Here’s my full Nike Air Max 90 G Golf Shoes Review.

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These are the latest Spikeless Nike Golf Shoes to drop, and are based on the legendary AM90 sneaker. They have an integrated traction system which is more aggressive than the regular trainer, but can still be used both on and off the golf course.

In this video I review the looks, comfort and performance out on the course of these hotly anticipated Nike Air Max 90 golf shoes.

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Here’s a list of what I use to make my videos:

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0:00 Introduction to the shoe
2:08 Looks and design
3:03 Are they waterproof?
3:51 Grip and Traction
6:03 Comfort, Breathability and Fit
9:24 Stability and Performance
10:48 Summary


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    37 Replies to “NIKE AIR MAX 90 G GOLF SHOES REVIEW”

    1. t r says:

      they look fire, wonder if you can wear them normally on the streets without having issues with the sole being damaged

    2. Aml says:

      Hmm. Would these make a good trail shoe?

    3. R V says:

      I wear air max for many years I had a lot of pairs.. but I wonder if the golf shoe is comparable for normal use as normal sneakers with the sole structure.

    4. TJ F says:

      I got these recently to wear on drier days when I walk the course and they are perfect for that.

    5. BGstate says:

      I’m between these and the spikeless Nike roshe golf shoes. My biggest factor is grip. The worst conditions I’ll be playing in is just dew from the morning most likely. So which shoe do you think has better traction?

    6. Rob Yepez says:

      Can you where them out casually 🤔
      I don't play golf.

    7. Jeff Reyes says:

      Great comprehensive review! May I ask what’s your size for this shoe, Roshe G tour, zoom infinity tour and victory tour 2? And if in medium or wide. Thank you!

    8. Can anyone tell me if they soften up at all? I find the area just before the laces begin bends and digs into the area before the knuckle of my big toe and it’s really annoying

    9. J D says:

      Can i wear them on a regular basis?

    10. Becky Midge says:

      which would you recommend for daily wear that is comfortable Nike Air Max 90 G vs Nike dunk low? I'm not looking for a golf shoe. Just looking for a great grip and comfy wear.

    11. J M says:

      That sole is laughably bad. Zero traction

    12. Michael S says:

      Can you wear these as regular walking shoes or are they weird not being used on the golf course. What other air max would you recommend as a good walking shoe that look like these. Thanks

    13. Chris Mason says:

      My impression of Nike golf shoes is that they should stick to making running shoes as they do poorly at making golf shoes for people that want a normal fitting and well designed golf shoe for real golf course conditions. They are designed primarily to look good by people who don’t understand that golf shoes benefit from providing stability, ( ie. Not the flexibility of a bedroom slipper) waterproofness, and proper grip in hilly and/or damp conditions, features that would likely not make them the most lightweight shoe. A few more grams in a competitive running shoe may be relevant for events, but it should definitely Not be a consideration in choosing a true golf shoe!

    14. John Miller says:

      Good review but i bought the nike 270g first used for past 4 months and found they were extremely tight and the bubble deflates really fast. I have now bought the nike airmax 90g and found them wider than the 270 ones. I have not used my 90g on the course yet but first fitment found them really comfy

    15. Late Notice says:

      This is purely for aesthetic. It has absolutely no stability and heel support

    16. Raj Kumar says:

      Hi Kevin can i ask for your recommendation of a good summer shoe ( spikeless) and a winter one please

    17. I’ve been looking for these shoes for years ! Finally found them

    18. vern.36 says:

      Anyone know if they fit true to size? Shall I get the same size that I get when buying normal 90’s?

    19. Colin Wilson says:

      Stand in a puddle and the shoe isn’t waterproof, I’m truly shocked !

    20. Great review my guy!

    21. Bill Brasky says:

      You tested them on the range and that's your "good thorough testing"? Go on frog!

    22. Toua Xiong says:

      Is the shoe good for working out?

    23. Seth Hartman says:

      I wish the bottoms were like the puma power adapt

    24. Great review. I wish Nike would bring back the Nike Roshe G Tour shoes. When I look on TV it still seems the most worn Nike golf shoe by any pros that are sponsored by Nike.

    25. Question about sizing: I've got a narrow, flat foot, about an 11.75. Was in between sizes on the AM1g but ultimately went TTS and am happy I did. Should I do the same with the AM90?
      You should reach out to Dicks sporting goods in the states to see if they can give you an affiliate link. They've got the grey and the black AM90s still in stock.

    26. K3N says:

      Great review! I own many pairs of AM90 infrareds and was looking for these in Canada but no luck so far! Might try to get from Europe if possible. With the minimal traction on these I’ll also use them for non golf purposes on rainy days as a rain proof AM90 lol

    27. Great video as always. Not my favorite looking shoe from Nike. Unappealing like the TWs.

      I must say the 270 Gs are the best golf shoe I’ve worn in the last 5 yrs. Style, Function, Traction, and spikeless comfort.

    28. Bill Frigo says:

      Nice review – I saw them pop up on the Nike website when I was searching randomly (must have been their release day) and jumped on them immediately. The Air Max 90s are also my favorite Nikes. I wish these had spikes, simply because that would give them longer lifetime (replaceable) and more versatility on the course. I live in Los Angeles, CA – so it's almost never wet on the course and I found these to have decent traction and stability so far. They are a bit snug up front like you mentioned; I have wide feet. Great review – I hope they release a spiked version soon in better colorways.

    29. Can’t see my comment, but will type again. Great review very thorough could you please do the water test you do where you pour the water over the shoe and upper. Think this is a great test to help people when looking for a waterproof shoe.

    30. John Colbert says:

      You got any Skechers reviews coming up mate?…

    31. Andy L says:

      Watched that twice Kev, firstly, great video as always! Second, sorry they’re not the pair of golf shoes you’d have hoped! Is it just me or does it seem like Nike could have made a better effort with these golf shoes to make them into a shoe to be a real contender with the likes of UA or FJ as one of THE BEST. Instead this looks like another recycle attempt of a popular shoe being sold through the golf category! It’s frustrating for me and I’m not even that into it haha Really hope one day you get the opportunity to review a pair of Nike shoes that feel like “the tiger woods of golf shoes” and give their reputation something to cheer about! All the best mate

    32. T Longsta says:

      Great vid mate. Can’t wait to try mine out dam you lock down!!!

    33. Rob Flick says:

      I really can’t wait to get my pair out on the course. Unfortunately, unless I take a substantial drive south to get some better weather I’ll be looking at April or May for decent weather. To your comment about the OG colorways perhaps being more of a standard mesh upper, I don’t know that it will ring true. The product description still includes a one-year waterproof warranty. If you compare the images of the infrared pair to the ones of the all white launch colorway that I have, they both look the same. While they are definitely on the narrow side I find them to be workable, at least around the house thus far. Much better than the infinity tours. I wouldn’t mind seeing them release a spiked version of this show much in the same way we got a Roshe G first and then later a Roshe G tour. Appreciate your review! Keep the videos coming!

    34. Fergz says:

      great vlog pal just can't get on board with them pal

    35. Raj Kumar says:

      Not a design i would consider

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