Bought the ADIDAS codechaos Boa’s because your review gave me the information i was looking for. Appreciate you and your work!

    19. John Wright says:

      Good review! Appreciate the insight on “sizing up” which most reviewers said was a necessity due to the narrowness.

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